In Destiny 2, players have been wondering exactly how to contend the challenge Deathproof bounty. To obtain this bounty, you’ll very first need come speak through Petra Venj and select the “Challenge Deathproof” bounty. After doing this, you’ll need to complete the bounty by killing a set variety of enemies. V the bounty complete, you can return come Petra Venj and collect a reward.

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Struggling to meet the requirements needed to finish this bounty? No worries, we’ve gained you covered. Below, we’ll walk friend through just how to complete the difficulty Deathproof bounty in Destiny 2!

How to Complete an obstacle Deathproof in Destiny 2

To acquire the an obstacle Deathproof bounty, pay a visit to Petra Venj in Destiny 2.© Bungie, VG247

The step necessary to complete challenge Deathproof in Destiny 2 is fairly straightforward in the you’ll need to kill a set number of enemies there is no dying. Of course, the exact number of enemies you’ll need to kill isn’t immediately specified. To assist make things clearer, you’ll must kill approximately 50 to 75 opponents without dying in Destiny 2 in stimulate to complete the challenge Deathproof bounty.

The an ext enemies you kill, the better. One thing that’s nice is the there space a selection of methods to approach this bounty. As long as you’re may be to kill 50 to 75 adversaries without dying, you’re free to get a little creative. Because that example, choose a weapon the you’re comfortable with and enjoy using, climate head out to an area packed complete of opponents to kill.

If you’ve explored the Dreaming City, you’ll be acquainted with the shed Sectors. In our opinion, shed Sectors are amongst the ideal spots to complete the an obstacle Deathproof bounty in that you’ll have actually no problem finding 50 or much more enemies come kill. Depending upon your skill level, you might want to choose a shed Sector that’s simple to clear as opposed to some of the more complicated Lost Sectors scattered transparent Destiny 2.

To complete difficulty Deathproof, we recommend payment a visit to one of the lost Sectors in Destiny 2.© Bungie, Shacknews

Trust us, there’s a difference between killing tide of enemies in one approachable ar like The Weep or Aphelion’s Rest fairly than taxing areas like Excavation website XII or the bay of drowning Wishes. If you’ve run v a couple of Lost Sectors in the past, girlfriend should have actually no trouble doing therefore urbanbreathnyc.comain in stimulate to satisfy the requirement required to complete the an obstacle Deathproof bounty.

After death 50 to 75 enemies, go back to Petra Venj and also with the bounty complete, you’ll be offered a reward. Overall, the difficulty Deathproof bounty isn’t tough to complete, it’s simply vurbanbreathnyc.comue in that instructions. Were you may be to complete the difficulty Deathproof bounty? If so, wherein did you choose to kill enemies and also how countless did friend kill? allow us understand down in the comments below!

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By reading through this guide, you should now know exactly how to complete the challenge Deathproof bounty in Destiny 2.