urbanbreathnyc.com is committed to preserving the heritage of at an early stage America v the research and restoration of antiques and folk crafts. Specializing in cane, rush, wicker and patio furniture restoration.

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Hand caning
Serving PA, NY, OH, and MD.We offer clients interested in restoring neck furniture having actually woven seats. These include caning, fibre rush, splint, flat reed, Shaker tape, binder cane, and seagrass. We refurbish and also restore the all types of caned, wicker, and rattan furniture. We likewise repair resin wicker, vinyl strap, sling seat, and nylon webbing patio furniture.Restorationurbanbreathnyc.com believes in preserving the truth and history of each item of furniture with which us work. In seat weaving, us strive to secure products that will enable us to enhance the pattern in the seat area. As soon as reweaving a seat, we record the initial design, utilizing these as tools to guide our reconstruction work.We take it a conservative strategy that permits us to fix or change visible parts to create an really look. Structural framework or others parts may be replaced or enhanced so the furniture item is functional. That is urbanbreathnyc.com?=========================================urbanbreathnyc.com - ErieServing west PA, NY, and OHCharles began weaving seats 40 years ago. He is largely self-educated in the seatweaving and also chair repair and also antique restoration. That earned a certificate in heritage Sales and also Liquidation solutions from the Edinboro University continuing Education department in 2001. He gives antique reconstruction services throughout western PA, the southern tier that NY and NE Ohio. Charles works v all species of woven seats and wicker furniture.You can reach Charles in ~ 814-602-4117 (cell phone)Call or e-mail united state to find out just how to acquire your jobs to united state weaver
urbanbreathnyc.comFree virtual estimates. Send us a few pictures that the furniture needing repair and restoration. We will carry out a detailed review of our job-related plan and also prices for the project. The pictures deserve to be sent to our cell phone (814-602-4117) or our email weaver
urbanbreathnyc.com=============================================You deserve to ship chair frames or little chairs straight to us:urbanbreathnyc.com2320 Powell AvenueErie, PA 16506You deserve to ship bigger pieces utilizing the Greyhound Package refer service. That is the most expense effective distribution system because that the dimension of the package. The package must be no greater then 42 inches.http://www.shipgreyhound.com/e/pages/Home.aspxWe will certainly pick increase furniture for restoration job-related in our workshop:We administer pickup and also delivery services to clients in our region at reasonable rates. Contact to discuss and also arrange because that a pick up.814-835-0386Hometown distribution locations:Give us speak to to discover the choice of Hometown shipment for your location814-835-0386We are searching for locations in the adhering to regions where our current and also potential clients and your customers deserve to drop turn off furniture because that repair or restoration. This are areas in i m sorry we travel regularly. If you space interested in setup up as Hometown distribution location for urbanbreathnyc.com, offer us a contact to talk about in an ext detail. Added locations suggestions room welcome. Pittsburgh, PA area:Santom Upholstery and Refinishing. 371 Rochester RoadPittsburgh, PA 15237Phone: 412-364-6344Grove City, PA area: We fulfill clients at the Grove City Outlet Mall to exchange furniture. Visit the shops and take care of the furniture delivery in one stop. Contact urbanbreathnyc.com to make arrangements.State College, PA area: We travel to State College on regular basis so we deserve to pick up and also deliver in the centre Region. Call urbanbreathnyc.com to make arrangements. • us are searching for a fall off areas in the following areas. Contact us because that details around providing a top quality customer business in your region.

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All points woven: handcrafted item handmade by Pennsylvaniaartisans
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Specializing in Cane, Rush, Wicker and also Patio furniture restorationSpecializing in cane, rush, wicker and patio furniture restoration.