$39.90(0%)Tuesday, 16th jan 2018

RangeLow PriceHigh PriceComment
30 days$39.90$39.90Tuesday, 16th january 2018 COH stock finished at $39.90. During the job the stock fluctuated 0% indigenous a day short at $39.90 come a job high the $39.90.

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90 days$39.16$40.95
52 weeks$34.33$48.85

Coach, Inc. Offers luxury accessories and also lifestyle brands. It supplies handbags, money pieces, wristlets and also cosmetic cases, an essential rings, and also charms because that women; and also business cases, computer system bags, messenger-style bags, backpacks, totes, wallets, map cases, belts, time management, electronic accessories, and ready-to-wear for men. The agency also offers footwear; seasonal way of life apparel collections, including outerwear and also ready-to-wear, and also c... Review more

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