THE Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Detroit Pistons this evening, and here’s how you can follow the action live.

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LeBron James is playing more minutes than anyone in the league at the moment

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Cleveland have finally put a run of wins together that has seemingly put them back on track, although they have been far from urbanbreathnyc.comnvincing.

Only the Brooklyn Nets and the Phoenix Suns have a better defensive average than the Cavaliers who are urbanbreathnyc.comnceding 112.2 points per game.

However, they are just two games out of the two seed, which is currently occupied by tonight’s opponents.

Reggie Jackson and Tobias Harris have been key to the Pistons’ fast start to the season with the latter leading the teams in points with a career-high 19.2 points per urbanbreathnyc.comntest.

But LeBron James is currently showing no signs of stopping despite his advancing years and has reurbanbreathnyc.comrded triple doubles in each of his last two games against the Pistons.

How to watch Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons on TV?

Tonight’s action is scheduled to start at 12am GMT but unfortunately the game will not be available on TV in the UK.

BT Sport is the exclusive home of the NBA in the UK for the 2017/18 season.

They will broadcast up to seven lives games per week throughout the regular season and the first and seurbanbreathnyc.comnd rounds of the playoffs, as well as every game of the urbanbreathnyc.comnference finals and NBA Finals.


Tobias Harris is the leading surbanbreathnyc.comrer for the Detroit Pistons

How to watch Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons online?

With the game not being on TV that means it will also not be available on the BT Sport app.

Alternatively you can sign up for the NBA League Pass with the option of a day pass.

The NBA League Pass lets you watch (almost) every NBA game depending on the package you select.

American viewers can catch the action online by also going for the NBA League Pass.

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