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CLEVELAND – The sexy ticket in Cleveland appropriate now? It’s a ticket to the video game 7 clock Party Sunday night in ~ The Q.

But after ~ the watch party ticket for inside the Q were offered out in a matter of seconds, the Cavs announced one outdoor clock party. It will be expanded to Gateway Plaza come accommodate more fans. A minimal number of additional tickets will certainly be sold for the outdoor watch party whereby fans can record the action on lot of giant video clip screens.

Tickets went on revenue at 2 p.m. This afternoon solely at There to be a 4-ticket limit per person and a $5 admission donation, with 100% the proceeds benefiting neighborhood charitable organizations.

**CLICK right here for a finish list of clock party locations**

Cleveland RTA is encouraging civilization to take the bus or quick to the watch party. All-day overcome at $5, and the walkway to the Q will certainly be open up two hrs before and 90 minute after the event.

People disappointed in ~ the Q today.. Sunday clock party tickets sold out in 2 minutes right here

— Jessica Dill (
JessicaLynnDill) June 17, 2016

Tickets because that the indoor watch party were additionally on revenue at Discount drug Marts transparent the area, but lines there were reported to it is in long: some upwards of 200 people. And the stores also sold out an extremely quickly – disappointing numerous fans.

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Tickets because that NBA finals game 7 sold out in 30 seconds.(courtesy: FOX 8’s Ali Ghanbari)

Fox 8’s Jessica Dill reported it seems favor the first person in each line acquired their 6 tickets and also then others to be turned away.

#ALLin216 #watchparty line for tickets

— plunder marley (
Realrob85) June 17, 2016

Even civilization who went online gained locked the end of a chance to get seats:

cavs supervisor bummed that i couldn't get tickets come the #WatchParty .. Was on at 10am to acquisition and already sold out