Charles Xavier, better known together Professor X, is among the most vital figures in the Marvel Universe. An initial appearing in 1963\"s X-Men #1, Xavier is a mutant and also the world\"s most an effective telepath. He desires of a human being where mutants and humans have the right to live in peace. However, this puts that in the impossible position that combating not only the bigotry of fearful humans but the fury of mutants fighting to conquer the rest of the world. To help accomplish his goals, Xavier founds his school for Gifted Youngsters, leading to the bear of the X-Men, the brand-new Mutants, and by extension, a totality host the spinoff teams like X-Force, X-Factor, Generation X, and also more. 

Xavier is a complex man. For all his talk of peace and also equality, the X-Men founder is no saint. Both with and also without his mutant powers, he\"s proven a grasp of manipulation. As much as that loves his X-Men, he\"s kept dark secrets from castle which inevitably balloon to the surface. At time he\"s in the interim left his lofty goals aside for an ext personal needs, and also he isn\"t over acting out of baser emotions. In at least one case, his rage placed the entire people at risk. To learn much more about the great and the bad of Professor Charles Xavier, keep reading for his entire backstory explained. 


Charles Xavier\"s family has some of the most powerful and dangerous human being on Earth, and also in at the very least one case, he\"s been fighting them literally before he to be born. When Xavier is conceived, he\"s one in a pair that twins. Also in the womb, he senses his twin is an inherently malevolent presence, and he uses his quiet budding psychic ability to cause a miscarriage. Astonishingly, the twin survives and grows right into the an effective telepath and villain Cassandra Nova. 

Another sibling, though no blood-related, gets power of a different kind. Xavier\"s father dies while the mutant is tho young, and also his mommy remarries Dr. Cut Marko. Dr. Marko\"s son, Cain, bullies Charles relentlessly. Later, the stepbrothers serve together in the oriental War. When Cain walk AWOL, he find a ruby in a cave that transforms him into the unstoppable Juggernaut. Marko proves come be one of the most physically powerful villains in Marvel, able to go toe-to-toe and even defeat powerhouses prefer Thor and the Hulk.

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And there\"s the issue of his kid. Around the exact same time Charles very first meets Erik Lehnsherr (the future Magneto), he drops in love v an Israeli woman called Gabrielle Haller, despite they break-up up once Xavier pipeline Israel. Years later, that discovers he has actually a boy by Haller — David, aka Legion. When Legion couldn\"t be called evil, the combination of his an effective mutant abilities, his psychological instability, and also his hundreds of separation personalities have tendency to cause some unintended chaos. 


Moira MacTaggert is just one of the most important figures in Professor X\"s life. The 2 were lover in your youth, and they eventually come to be engaged, though Moira division off the engagement without telling Charles why. Year later, they\"re colleagues and allies. MacTaggert helps Xavier uncovered his school for Gifted Youngsters, and also creating her own mutant research center on Muir Island turn off the coast of Scotland. 

In earlier comics, Moira MacTaggert is shown as a human being ally to mutants, but the 2019-20 event Dawn of X expose she\"s a mutant through a powerful ability. After death, Moira is reincarnated v the possibility to live she life in a new reality. In each life, things finish badly because that Earth\"s mutants. In one life, Moira viewpoints a young Charles and invites the to read her mind. The discovers the truth about her and also what she\"s seen. Moira is able to convince Charles that the just hope for mutants is because that Charles and also his old frenemy, Magneto, to job-related together.

The meeting results massive transforms in the Marvel Universe, including the relationship in between mutants and the rest of the world and the dynamic in between the X-Men and also the rest of the world\"s superheroes. 


Charles Xavier\"s earliest fight with a mutant takes ar in Cairo, Egypt. Charles has no agenda, and also he\"s merely a travel tourist as soon as a young african girl named Ororo — who would later be well-known as Storm — swipes Xavier\"s wallet indigenous his pocket. With his psychological powers help him, Charles monitor Ororo down and forces her to stop running native him. That senses her mutant talent and also tries come probe deeper, yet he\"s stopped by an outside psychic force. 

