There are plenty of reasons to adopt and love a Cocker Spaniel, and you can discover them every here. This dog each other is cheerful, loyal, and also energetic—some that the things that you need to search because that if you want to brighten up her day! Experience exactly how affectionate and also easy-going the Cocker Spaniel can be, adapting conveniently to your way of life in Virginia. Obtain ready come say hello come your brand-new Cocker Spaniel where you are in Virginia with our help!


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Looking because that a trusted friend? If you"re searching for a dog or a horse, we have actually purebred and also champion breeds obtainable at our ranches in mountain Diego and Idaho.

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Kennel Tech

Although Bethany live the very first years of she life in California, she relocated to Idaho in 2012, wherein she began working v horses. She has operated with steeds on ranches because that 9 years, and also developed a an excellent trust because that them (love because that them). Riding is among her passions! She has actually owned labrador retrievers all of her life, and now owns the great-grandson that her an initial labrador, whom she has had the great pleasure the training. Once Bethany is no caring for and training animals, girlfriend can discover her on the volleyball court.

Her favorite quote about dogs is: “Dogs are non judgmental best friends.”

David Moffat

Dog Trainer

I relocated to USA two years ago, earlier home (Scotland) i was a dog handler in the far windswept island chain called the outer Hebrides. I offered my dog to discover mink and also hedgehogs which were predating aboriginal ground nesting birds.

Between my wife and also I we have actually 6 border collies i m sorry we usage as sheep herding dogs as a hobby. I’m utilizing my old sniffer dog paris to boost my handling skills as she is fairly biddable and really useful in the dealing with pens. I use a much more experienced dog called Lane for trials. We additionally have a disabled dog referred to as Quinn that is relatively mobile in a doggie wheelchair following a stroke type ailment.

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My favorite dog related expression I suppose is : every dog has its day!


Kennel Tech

Born and raised in Fallbrook Ca. Wherein I right now live through my friend Patrick and also our daughter, Lainey. We have 2 dog Mica and Barley, and one cat Horatio. I thrived up around animals my totality life native guinea pigs to bird to dogs and also horses. I’ve always loved being about animals. One of my an initial jobs was at a dog boarding facility then animal hospital shortly after I functioned there for practically 5 years. Currently I am a caretaker because that the dogs and also puppies at cut blue farms and also it’s great. Mine favorite part about working v dogs is that communication is proven to do our oxytocin levels shoot up. Since this is the hormone greatly responsible for social bonding, it’s a fact it boosts our mental well-being.


Manager (San Diego location)

I’m a single mom of two beautiful small girls. Raelynn (2) and also Fariah (9)! I have two doggos of mine own! Carl and also May!! They space all my entirety world. Ns have always had a enthusiasm for dogs. Being approximately them simply brings me a sense of peace and happiness. Working closely with them has been a dream of mine. Native grooming come birthing puppies it seems my desires have come true working v cutting blue farm! litter in some horses and also my life is simply one big ball of pleasure surrounded by animals and also my kiddos!



is retired law Enforcement 28 years, consisting of 3 years as an animal Control Officer and managing a City pet Shelter because that strays, owner releases, and animal adoptions. As among her numerous hobbies she has fostered, re-trained, and rehomed (and periodically adopting herself) problematic, behavior challenged dogs. She specializes in the working breeds, Rottweiler, German Shepard, and also Pitbull. Some of her retrained dogs ended up being Law Enforcement canine ~ above search and rescue, and also narcotic alarm teams. NaDonna has cleared up into the Treasure valley area enjoying she retirement v the love of animals remaining true in she heart.

Monique (Mo) Barrett

Kennel Tech

I flourished up v dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish, you surname it. Together an only child, mine pets came to be my very first friends. It was in the firm of these feathered furry girlfriend that i felt the most comfort. I spent numerous hours talk to them and including castle in my imagine adventures. I would certainly tie capes top top the dogs that were transformed into superheroes and also bedazzle the cats with tiaras who became princesses. I’m certain they loved it as much as i did, right?!I was always bringing residence strays. If the were up to me we would certainly have had actually the craziest bunch of misfit creatures in the West. Imagine the shock I challenged when i realized the civilization was complete of cruel world who didn’t check out the magnificence in God’s creatures together I did. One summer together my mom and I to be gardening, i heard a pass out meow comes from the driveway. I then found the newest addition to our family, Tripod. He was a scruffy, stinky, matted 3 legged kitty desperate to love and be loved. I thank Tripod for not just the joy he carried to our family, however for the new level that love and appreciation for pets his story offered me.When i was 9 ns started showing my dachshund Sydney in 4-H at our regional fairs and also other venues. Together, us earned countless blue ribbons, cool champion trophies, and also memories that would certainly last a lifetime. I likewise participated in AKC reflects both v my very own dogs, and also handling because that others. I tackled a selection of each other in a variety of classes, yet my favourite was taking care of a King Charles Spaniel called Ozzy. I loved just how sleek and also beautiful his gate was and also how liquid he moved. Throughout the years ns have also volunteered because that numerous animal shelters, one exotic animal rescue, and worked on number of ranches.Currently, ns am blessed to be a component of the household at Cuttin’ Blue wherein I acquire to spend my time loving and caring for your dogs and horses. When I to be not functioning you can discover me hunting, fishing, and also adventuring God’s nation with mine family and also my 2 German Shorthair pointers Abby and Hagen. Or relaxing v my chicken, Pete.Spending time in the firm of animals has without doubt made me a better person and has taught me an important lessons, unconditional love, loyalty, and the prominence of living without judgement. For that, I will be forever grateful.Favorite animal related quote: friend will constantly have a friend at the barn!