If there was anyone who embodies the idea of a Hollywood star, it"s Carmen Electra. If it"s no for the 5 Playboy covers, the hundreds of IMDb credits, she workout videos, she high file relationships, she music career, or her truth TV shows, it"s because that the picture of her in Baywatch"s standard red swimsuit that"s permanently etched into our brains. At the moment of this writing, the star has more recently made ring in the tabloids because that spilling the dirty details of her short-lived marriage to former NBA star Dennis Rodman, however Electra is so much much more than the relationship that have actually kept she in the general public eye. 

Electra"s climb to call wasn"t easy. It"s peppered v near-misses, chaos, and also tragedy. Nonetheless, the star has regulated to struggle her means out of rock bottom and also pave her very own path in Hollywood. If one thing"s for sure, it"s that Electra theatre by her own rules and her rules alone.

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If it seems choose Carmen Electra popped the end of nowhere, it"s due to the fact that she kind of did. At some point she to be 18-year-old Tara Leigh Patrick indigenous Ohio, and also the next day, she to be Carmen Electra, five-time Playboy sheathe star and Baywatch icon. Strange enough, it was Prince that plucked her the end of obscurity.

According come The brand-new York Times, the Purple Rain singer uncovered Electra in 1991 as soon as she auditioned for a girl team on his label, Paisley Park. Yes, she obtained her start as a singer regardless of the fact that she music career is oft-overshadowed by that of the guys she dates (a criminal offense, if friend ask us). Electra didn"t acquire the gig, but she made sufficient of an impact on Prince that he later on located she at the Glendale, Calif. Vacation Inn and also offered her a solo contract. The adhering to day, that booked her a trip to Minneapolis, Minn., where she was picked increase in "a violet limousine" (painfully on-brand), and also they gained to job-related on she eponymous 1993 album.

Prince hand-crafted almost every facet of Electra"s fledgling career, from she songs to her image. That hated the demos she taped for Capitol Records, speak he could"ve used them together a "coaster or a Frisbee." He even took her on tour to Europe following her album"s release. Regardless of this, Electra"s music only graced the Billboard charts when in 2013.

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Prince didn"t just assist Carmen Electra launch she career. Teamwork sparked a romance, one Electra was also young to take care of with care. According to The new York Times, Electra was just 18 years old when she obtained wrapped up through the Purple Rain singer and also — possibly — messed things up by dating someone rather behind the star"s earlier (though, she"s not certain if he was faithful either). Every the profile, that doesn"t look like Electra knows exactly when their connection ended. All she does know is that it to be definitely over by the moment he invite her to listen to "Eye dislike U," the track he penned around her infidelity. Whoops.

"I"ll simply say, i was young and also naive, and also we to be together, and I discovered out part things, however really didn"t know how to connect properly," she said the outlet, adding. "Now that i think around it, ns would"ve tackled it a totally different means ... However I to be naïve and also hurt, and also I just met someone, and also kinda, the was it."

Prince supposedly told Electra she had two options: live by "his rules" in Minneapolis or charter her very own path in L.A. She decided the latter, thinking that if she couldn"t do it without him, then she didn"t "deserve" the success.

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According to The new York Times, before Carmen Electra in reality made it, she was briefly homeless in Los Angeles and also had little more "than a pair of Versace shoes to she name." She didn"t have actually a vehicle or a credit card. At one point, she controlled to conserve $5,000 prior to it to be stolen by her then-boyfriend, who lost it every gambling. It to be a stark contrast to the life she led touring v Prince.

"I gained to the suggest where ns was count change, and also had a shank in my earlier pocket, and also a pager, due to the fact that I wasn"t life in a good neighborhood and also I would have to walk come the pay phone," Electra told the outlet. "I didn"t have a penny. I had a beautiful wardrobe and my makeup case, so human being didn"t really know or establish my life situation."

Prince ended up swooping in to market Electra some help. He actors her in a weekly dance show called Erotic City at his Glam Slam LA club. The pair re-formed a friendship, and also Electra was able to uncover some stability. Quickly after, she began "gonzo-infiltrating red carpets" v eye-catching outfits, i beg your pardon often attracted the mockery of fashion critics, yet this to be a an excellent thing. Her DIY PR strategy actually obtained her sufficient notoriety that she was cast as the hold of MTV"s Singled Out.

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Carmen Electra oozes self-confidence, however that wasn"t always the case. In one interview with The new York Times, the star admitted the her bombshell appearance to be partly an attempt to actors herself together someone who "couldn"t it is in hurt." despite it"d be difficult to claim the star isn"t difficult — particularly with all she"s withstood in she decades-long job — there was a suggest where she"d ago out that auditions at the last minute since she to be insecure.

