When the perform of athletes because that ESPN the Magazine‘s annual “The body Issue” was unveiled, we were excited to see among our favorite athletes top top the list.

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Sure, there room the noticeable reasons, such as the reality that Coco Ho has actually the usual surfer’s human body (which is come say what has come to be widely known as “hot” or “sexy”). But, over all, we were excited due to the fact that we feel the she has the perfect personality to do the many of an chance like this, no taking herself too seriously and also having fun through the job instead.

Anyway, we reached out and asked her about making a decision come participate, her favourite asset, and the apparent family legacy of gaining naked ~ above surfboards.

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ESPN has actually been act “The human body Issue” for a while, and even though there is a really obvious and also in-your-face sexuality about it, they have actually somehow been able to preserve the truth of the repertoire as, over all, a bare-all exhibition of sorts for raw athleticism, stripped of uniforms and equipment. As soon as you saw Kelly, Maya, and Steph in the previous issues, what was her reaction then? to be it positive, or was there ever any scrutiny on your end?

Hmm, point is ns don’t view the “in-your-face” sexuality about the ESPN “The body Issue” — if anything, I see the integrity in ESPN together a whole and also think the it as something so prestigious, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So as soon as I checked out Kelly, Maya, and also Steph’s, the just thought that registered was: “This is sick, this is the just nude shoot I’d ever do!”

just how did they approach you? What was her initial reaction? were you gung-ho native the start, or was there a discussion approximately your involvement?

I to be approached v email via mine manager, and I was ever before so excited due to the fact that I’ve been wait for this day. I’ve been available to perform the “sexy” Stab mag shoots an ext than a handful of time — the one the almost fifty percent of the girl have currently done — but I told my manager the just nude shoot I’d ever do to be “The human body Issue.” If ns was ever before to strip down for a photograph shoot I wanted it come be with integrity and also alongside few of the world’s many respected athletes.

What was the shooting like? to be it, in any kind of way, awkward? Who remained in the room through you?

The shooting was together mellow together a production this huge could be. We had actually a really good crew on a boat, zodiac, and jet skis! ESPN has been law the concern for rather some time now and had everything dialed; i felt yes, really comfortable. Many of my shoot remained in the s so I had actually my plank for security — haha — however it wasn’t too bad. Ns couldn’t imagine being nude right on in a studio… currently that appears awkward!


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