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John Kennedy 60.7%536,191     Democratic Foster Campbell 39.3%347,816Total Votes884,007Source: Louisiana Secretary of State U.S. Senate, Louisiana primary Election, 2016
PartyCandidateVote %Votes
    Republican Foster Campbell 17.5%337,833
    Republican Charles Boustany 15.4%298,008
    Democratic Caroline Fayard 12.5%240,917
    Republican man Fleming 10.6%204,026
    Republican plunder Maness 4.7%90,856
    Republican David fight it out 3%58,606
    Democratic Derrick Edwards 2.7%51,774
    Democratic Gary Landrieu 2.4%45,587
    Republican Donald Crawford 1.3%25,523
    Republican Joseph Cao 1.1%21,019
    Independent Beryl Billiot 1%19,352
    Libertarian thomas Clements 0.6%11,370
    Independent troy Hebert 0.5%9,503
    Democratic mockery Pellerin 0.4%7,395
    Democratic Peter Williams 0.4%6,855
    Democratic vinny Mendoza 0.3%4,927
    Independent Kaitlin Marone 0.2%4,108
    Libertarian Le Roy Gillam 0.2%4,067
    Republican Charles Marsala 0.2%3,684
    Independent Arden Wells 0.1%1,483
    Independent Bob Lang 0.1%1,424
    Independent Gregory Taylor 0.1%1,151
Total Votes1,932,059
Source: Louisiana Secretary the State


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Fayard announced on might 4, 2011 that she would seek the democratic nomination because that Louisiana Secretary of State in the 2011 Louisiana statewide official elections.<10> as of august 4, no other Democrats had actually announced for the race, if Incumbent Tom Schedler and State Rep. Pedestrian Hines to be battling for the Republican nod. Fayard did not qualify, however, and also dropped out of the race.<2> Primaries were hosted on October 22 and also the general election ~ above November 19.

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