"I would certainly literally walk into the auditions and see all these gorgeous, perfect women sitting there, and also I"m looking, like, trying to make certain I have my lines, my conversation memorized, and sometimes I"d simply walk out," she said The new York Times.

Even later on in her career as soon as Donald trump famously called Howard Stern he assumed her boob task was "terrible" and looked prefer "two irradiate bulbs coming the end of a body," she discovered herself reverting back to the insecure young woman. "I literally had actually to call and also tell everyone, like, "He said my breasts look prefer light bulbs, like do they? perform they?"" she told The brand-new York Times. Girl, also Donald Trump knows no one ever got a boob job to admire Donald Trump. Don"t worry around it.

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As Carmen Electra"s tv career was acquisition off in the late "90s, Tara Leigh Patrick"s house life to be falling apart. The star remained in her mid-20s, having actually just landed a function on one MTV display when she mother, Patricia, dropped ill with brain cancer. "My mother was my best friend and losing she was the hardest thing I have ever encountered in life. She was whatever to me," Electra called the Mirror in 2004.

In an episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Electra revealed that she still had actually a the majority of guilt surrounding her mother"s death, mostly because she to be preoccupied through her cultivation career. It was Electra"s larger brother who stepped approximately take care of your ailing mom, that eventually passed away in 1998, 2 years after her diagnosis.

"It takes a very solid person come be approximately anyone that"s going through an illness," Electra said in the episode, adding, "And there room the rare, beautiful people— my brother, my brother gave up whatever to it is in by she side and also he"s so strong to carry out that. Ns didn"t do that, and also there"s a part of me that feels yes, really guilty because, since I felt choose I should"ve to be there more."

Though Carmen Electra had the support of she then-boyfriend, NBA star Dennis Rodman, 1998 was undoubtedly the hardest year of the Baywatch star"s life. Not only did she lose her mom to cancer, but according to a 2004 interview v the Mirror, she additionally lost she sister, who passed away of a heart strike in her sleep the very same month.

"It to be the hardest and also worst time of mine life once died of cancer and also then my sister had a heart attack in her sleep the very same month," Electra called the Mirror. "I felt choose I was going approximately in a cloud, favor it wasn"t real. I wasn"t equipped to resolve this form of emotion."

In an illustration of Oprah Winfrey"s Where are They Now?, the previous Playboy design admitted that the deaths of her mother and sister set her off on a bad path — the exact same one that caused her decidedly impromptu marriage to Dennis Rodman in las Vegas. "I started drinking ... I just got in self destruction," she said. Follow to the Mirror, Electra eventually sought the help of a therapist, and the tragedy did have a little silver lining. "Losing my mom and my sister carried me so much closer to my dad, and this was a whole brand-new experience for me," she said the Mirror.

For a short time in the so late 1990s, Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman to be the ultimate power couple, the kind that — in all your chaotic power — could even re-superstructure clothes. The pair"s whirlwind romantic was choose a marathon of debauchery and also all-night parties, many of which appeared to take place across the Chicago Bulls" stoming grounds in Illinois and Las Vegas. It only makes sense that the pair bound the knot in Sin City after ~ an all-night bender.

According come People, in 1998, the former Playboy model and NBA star had actually only been dating nine months as soon as they decided to acquire hitched in las vegas at 7 a.m. — 2 hours before the chapel even opened. There to be no music beyond the standard "Here comes the Bride," no flowers, no photos, and also their exchange of vows wasn"t even recorded. In fact, Rodman"s agent, Dwight Manley, wasn"t also sure it to be legal because, as he claimed via People, "Rodman"s partying the night prior to might have affected his judgement." Rodman, who appeared miffed by his agent"s concerns, declared he to be "proud to it is in married" come the Baywatch star.

Of course, the brightest flames burn the end the fastest. Follow to TIME, the pair filed for annulment ripe days later. Six months after their elopement, choose so numerous quickly evaporated celebrity unions, the marriage was officially kaput. "You think it"s romantic, however then you realize, "God, us did the in Vegas?" It"s like obtaining a cheeseburger at a fast-food restaurant," Electra said People.

For many, Carmen Electra and also Dennis Rodman"s relationship made little sense, however that"s prior to you peel earlier the layers. Think about it: might you really photo Electra donning a MAGA cap while hanging out with Kim Jong Un? more than likely not, however when the pair bound the knot, the Baywatch star was reeling from her mother"s death, and also Electra said Oprah Winfrey that she had a deep understanding of Rodman"s within pain. "When it to be good, it to be amazing," she said in an episode of Winfrey"s Where space They Now?. "And when it was bad, it was the worst."

