If girlfriend were one of the 103.4 million world watching Super bowl 52 this past weekend, you might have watched some Cincy landmarks during the commercials. Cincinnati Bell showcased several of the most famed local sights in their ad. Examine out the ad above and check out all the spots featured below.

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The fort Thomas Tower

This renowned tower in Ft. Thomas was built out that limestone in 1890 because that $10,995, meant to store practically 100,000 gallons that water.

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Columbia Tusculum “Painted Ladies”

You’ll discover these colorful “painted ladies” in Cincinnati’s earliest neighborhood, Columbia Tusculum.

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Krohn Conservatory

Krohn Conservatory, located in Eden Park, was built in 1933 at the elevation of the arts Deco era v a nationally well-known showcase of more than 3,500 plant types from around the world.


Music Hall

Built in 1878, this national historical landmark is residence to the Cincinnati Ballet, Symphony Orchestra, and also Opera.

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Florence Y"all Tower

Sandwiched in between Florence Mall and also 75/71, this legend tower swapped the M because that a Y in 1974 to deal with legal concerns.

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The Newport people Peace Bell

The Newport, Kentucky, World tranquility Bell is one of much more than twenty tranquility Bells roughly the world. It functions an engraving commemorating the global Declaration of human being Rights and engravings marking essential events indigenous the previous 1,000 years.

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The American sign Museum

The American sign Museum in Camp Washington is the largest public sign museum in America, displaying works from the critical 100 years.

Atrium II Building

The Atrium II building downtown is the headquarters because that Cincinnati Bell, giving panoramic sights the the Queen City.

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The Charley Harper "Homecoming (Blue Birds)" Mural

This mural at 119 east Court Street downtown was done by Charley Harper, one of Cincinnati’s most completed and celebrated artists.

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Lunken Airport

Named after Eshelby Lunken, this iconic regional airport serves mainly private aircrafts, with plenty of visits from Air pressure One.

Western Bowl

With its iconic sign out former on Glenway Avenue, this legendary west side bowling alley has been serving up great times due to the fact that 1950.

Jungle Jim"s international Market

Known for having pretty lot anything you deserve to imagine (along v some amazing bathrooms and wacky animatronic greeters), Fairfield’s tropical Jim’s International industry is among the most iconic grocery store stores in America.

Moline Court in Northside

Hosting a grasp of cute houses, you’ll find Moline Court right off the key strip that Hamilton avenue in Northside.

Vine Street in OTR

After year of remarkable transformation, Vine Street in OTR is now one the the busiest and most eclectic clues in town.

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Xavier University

Established in 1831, Xavier University is among the earliest Catholic schools in the country hosting an ext than 6,000 students.

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University of Cincinnati

Founded in 1819, the college of Cincinnati is the Queen City’s earliest college and the 2nd largest college in Ohio.

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Cincinnati arts Museum

One that the oldest art museum in the united States, the Cincinnati art Museum holds more than 67,000 works spanning 6,000 years of human being history.

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Incline public House

With beers, bites and also one of the best views of Cincinnati, Incline Public residence is a popular bar and grill in eastern Price Hill.

The Loveland Castle

Formally known as Château Laroche, The Loveland lock is a folly the a europe castle constructed along the banks of the little Miami flow in the 1920’s by boy Scout Leader, WWI veteran and also medieval enthusiast bother D. Andrews