After Ororo runs away, Charles monitor his psychic attacker to a saloon. His devil is Amahl Farouk, aka the zero King. He\"s the crimelord that Cairo\"s Thieves\" Quarter, a mutant with telepathic abilities favor Xavier\"s, and also one of the scariest villains in Marvel history. As soon as Xavier relates the story in 1979\"s Uncanny X-Men #117, he claims feeling Farouk\"s think was choose \"swimming in a sea the maggots.\" Xavier and also Farouk have a psychic duel in the astral plane where they show up as armored warriors wielding fiery swords, despite in the saloon, observers watch nothing more than two men sitting quietly at various tables. Xavier directly defeats Farouk, and also he to trust he\"s actually eliminated the villain, despite like many Marvel bad guys, Farouk is destined to return.

The duel is a formative moment for Xavier. While informing the story, Xavier claims Farouk is very first evil mutant he\"d met, and that the endure taught the just how dangerous mutants can be if lock abused their powers.


Charles Xavier very first meets Erik Lehnsherr at the very same Israeli hospital where he help Gabrielle Haller, who would later end up being the mom of Xavier\"s son, Legion. Upon their an initial meeting, Xavier notices Erik has powerful mental defenses and suspects he can be a mutant. The finds out for sure once Nazis under the command that Baron von Strucker attack the hospital and also Erik offers his metal-controlling strength to pull among their to escape vehicles apart. Together, they hit the Nazis and also save Gabrielle, but it\"s clean their various philosophies the furthering mutantkind\"s struggles space at odds. 

Erik at some point assumes the identity of Magneto and also leads the Brotherhood of angry Mutants. Because that years, Magneto salaries war against humanity and versus Professor X and his X-Men. However, there room times once Xavier and also Lehnsherr make tranquility with one another. Xavier and the X-Men safeguard Magneto versus the other non-mutant superheroes in the 1984-85 line-wide event Secret Wars, and not lengthy after, Xavier picks Magneto to replace him together his school\"s headmaster. Of course, Magneto at some point leaves the school and becomes the X-Men\"s enemy once more. 

In the 2019-20 line-wide event Dawn that X, Xavier and Lehnsherr build what shows up to be your most powerful alliance. Guided by the words of Moira MacTaggert, Xavier and Magneto assist to kind a new, powerful mutant country and both sit on the country\"s \"Quiet Council.\" just time will certainly tell if this alliance proves an ext permanent than previously ones. 


In 1966\"s Uncanny X-Men #20, Professor X tells Jean Grey the story of how he lost the use of his legs. While traveling through Tibet, a young Charles Xavier came throughout a town wherein he sensed some of the residents were being mentally overcame by an exterior presence. After ~ entering the town, Xavier realized the town\"s leader wasn\"t from Earth. The alien invader called himself Lucifer, and also he was from a race called the Quist. Charles was able to disable few of his opponent\"s modern technology and led a revolt against Lucifer. But when Xavier confronted the alien, Lucifer struggle a switch on a nearby wall surface that dropped a vast slab of rock on Xavier\"s legs. 

A variety of different times, Xavier has actually regained the use of his foot due to specific circumstances, just to ultimately lose them again. Because that example, in the 1992-93 occasion X-Cutioner\"s Song, he\"s temporary able to walk after making it through being infected with a techno-organic virus. An additional instance occurs after 2005\"s House the M as soon as he\"s stripped that his powers because that a time when regaining the usage of his legs. As of the 2019-20 event Dawn of X — after a number of resurrections leave him in brand-new bodies the were never ever wounded through Lucifer or any type of other aliens — Xavier is once again go without any kind of outside assistance.

