urbanbreathnyc.com, Ohio -- The Cavaliers' pursuit to go back to the Finals begins in earnest when the team starts the 2015-16 season at rival Chicago on Oct. 27, opened night in the NBA, according to league-wide schedules exit Wednesday by the league.

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LeBron James and also the Cavs, who shed 4-2 come the gold State warriors in the Finals, will go back to the bay Area because that a rematch v the Warriors. The Cavaliers will certainly play top top Christmas in the NBA's element slot (5 p.m.) on ABC during the league's marquee day because that the 2nd consecutive season.

urbanbreathnyc.com's residence opener is Oct. 30 versus James' previous team, the Miami warmth (who organized the Cavs critical Christmas), in ~ 7 p.m top top TNT. However the Cavs play 2 road gamings -- versus Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, and playoff opponent Chicago, and also then the following night in Memphis -- before 20,562 crazies welcome them in ~ The Q.

Reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry and also the Warriors come to The Q because that the only time during the regular season on boy name Luther King, Jr. Day, Jan. 18, in ~ 8 p.m.

The Cavs' game against gold State in ~ Oracle Arena top top Christmas is the start of a four-game Western trip in i beg your pardon urbanbreathnyc.com will play 4 games in 5 nights for the only time. The NBA do a an option to virtually eliminate those brutal stretches for every teams.

Cavaliers pat 26 games before Dec. 2510 vs teams with .500 or far better record last season.437 opp win pct pre-Christmas is easiest in NBA

— ESPN Stats & info (

But once it involves playing the Warriors, the Cavs record them during challenging portions of the schedule. The Warriors' pilgrimage to urbanbreathnyc.com come at the finish of a six-game road swing for the Cavs that concludes with three gamings in Texas against the Mavericks, Spurs, and also Rockets.

urbanbreathnyc.com's other prolonged road trip is a four-game swing out West indigenous March 9-14 because that games versus Sacramento, the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, and Utah. The Lakers game can be James' critical in L.A. Against Kobe Bryant, who may retire at season's end.

The Cavs' longest homestand the the season runs from Feb. 5-18, as soon as they'll welcome Boston (Kelly Olynyk, anyone?), new Orleans, Sacramento, the Lakers (Bryant's good-bye at The Q?) and the Bulls.

Speaking that Chicago, wherein urbanbreathnyc.com opens the season, it to be at the United center where the Cavs won their fiercest playoff series in the run as much as the Finals. Rolling two games to one, James drained a shot in ~ the buzzer to steal video game 4, and the Cavs closed the end the series with a video game 6 success in Chicago to set up an ultimate Eastern Conference Finals enhance with Atlanta.

A (presumably) healthy and balanced Kevin Durant leads the Oklahoma City Thunder to urbanbreathnyc.com for your lone game at The Q ~ above Dec. 17. Durant was injured and did no play in urbanbreathnyc.com critical season.

Trying to look because that tickets v the greatest likelihood the James plays? he missed a career-high 13 gamings last season, mostly as result of injury, including five at home. Urbanbreathnyc.com's last two gamings of the regular season are at house -- against Atlanta and also Detroit -- and last season James played the penultimate contest prior to skipping the finale.

A resource said the Cavs setup to relax their preseason schedule next week, however have currently confirmed they will organize Memphis in ~ Ohio State's value City Arena on Oct. 12.

DayDateOpponentTimeNat. TV
Tue.10/27at Chicago7:00 PMTNT
Wed.10/28at Memphis7:00 PM 
Fri.10/30Miami7:00 PMESPN
Mon.11/2at Philadelphia7:00 PM 
Wed.11/4New York8:00 PMESPN
Fri.11/6Philadelphia7:30 PM 
Sun.11/8Indiana3:30 PM 
Tue.11/10Utah7:00 PM 
Fri.11/13at new York7:30 PM 
Sat.11/14at Milwaukee7:30 PM 
Tue.11/17at Detroit7:30 PM 
Thu.11/19Milwaukee8:00 PMTNT
Sat.11/21Atlanta7:30 PM 
Mon.11/23Orlando7:00 PM 
Wed.11/25at Toronto7:30 PM 
Fri.11/27at Charlotte7:00 PM 
Sat.11/28Brooklyn7:30 PM 
Tue.12/1Washington7:00 PM 
Fri.12/4at new Orleans8:30 PMESPN
Sat.12/5at Miami7:30 PM 
Tue.12/8Portland7:00 PM 
Fri.12/11at Orlando7:00 PM 
Tue.12/15at Boston7:30 PM 
Thu.12/17Oklahoma City8:00 PMTNT
Sun.12/20Philadelphia3:30 PM 
Wed.12/23New York7:00 PM 
Fri.12/25at gold State2:00 PMABC
Sat.12/26at Portland7:00 PM 
Mon.12/28at Phoenix7:00 PM 
Tue.12/29at Denver7:00 PM 
Sat.1/2Orlando7:30 PM 
Mon.1/4Toronto7:00 PM 
Tue.1/5at Washington7:00 PM 
Fri.1/8at Minnesota7:00 PMESPN
Sun.1/10at Philadelphia6:00 PM 
Tue.1/12at Dallas7:30 PM 
Thu.1/14at san Antonio7:00 PMTNT
Fri.1/15at Houston8:30 PMESP
Mon.1/18Golden State8:00 PMTNT
Wed.1/20at Brooklyn7:30 PM 
Thu.1/21L.A. Clippers8:00 PMTNT
Sat.1/23Chicago8:30 PMABC
Mon.1/25Minnesota7:00 PM 
Wed.1/27Phoenix7:00 PM 
Fri.1/29at Detroit7:30 PM 
Sat.1/30San Antonio8:30 PMABC
Mon.2/1at Indiana7:00 PM 
Wed.2/3at Charlotte7:00 PM 
Fri.2/5Boston7:30 PM 
Sat.2/6New Orleans7:30 PM 
Mon.2/8Sacramento7:00 PM 
Wed.2/10L.A. Lakers8:00 PMESPN
Thu.2/18Chicago8:00 PMTNT
Sun.2/21at Oklahoma City2:30 PMABC
Mon.2/22Detroit7:00 PM 
Wed.2/24Charlotte7:00 PM 
Fri.2/26at Toronto7:30 PM 
Sun.2/28at Washington1:00 PM 
Mon.2/29Indiana7:00 PM 
Fri.3/4Washington8:00 PMESPN
Sat.3/5Boston7:00 PM 
Mon.3/7Memphis7:00 PM 
Wed.3/9at Sacramento7:00 PM 
Thu.3/10at L.A. Lakers7:30 PMTNT
Sun.3/13at L.A. Clippers12:30 PMABC
Mon.3/14at Utah7:00 PM 
Wed.3/16Dallas7:00 PM 
Fri.3/18at Orlando7:00 PM 
Sat.3/19at Miami7:30 PM 
Mon.3/21Denver7:00 PM 
Wed.3/23Milwaukee8:00 PMESPN
Thu.3/24at Brooklyn7:30 PM 
Sat.3/26at new York7:30 PM 
Tue.3/29Houston8:00 PMTNT
Thu.3/31Brooklyn7:00 PM 
Fri.4/1at Atlanta8:00 PMESPN
Sun.4/3Charlotte3:30 PM 
Tue.4/5at Milwaukee7:00 PM 
Wed.4/6at Indiana7:00 PMESP
Sat.4/9at Chicago7:30 PMABC
Mon.4/11Atlanta7:00 PM 
Wed.4/13Detroit8:00 PM 

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