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Change Da World… My last Message refers to an image macro collection featuring bizarre personalities captioned through the catchphrase \"Change da world… my last message. Goodb ye.\" after the very first iteration featuring a rat smoking cigarettes a tobacco spread, a Twitter user make a video clip edit pairing the picture with audio, leading to the development of multiple other iterations.

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The origin of the image is unclear. The rat appeared in /r/CursedImages<1> on august 25th, 2018 (shown below, left).

Several month later, top top October 12th, Tumblr <4> user dawatercup shared the image with the phrase \"Change da world… my last message. Goodb ye\" written in a digitally-altered, blue and white inscription box. The article received much more than 27,000 note in less than one year (shown below, right).



On November 14th, 2018, the rat paired with the caption showed up on Imgur.<2> On respectable 16th, 2019, Twitter<3> user
comfygang posted a video clip of the image collection to audio (post deleted). The clip offers a robotic voice reading the message over the track \"White Noiz\" native JungleJungle: 1989 – 1999 Sample Pack<5> and the home windows 95 pc start-up sound. ~ above January 19th, 2021, Twitter<6> user
stjarnbrand made the initial \"Change the world, my last message goodbye\" video, and here is the uncompressed original video clip as listed by her and i will certainly provide more examples of proof in this thread. Pic.twitter.com/mvJaedcIqO

— roscoe :) (
st1llstand) January 19, 2021

The clip inspired others to work again, please again the image with miscellaneous other personalities and set the photo to comfygang\"s audio. Other examples encompass a video clip posted by Nitro.IF that gained over 6,400 views (shown below, left) and an example posted by Lemon\"sMemes that verified Nelson the Bull Terrier that acquired over 1,600 views (shown below, right).



ratphrasecomfygangwhite noizlemon'smemesnitro.ifwindows 95 pc shutdownratsrodentsracing lagoondawatercup
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