A pair the NFC teams that have actually failed come play as much as preseason expectation will gain together ~ above Sunday once the Chicago Bears take it on the Philadelphia Eagles. These two groups last met in the NFC Wild map Game and also seemingly small has gone right for either due to the fact that then.

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The Bears' (3-4) woes from critical season continued last week against the Chargers. The offense struggled come score, reaching the finish zone only once. Just as in your playoff meeting through the Eagles critical season, the bear missed what would have been the game-winning ar goal ~ above the last play of the game.

The Eagles (4-4) ended their run of three right road gamings on a positive note last Sunday, beating the receipt after losing at Minnesota and at Dallas. Philadelphia ordered the lead by scoring a touchdown in the final minute of the very first half. The Eagles climate scored the game-clinching touchdown in the very first minute that the second half.

Chicago leads the all-time series, 30-15-1. For games in Philadelphia, the Eagles hold an benefit of 13-8-1. The Eagles have actually won the last 4 meetings.

Chicago at Philadelphia

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov. 3 in ~ 1 p.m. ETTV: FOXSpread: Eagles -4.5

Three things to Watch

1. Will certainly the Eagles prevent falling behind early on in the game?

Philadelphia is not well suited because that second-half rallies. In the five games in i m sorry the Eagles have trailed after ~ the first quarter this season, they have actually lost 3 of those. When trailing in ~ halftime, they have lost four of five. They have actually averaged just 218.8 happen yards every game, ranking 21st in the NFL, for this reason their violation is not developed for fast comebacks. They have actually yet to walk on a journey in the 4th quarter that caused taking the lead.

As a defensive-oriented team, Chicago has experienced success once grabbing the lead before the second half. The Bears have actually been front at the end of the first quarter in three games, winning 2 of those. They have actually been ahead at halftime four times and won three of those. Lock have allowed an mean of just 230.6 pass yards per game, tenth fewest in the NFL.

2. Are Carson Wentz and also the remainder of the Eagles prepared to diversify your attack versus the bear defense?

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The gusty conditions last Sunday in Buffalo dictated a gameplan that relied greatly on the running game for the Eagles. The forecast for Sunday in Philadelphia calls because that winds in the 10 mph range. That poses much much less of a difficulty than the wind in the mid-20s in Buffalo.

How inexplicable was Philadelphia’s dependence on the ground attack last week? The Eagles rushed the ball 41 times. The is the highest possible number since their 42 make the efforts in week 4 of the 2017 season on the roadway in a success over the Chargers. They had actually their first rushing full over 200 yards due to the fact that Week 11 of the season throughout a victory in Dallas. Actually, they gained 218 yards on the ground, their greatest total due to the fact that Week 13 of 2014, as soon as they piled up 256 in Dallas.

3. Might removing Mitchell Trubisky and inserting follow Daniel spark the bears offense?

Chase Daniel has played in two games this season. He substituted because that Trubisky in main 4 in a success at residence over Minnesota. That started against the Raiders in the next game in London. In both games, he completed 22 the his 30 pass attempts. Against the Vikings, that compiled only 195 yards and a touchdown while gift sacked once. In London, that threw touchdowns and also two interceptions. An ext disturbingly, the Raiders sacked him four times for a complete of 37 yards lost.

Mitchell Trubisky has started and completed 5 games this season. In those games, he has averaged 216.6 pass yards and also one pass touchdown every game. As soon as Trubisky has thrown 31 or fewer time in a game, the Bears have actually won. As soon as his variety of passes has been 35 or more, they have actually lost. So is much less Trubisky authorized a pathway to victory?

The Bears have struggled to defend the quarterbacks, nevertheless of who was taking breaks from center. As previously noted, the Raiders terrorized Daniel. In the 3 victorious starts for Trubisky, opponents sacked that an average of once per game. In the 3 defeats for Trubisky, he to be tackled because that a loss 3.67 times on typical per game. Clearly, the offensive line shares some of the blame because that the quarterbacks' difficulties.

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Final Analysis

The possibilities of the bear repeating together NFC north champions appear remote. Castle trail eco-friendly Bay by four games. Lock have currently lost their very first meeting with the Packers. They should start substantial winning streak simply to continue to be in contention because that a wild map berth.