Former X Factor contestant Chloe Paige do a little bit of a blunder ~ accidentally posting a topless snapshot on Snapchat.

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The singer"s many surprised followers quickly assumed the photo was of her once she shared it ~ above Friday.

But it transforms out the the picture wasn"t of she at all.

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"The photograph in concern is the Chloe"s friend," Chloe"s representative said the Daily Star.

"Chloe mistakenly added it to her Snapchat story. Chloe"s friend is beside herself, as I"m certain you deserve to imagine."

X Factor fans will remember Chloe from last year"s series. She make it all the means to Judges" houses in Rita Ora"s girl category, but she didn"t do the cut for the live shows.

Louisa Johnson, Lauren Murrayand Kiera Weathers were placed through, when Monica Michael was brought ago as a wildcard.

Louisa walk on to victory the series, beating Reggie "n" Bollie and Che Chesterman in the final.

Chloe told Digital Spy last year the she ended a partnership to take component on The X Factor.

"I have a clear direction of whereby I desire to go as an artist and also ideas regarding who I desire to be," she said. "For me, it"s for this reason much much more than just the voice.

"It"s all ns do. It"s every I occupational on. I was in a connection that I offered up for this, therefore I recognize where I desire to be."

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Good luck to every one of this years
TheXFactor contestants. I feel important blessed for whatever the show has done for me

— Chloe Paige (
ChloePaigeSings) august 27, 2016

One year on, Chloe has now to be live-tweeting this collection of the ITV show.

She dubbed Ivy elegant Paredes "sensational" together her audition blew the roof off, while she tipped The Brooks to go "all the way".

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