It\"s in his family\"s mansion the Charles Xavier ultimately founds his school for Gifted Youngsters. Come the observer that doesn\"t know any kind of better, over there doesn\"t it seems ~ to it is in anything extraordinary about the place. But among other an enig upgrades is the risk Room, whereby Xavier\"s students face difficult obstacles and automated opponents. And also of course, there\"s likewise the legend Cerebro device, provided to amplify Professor X\"s already incredible telepathic ability to assist him finding mutants throughout the globe.

For his first students, Charles recruits Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel, and the Beast. The name \"X-Men\" is coined after ~ Xavier\"s name. The original 5 remain the core of the team for a while, though they\"re eventually joined by recruits choose Mimic, Banshee, Cyclops\" brothers Havok, and Magneto\"s daughter Polaris. A seismic transition rocks the line-up in 1975\"s Giant-Size X-Men #1 as soon as the roster adds future favorites choose Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, and also Nightcrawler.

Eventually, the X-Men have company. Xavier recruits a younger team he means to store out of hazard in the kind of the brand-new Mutants. Then, influenced by Xavier yet often functioning without his straight involvement, even an ext teams popular music up, usually incorporating the \"X\" that his name. There space the members that X-Factor, who originally pose as mutant-hunters in order come secretly assist endangered mutants. There\"s X-Force, largely comprised of former brand-new Mutants under the command that Cable. There\"s also the UK-based Excalibur, the younger Generation X, and also even an Avengers unit Division, consisted of of both mutants and humans to encourage Xavier\"s dream of serene coexistence and cooperation.

Ironically, considering his majestic objectives and an international concerns, Xavier\"s has spent a good deal the time away from the human being he\"s so desperate to fix. 

Xavier\"s most powerful attachment come outer room is Lilandra, who\"s a princess the the Shi\"ar realm when she very first meets Charles. For some time, Xavier receives psychic visions that Lilandra, yet he doesn\"t accomplish her in the flesh until 1977\"s Uncanny X-Men #105. He climate learns she\"s been sending him visions due to the fact that she\"s hope he and also his team that heroes can aid her avoid insane brother, D\"Ken. The X-Men aid her, and also some time later, Xavier leaves earth with she after he incorrectly believes many of the X-Men have died. 

He returns, but Xavier would at some point leave again ... This time long enough to miss huge events in the lives of his students. As soon as he joins Lilandra and also the Starjammers in space, Xavier pipeline the temporary reformed Magneto in fee of his school. In his absence, the X-Men shed Colossus, Nightcrawler, and also Shadowcat come the occasions of the 1986 crossover Mutant Massacre, and also Rachel Summers who disappears right prior to the event begins. Similar changes come v subsequent occasions like 1988\"s The fall of the Mutants, 1989\"s Inferno, and also 1990\"s X-Tinction Agenda.

Ever because the addition of Wolverine and also Colossus come the X-Men, the metal in your bodies makes them perfect targets once the team faces Magneto. In 1993\"s X-Men #25, the master of magnetism bring away it to the following level once he rips every one of the adamantium native Wolverine\"s body. Furious, Xavier seeks to stop Magneto from ever before hurting one more innocent by psychically extract Magneto\"s hatred from his mind. 

Xavier\"s attack inadvertently leads to the creation of one of Marvel\"s most powerful villains. The darkest components of Magneto and also Professor X incorporate within Xavier\"s mind, and also the an outcome physically manifests itself as the knavish Onslaught. Onslaught proves much too powerful for the X-Men alone. The great Four, Avengers, and also the Hulk incorporate their pressures with the X-Men and narrowly loss him in 1996\"s Onslaught: Marvel Universe #1. Once the acting clears, the civilization is shocked to uncover itself without the an excellent Four or the Avengers. They\"re believed to have actually sacrificed themselves to loss Onslaught, however it\"s later discovered they\"re transported to the Heroes Reborn world. 

