around There goes My infant

"There Goes my Baby" is a song by American R&B singer Charlie Wilson. It was released ~ above October 24, 2008, as the second single that his 4th studio album Uncle Charlie, with the record labels Jive Records and Zomba Recording. The track was produced by Gregg Pagani and also written by Babyface, Daryl Simmons, Kenneth Copeland, Marvin Eugene Smith, Gregg Pagani, Clarence Allen and also Calvin Richardson. It to be nominated in ~ the Grammy Awards the 2010 for finest Male R&B Vocal Performance.

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I to be rolling in mine carWhen ns pulled up in ~ the mallCouldn"t find a location to parkThrew my tricks to the valet(handle that for me)I was only there to hangWasn"t trying to find a thingI was just around to bounceAnd then i saw miss out on ladyThen I stated to myself,There goes my babyThere goes my destinyOnliest one because that meThere goes mine ladyShe gon" it is in the oneWe gon" fall in loveWe gon" have some babiesShe to be coming the end the shoe storePretty tiny thingA couple of bags in she hand,Right in prior of Macy"sAnd then I saw her in ~ the food court,Sipping lemonade,and conversatingOn she cell phone,looking so amazingAnd I claimed to myselfThere goes my babyThere goes mine destinyOnliest one because that meThere goes my ladyShe gon" be the oneWe gon" loss in loveWe gon" have actually some babiesShe gon" wear my ringShe gon" take it my nameTake she to the cookoutMe and her gon" hangTake she to my mama houseMeet smokey and themIf she need her hair doneI think my cousin canI"ll act her prefer a queenGive her everythingShe will be my girlTill we old and also gray,And i knew the from the moment,That I experienced her lovely, beloved face

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Charlie Wilson Charles Kent "Charlie" Wilson (born January 29, 1953) is one American R&B singer-songwriter-producer and also the former lead vocalist because that the void Band. As a solo artist he has actually been nominated for 6 Grammy awards, received a 2009 heart Train icon Award, and also was a receiver of a BMI icon Award in 2005. In 2009, that was named Billboard magazine"s #1 Adult R&B Artist, and his song "There Goes mine Baby" was named the #1 city Adult tune for 2009 in Billboard Magazine. Much more »