Roach: Cotto-Canelo worst decision I"ve ever before seen

Freddie Roach states upon review he quiet believes that Miguel Cotto win Canelo Alvarez, and also rates the broad scorecards in Canelo"s favor together the worst decision he"s watched yet.

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Mikey Garcia breaks down Cotto-Canelo

Mikey Garcia provides his take on Cotto-Canelo, saying he expected a little much more from Canelo and how he had it 6 ring apiece in ~ the final bell.


Mayweather slams Cotto-Canelo scorecards

Floyd Mayweather had actually a lot to say about the final scorecards in Cotto-Canelo, and also blames Freddie Roach for not giving Miguel Cotto the best advice.


Cotto: ns won 8 of 12 rounds, meant a win

Miguel Cotto didn"t speak come the media after losing a large decision come Canelo Alvarez end the weekend, but he did sell up one statement once he touched under in Puerto Rico.



Cotto-Canelo buy estimates looking strong

Canelo Alvarez"s win over Miguel Cotto looks like it did strong pay-per-view buy number on Saturday.

Marquez: Cotto-Canelo to be a draw, negative decision

Juan Manuel Marquez states the judges provided Miguel Cotto a hard break end the weekend, saying that he scored Cotto-Canelo a draw.

WATCH: Post-fight press conference

Miguel Cotto to be a no-show, but Freddie Roach, Oscar De La Hoya, and the victorious Canelo Alvarez spoke at critical night"s post-fight presser.

Watch Cotto vs Canelo full fight video highlights

Canelo Alvarez took under Miguel Cotto critical night ~ above HBO pay-per-view.

Canelo to take it May/September schedule in 2016

Canelo Alvarez gained his biggest win to day tonight, and also now will certainly "take back" the May and September fight dates that have actually been boxing"s greatest in recent years.

Canelo win Cotto, wins WBC middleweight title

Canelo Alvarez had actually a hit on his hand tonight, but the judges scored it large in his favor (probably a little too wide), together he to win Miguel Cotto for the WBC middleweight title.

Vargas rallies, stop Miura in FOTY contender

Francisco Vargas won his first world title v a stunning comeback, stopping Takashi Miura in round nine of a true war.

Rigondeaux wins dreary U.S. Return

Guillermo Rigondeaux got back in activity and acquired a win, yet it come in around the most boring fashion possible.

Rios upsets Velez, wins decision in PPV opener

Ronny Rios scored a gentle upset end Jayson Velez come kick off tonight"s Cotto-Canelo PPV.

Cotto-Canelo: Live RBR Coverage

Miguel Cotto encounters Canelo Alvarez this evening at the Mandalay just on HBO pay-per-view.

How to watch Cotto-Canelo

Miguel Cotto deals with Canelo Alvarez this evening on pay-per-view. Here"s how you deserve to watch.

Odds: Cotto-Canelo, Abraham-Murray, more

Miguel Cotto and also Canelo Alvarez are collection to meet. Who perform the sportsbooks favor?

Big names sweet in top top Cotto-Canelo

Fighters, promoters, and also referees offer their think on the Cotto-Canelo matchup.

Atlas: Canelo watch drained, Cotto will certainly capitalize

Teddy Atlas believes Canelo Alvarez may have beaten himself already, and also he"s switched his choose to Miguel Cotto.

Jones: Cotto-Canelo up in the air, GGG beats both

Roy Jones Jr provides his think on the Cotto-Canelo fight, and is an additional who think Gennady Golovkin to win either.

Merchant ~ above Cotto-Canelo, GGG, Pacquiao-Crawford

Larry vendor discusses Cotto-Canelo, Gennady Golovkin, and also the possible Pacquiao-Crawford fight.

BHop: Canelo will certainly shock with how he win Cotto

Bernard Hopkins is confident that his golden Boy fighter will take care of Miguel Cotto.

WATCH: complete Cotto-Canelo weigh-in

Check out Miguel Cotto and also Canelo Alvarez weighing in from previously this evening in las Vegas.

Lampley: Cotto-Canelo is 50-50, GGG win both

HBO"s Jim Lampley talks v FightHub around tomorrow night"s big Cotto-Canelo fight, and the GGG question encountering both.

Haskins gets IBF belt, won"t fight Caballero

Lee Haskins won"t be fighting Randy Caballero tomorrow, together his team turned under a catchweight fight and also are going house with the IBF bantamweight title.

Weights: Cotto 153½, Canelo 155

Miguel Cotto and also Canelo Alvarez were lean and also ripped ~ above the scale today, and also their fight is set.

Infographics: Cotto-Canelo is a huge deal

After this te of mostly just a two-man display at package office, morning night"s fight between Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez proves a new generation can still move the needle.

Cotto vs. Canelo: last Press Conference

Take a look at the last presser prior to tomorrow night"s large fight in between Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez.

Rigondeaux"s open up Media Workout

Check out guillermo Rigondeaux display off his flashy defense ahead of his fight this weekend top top the Cotto-Canelo undercard.

Face Off: Cotto-Canelo

Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez sit down v HBO"s Max Kellerman because that their confront Off.

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Roach wants Cotto to KO Canelo, acquire Floyd rematch

If things go Freddie Roach"s way, Miguel Cotto will knockout Canelo Alvarez this weekend and then acquire a rematch with Floyd Mayweather.