In despite the of his benevolent intentions, Charles Xavier has some pretty huge skeletons in his closet. Because that example, there\"s his risk Room. In Joss Whedon and also John Cassaday\"s Astonishing X-Men series we discover the peril Room includes an man-made intelligence capable of live independence thought. The goes rogue, eventually structure itself a powerful mechanical body. In 2005\"s Astonishing X-Men #12, ~ the team defeats the A.I. Now dubbed \"Danger,\" they learn that Xavier constantly knew the was keeping a new life captive with the hazard Room. In fact, as shortly as it went online, it reached out come him and also asked, \"Where to be I?\" however tragically, Xavier ignored it.

Then, in 2005\"s New Avengers #7, we learn that Professor X is among the members the a clandestine group of superheroes dubbed the Illuminati that\"s been functioning behind the scenes because that years. Among other things, the Illuminati is behind Bruce Banner\"s momentary exile in space. Even though Xavier isn\"t component of that specific decision, the Hulk rampages with almost every one of the X-Men teams to obtain at Xavier in the 2007 miniseries World war Hulk: X-Men

And in the game-changing 2006 mini-series X-Men: deadly Genesis, the occasions of Giant-Size X-Men #1 room retconned to expose Xavier sent a team the mutants — consisting of Cyclops and also Havok\"s brother boy Vulcan — to conserve the X-Men from the mutant island Krakoa. After ~ those mutants were presumed killed, Xavier erased the storage from Cyclops\" and also Moira MacTaggert\"s minds, which is a quite disturbing thing for a so-called superhero come do. 

The 2012 line-wide event Avengers vs. X-Men brings a lot of changes to the Marvel Universe, and perhaps the many traumatic of them all is the fatality of Professor X at the hands of the Phoenix-powered Cyclops in Avengers vs. X-Men #11. 

The Nazi rogue Red Skull doesn\"t waste much time prior to taking advantage of Xavier\"s death. Gaining his hands on Xavier\"s corpse, the Red Skull has parts the the mutant\"s mind surgically put into his very own skull, providing him Xavier\"s telepathic abilities. In the opening 2012-13 storyline of Uncanny Avengers, he provides his new powers come turn brand-new York City right into a war zone and collection the Avengers against one another. The isn\"t until 2017\"s Uncanny Avengers #22 that the pieces of Xavier\"s brain are removed from the villain\"s skull and also incinerated by the person Torch.

Xavier is ultimately brought earlier to life in component due to his old adversary the zero King. The villain brings part of Xavier\"s essence to the astral plane where the plans to torment it forever, forcing the to fight the zero King as they did once they very first met. The villain provides the failure of attracting the fist of the X-Men, and with the aid of the hero Fantomex, Xavier makes a new body because that himself. 

In the 2019-20 event Dawn of X, Professor X and Magneto come with each other to change the mutant race\"s future. Motivated by Moira MacTaggert\"s revelations that merging their visions right into one is the just path forward, they establish a new nation on the sentient mutant island that Krakoa. All mutants space welcome ~ above Krakoa, also those who\"ve been the X-Men\"s most ruthless enemies. The Hellfire Club, former members of the Brotherhood, and even Apocalypse assume leadership roles on the island\"s Quiet Council. 

The plenty of mutant powers at their disposal, as well as the distinctive island of Krakoa itself, aid the new country to develop incredible technological and cultural advances. Doug Ramsey, aka Cypher, create a new mutant-only language i m sorry is uploaded come the mental of every brand-new arrival to Krakoa. The island creates tremendous medications, i beg your pardon the mutants usage as leverage to gain other nations to forge trade and peace agreements. Portals permitting instant accessibility to and also from the island exist in every country, and also only mutants have access. There\"s a team of mutants recognized as \"The Five,\" and these beings space able to incorporate their strength to bring any mutant back to life.

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As for Xavier, he\"s more enigmatic 보다 ever, constantly wearing a mobile Cerebro unit as a helmet. His previous students proceed their roles as X-Men and also in other capacities. X-Force is reborn together Krakoa\"s covert strike team, and Kitty Pryde co-opts the previous villain team name Marauders for she team of mutants who then require to the seas. In other words, it seems as if Professor X has finally completed his goals of mutant peace.