New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony has broadened the perform of groups he’d be willing to join and waive his no-trade i for, every’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who states the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently an option.

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Earlier top top Friday morning the Knicks proclaimed during a news conference they expect to see Anthony in cultivate camp following week after not finding a trade offer this summer that satisfied the franchise.

“When we set out, we said if there to be something there that made sense both for him and for the Knicks organization, climate we would certainly strongly consider it,” basic manager Scott Perry said. “Obviously, us sit right here today and also that walk not occur as of yet.”

Since late June, Anthony’s preferred destination has been the Houston Rockets. However, discussions between Houston and brand-new York have been at a standstill v the Knicks do not want to take it Ryan Anderson and his three-year, $60 million contract as component of the deal.

Wojnarowski likewise reports the Anthony made decision to occupational with brand-new York and also expand his perform so a trade deserve to be finalized before the start of the season. The 10-time All-Star offered the company two new destinations and also playing together his great friend LeBron James in Cleveland was among them.

ESPN’s Ian Begley later reported the 2nd team Anthony included to his list was the Oklahoma City Thunder. Whether or not contact between both teams has been make is currently unknown.

The Knicks and Cavaliers had preliminary discussions this week, however no details trade principles were exchanged, per ESPN.

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Anthony, 33, has two years and also $54 million continuing to be on his present deal. He averaged 22.4 points, 5.9 rebounds and also 2.9 assists last season.





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