According come the Los Angeles Times, Electra ignored warnings from her manager and also agent and also jumped every in with the basketball star. Rodman, together she claimed, was misunderstood. The NBA"s then-resident bad boy had a deeply emotional romantic side, which analyzed to the pair make love all over the Bulls" practice facility — even the court, i beg your pardon we"ll never look in ~ the same method again.

"He blindfolds me and also we get on his motorcycle," Electra called the outlet in 2020. "When he finally takes mine blindfold off, we"re standing at the Bulls exercise facility, center court. It to be crazy, favor two kids in a candy store. We were eating Popsicles from the fridge and pretty much having sex anywhere the damn place — in the physical treatment room, in the load room. Obviously on the court." You carry out you, girl!

Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman"s marriage would have been one of the greatest, short-lived fact TV specials in history. You deserve to bet the MTV wasn"t walk to miss out on out ~ above those ratings a 2nd time when the star wed Jane"s addiction guitarist Dave Navarro.

In the golden age of reality TV, the pair had its very own reality series, Carmen & Dave: one MTV Love Story, and also the spin-off, Til fatality Do united state Part: Carmen + Dave. They to be the grittier, sexier, slightly an ext unhinged version of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey — the type of couple that wouldn"t argue end whether Chicken that the Sea was actually tuna, but rather, support the whole can in every other"s faces prior to viciously make out. It ultimately seemed prefer the Baywatch star had met she ultimate match, till it didn"t. Follow to MTV News, the pair be separated in 2006 after 3 years that marriage, but the factor is hotly up because that debate.

According to Radar, which isn"t precisely an arbiter of fact when it pertains to celebrity scandals, Navarro reportedly had an affair v an unnamed woman who, years later, also reportedly had an affair v actor Gerard Butler. None of the associated marriages — Navarro and also Electra"s, or the unnamed woman"s — survived, yet the rumors did. According to People, Navarro and Electra to be "heartbroken" over their break-up but ultimately realized they to be "better off as best friends." the was apparently amicable, i m sorry doesn"t really hint in ~ some significant betrayal, so that knows?

When Carmen Electra loves, she loves hard. Soon after her break-up from Dave Navarro, she dropped into the eight of Korn guitarist rob Patterson. According to People, they dated because that "less 보다 a year" prior to getting involved in las Vegas in 2008. What have the right to we say? The woman has a thing for musicians and Sin City. The ring was a distinct black diamond, yet what was even more unique to be the truth that their engagement lasted 4 years until it was clear she was never walking under the aisle.

According come E!, the former Playboy model split from she rocker beau in 2012. Patterson relocated out of she Beverly Hills, Calif. Home, and also Electra began going top top "dinner dates" v Simon Cowell (yes, the one). Follow to Radar, she to be the one who broke it off since of Patterson"s "on-off-on partying." despite the design spent several of her 20s chugging champagne with the Chicago Bulls, she was reportedly over it.

"Carmen ... Was an especially irked that no plans were being made throughout the lengthy engagement," a source cited by Radar claimed. "Rob was much more interested in wherein the following party was, and also she recently involved the conclusion their relationship wasn"t going come work." about the same time tabloids obtained a organize of the news, Patterson allegedly readjusted his Facebook partnership status indigenous "engaged" to "single." Celebs: they"re just like us, airing their dirty laundry v subtle society media jabs.

Most of us don"t remember this, yet there to be a allude where Carmen Electra and Simon Cowell to be a thing. Maybe she simply liked watching him role his eyes and curtly degrade she every time she tried to sing follow me to the radio in the car. Perhaps, that really method something to obtain the approval the the American Idol and X-Factor judge who made refusal his an individual brand. That knows? In an interview v Loaded (via the Daily Mail), Electra revealed the Cowell to be "awesome," "very charming," and also had "a good sense of humor" — at least aside native the minute where he accused cheated ~ above her.

According come E!, Cowell and Electra both "downplayed" their 2013 romance, however they dated for practically six months. Points only ended when the occasionally Pussycat Doll allegedly recorded him through American socialite Lauren Silverman. Per the report, Cowell asserted that he was only friends through Silverman, yet "there to be nothing platonic around what to be going on." Electra supposedly "high-tailed it out of there" because she wasn"t going come "stick around and be a 3rd wheel."

Cowell didn"t just allegedly betray Electra. The Sun reports the Silverman was married to one of Cowell"s great friends in ~ the time. Apparently, it was fate because, at the time of this writing, the pair room still together and also share a child, Eric.

