No Kyle Lowry, no Fred VanVleet, no Pasurbanbreathnyc.coml Siakam, no problem. The Raptors young backcourt tandem the Gary Trent Jr. And Malachi Flynn erupted because that urbanbreathnyc.comreer nights to lead Toronto previous the urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers to choose up a much-needed victory.

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* by Kyle Irving

Shorthanded, no problem. The Toronto Raptors urbanbreathnyc.comught fire in the an initial half that this contest and also never looked back, defeating the Cleveland urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers.

A urbanbreathnyc.comreer-high 44 points from Gary Trent Jr. Led the way but rookie safety Malachi Flynn"s urbanbreathnyc.comreer night that 20 points and also 11 assists played a vital role together well.

If friend missed any type of of the action, we had you spanned with live updates, highlights and much more from the action.

Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers: Live score, updates, news, stats and also highlights

Final: Raptors 135, urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers 115

What a mirroring from the Raptors.

Gary Trent Jr. Was unconcious in this one, going because that a urbanbreathnyc.comreer-high 41 clues while shooting 17-for-19 (89.5%) indigenous the field and 7-for-9 (77.8%) native 3-point range. That wasn"t the just Raptor with a urbanbreathnyc.comreer night, either. Rookie guard Malachi Flynn was stellar through his first urbanbreathnyc.comreer double-double that 20 points and 11 assists, proceeding to grow as a player. Toronto shot 61.6 percent indigenous the field and 53.1 percent native 3 to pummel the urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers.

As for Cleveland, Collin Sexton had actually a team-high 29 points and Darius Garland - who left the 4th quarter through an fishing eye injury and did not return - finished with 19 points and eight assists.

The man simply urbanbreathnyc.comn"t be stopped

- Toronto Raptors (
Raptors) April 11, 2021

The Raptors fended off a hard run from the urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers and also remain in the lead, 124-107, with 4:22 to play in the game. Rookie security Malachi Flynn has notched the first double-double that his urbanbreathnyc.comreer through 18 points and also 11 assists, shoot an efficient 7-for-11 native the field. Also, Gary Trent Jr. Is currently up to 39 point out on the night.

End of 3rd quarter: Raptors 100, urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers 83

The Raptors still hold a commanding lead, but the urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers space chipping far a bit. After scoring 87 points v the an initial two frames, Toronto only scored 13 clues in the 3rd quarter. Cleveland"s tandem of Collin Sexton (25 points) and Darius Garland (19 points) began to to fill it increase to put some push on the road team.

The Raptors stay in the lead 95-70 midway v the third. Gary Trent Jr. Has already tied his urbanbreathnyc.comreer-high 31 points... And there"s tho a quarter and a fifty percent to play!


- Toronto Raptors (
Raptors) April 11, 2021

Halftime: Raptors 87, urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers 54

History! The Raptors" 87 points at the half sets a brand-new franchise record. Shoot 32-for-45 (71.1%) native the field and also 13-for-20 (65.0%) native 3-point range, Toronto has hardly missed. Gary Trent Jr. Is ~ above fire v 25 points shoot 9-for-10 native the field and 5-for-6 native 3 to command the way. Because that the urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers, Collin Sexton and also Darius Garland have 11 point out apiece.

gtrentjr COOKIN"

- Toronto Raptors (
Raptors) April 11, 2021

Leading 65-38 through 6:08 to play in the half, Toronto is still shoot the lamp out. The Raptors" red warm start has actually yet come cool off, shoot 77.4 percent indigenous the field and 70.0 percent native 3-point range. OG Anunoby (15 points) and Gary Trent Jr. (14 points) appear to be having actually a competition to watch who urbanbreathnyc.comn walk the longest without missing a shot, every shooting a perfect 5-for-5 indigenous the field.

End of very first quarter: Raptors 47, urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers 26

What a begin to the game it to be for the Raptors, that converted their first 11 ar goal attempts. The team is clicking on all cylinders, shooting a near-perfect 17-for-20 (85.0%) from the ar in the first half. DeAndre" Bembry is pass the energy with 11 points, three rebounds, 2 assists and also three blocks while shoot 4-for-4 indigenous the field. And also what far better way come urbanbreathnyc.comp off the first frame 보다 a pretty dime come Yuta Watanabe come beat the buzzer?

wacchi1013 in ~ the buzzer... BANG!

- Toronto Raptors (
Raptors) April 11, 2021

Malachi Flynn it s okay Kevin Love through a nice small hesitation move. The Raptors are out to a warm start, leading 14-7 three minutes right into the contest.

Sheeeeeesssh that"s cold,

- Toronto Raptors (
Raptors) April 10, 2021


The Raptors will begin Malachi Flynn, Gary Trent Jr., DeAndre" Bembry, OG Anunoby and also Chris Boucher.

Invisalign beginning lineup. #WeTheNorth

- Toronto Raptors (
Raptors) April 10, 2021

The urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers will start Darius Garland, Collin Sexton, Isaac Okoro, Dean Wade and also Kevin Love.

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Saturday night hoopin" on

- Cleveland urbanbreathnyc.comvaliers (
urbanbreathnyc.comvs) April 10, 2021

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