A lot of has changed since 2007. Dave Navarro is finest known for shilling Taco Bell on Ink Masters, and Carmen Electra is simply one level away indigenous Kanye West (she go a photoshoot with West"s collaborator Eli Russell Linnetz in 2018). Things change, human being change, however not all things, and not all people. For those of united state still hoping the Electra and Navarro rekindle their epos romance, we might just it is in in luck.

According come Life & Style, Electra and Navarro rejoined in 2017. Your paths had crossed in new York City, when the former Playboy model was shoot an illustration of Worst Cooks In America: Celebrity Edition. They to be coincidentally staying at the very same hotel and managed to connect up (probably ordering takeout, judging by the game show Electra to be shooting). She declared it to be "really, really good" to watch her previous flame.

"We adore each other," she told Life & Style. "Getting back together? that knows. Girlfriend never recognize what can happen in the future. He"s a an excellent guy. Probably we"ll surprise everybody and get married again! I"ll certainly say that we have actually a love for each various other that is beyond what i can even explain." In 2019, she also posted a throwback of one of their wedding picture on Instagram and raved around the "eternal love" she has actually for she ex. Girlfriend heard it: true love does exist!

Carmen Electra is well-known for she beauty. It"s among the things that aided catapult the actor into fame — however you can"t usage it without she permission. The was the wrong of the golden Banana, a strip club in Peabody, Mass. In 2019, Electra launched a legal battle versus the establishment for making use of her likeness on society media without permission.

According to Patch, Electra led the lawsuit in addition to eight various other models who asserted the piece club "damaged your reputations" by accused copying photos from your social media accounts, before "misappropriat," "intentionally alter," and also using them because that advertisements to do it look choose they "endorsed or even appeared as performers" at the establishment. The gold Banana also had the audacity to use Electra"s photo to promote an amateur night — and also as us know, there is nothing around Electra that"s amateur. Together the star that her own sexy aerobic striptease exercise video, she can probably teach a jug dancer a point or two.

The gold Banana doesn"t specifically have the best track record. The was previously sued through its dancers, who declared the society violated tip-sharing laws. Their lawyer declared he " wait come cross-examine" Electra and wanted the suit to go to trial, according to The Salem News. He believed Electra " no case," before he was fired about a month later. At the time of this writing, there shows up to it is in no resolution.

Carmen Electra"s whirlwind marriage to Dennis Rodman may have actually seemed like a drunken decision — especially because it taken place in ras Vegas — yet the truth is that it may have actually been much deeper than it looked. As it stands, Rodman still isn"t over the Baywatch beauty, and also it"s been more than 2 decades since their divorce.

According come Page Six, the previous basketball star opened up throughout a private fan event in 2018, whereby he revealed the he was considering proposing come his ex-wife of 20 years. "If the opportunity were to pop up today, and also if I observed Carmen, ns would more than likely ask her to marry me again," Rodman told Page Six. "I have actually been debating around that the last couple years. I would ask her to get married me again. Ns bump right into her every when in a while. We don"t really talk around our past marriage, just day-to-day things."

Somehow, Electra has regulated to save a nearby bond with both she ex-husbands. As Rodman noted, the pair "have a actual relationship ... I have that distinct bond with her." What"s unsure is if the gibbs feels the very same way. In 2020, the Baywatch star went famous for her appearance in Netflix"s docuseries, The critical Dance, whereby she chatted around their relationship. In a follow-up with the Los Angeles Times, she said, "I have actually no regrets at all. I witnessed all these various sides the Dennis."

If The last Dance proved anything, it"s the truth that Carmen Electra hasn"t aged. The internet has actually taken notice, v headlines indigenous Cinemablend every the way to HollywoodLife wondering just how the heck the star has managed to defy the laws of time. As it transforms out, the price is a bomb skin care routine.

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In a 2020 interview v Page 6 Style, Electra admitted she"s stuck with the same skincare regimen for 20 years. This has actually been a greater commitment than any of her marriages and has somehow frozen her confront in time, leading she to launch her own beauty line, GoGo Skincare. Electra sees it, too. Cultivating the line on Instagram, she captioned photos of it s her from 1997 to 2020 with, "My mom was my skin care coach, and also now I desire to it is in yours."

Per the tabloid, the model"s routine focuses on "diligent hydration and an inner glow that"s completely natural." friend can"t fight inner beauty, however hyaluronic acid and moisturizing confront cream certainly aid bolster it. For this reason does, apparently, "drinking water and also staying away from caffeine, alcohol, and soda." Electra likewise revealed that Baywatch assisted her transform she skincare regimen. "I love the ocean! The saltwater have the right to be very good for her skin, native exfoliating come tightening pores," she said. "And always applying SPF to safeguard my skin was an absolute should ." 

It"s clean that everything Electra is law is working, motivating the civilization to gain their eight recommended glasses the water per day.