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finish coverage of USA"s people Cup final victory over Japan.

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The eighth edition of the FIFA Women"s human being Cup kicks turn off on June 6, once hosts Canada will certainly attempt to gain off to wonderful start en path to a country-pleasing victory. This is the best chance they"ve ever had come lift the trophy, however they"re far from heavy favorites. As usual, the unified States and also Germany command the pack, when the likes the France, Brazil and also Japan must be incredibly competitive.

A the majority of eyes will certainly be top top the Americans early after they were drawn into the so-called group of death. Every one of their opponents -- Sweden, Australia and Nigeria -- are qualified of beating castle on their best day and getting out of this group.

Abby Wambach and also the rest of America"s forwards will be formidable as usual, but they"re more than likely not the height goal-scorers in the tournament. Célia Šašić that Germany and also Lotta Schelin of Sweden are the world"s optimal forwards top top form, when Canada"s Christine Sinclair and also Brazil"s Marta will must be sensational for their groups to compete.

Here"s whatever you have to get captured up on how the teams got here, how the competition works and how the schedule will certainly unfold.

The format

Qualification began all the method back in might of 2013, when the AFC Women"s oriental Cup obtained underway. Since then, every one of the confederations have gone through their qualifying process, setting the ar of 24 teams, increase from 16 in the last world Cup. Europe sent eight teams, Asia sent out five, phibìc America four, Africa three, southern America three and also Oceania one. Ecuador won an intercontinental playoff to obtain in, when Canada instantly qualified together hosts.

Teams were drawn into six groups of four, with the peak six teams seeded and also the rest spread according to geography. The optimal two groups in each team will breakthrough to the knockout stages, in addition to the four ideal third-placed teams. Team stage gamings can finish in draws, but knockout stage gamings will have actually a winner. In the occasion a knockout stage game ends in a draw, the two teams will play 2 15-minute extra time periods to your completion, with no gold goal rule. If the score is tho tied after extra time, the groups go to punish kicks, i beg your pardon are best of five followed by sudden death.

The teams

Group A

CanadaChinaNew ZealandNetherlands

Group B

GermanyIvory CoastNorwayThailand

Group C


Group D

United StatesAustraliaSwedenNigeria

Group E

BrazilSouth KoreaSpainCosta Rica

Group F



You can uncover a full bracket right here on our 2015 FIFA Women"s human being Cup guide.

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Schedule and also results (all time Eastern)

Saturday, June 6

Canada 1-0 ChinaNew zealand 0-1 Netherlands

Sunday, June 7

Norway 4-0 ThailandGermany 10-0 ivory Coast

Monday, June 8

Sweden 3-3 NigeriaCameroon 6-0 EcuadorUSA 3-1 AustraliaJapan 1-0 Switzerland

Tuesday, June 9

France 1-0 EnglandColombia 1-1 MexicoSpain 1-1 Costa RicaBrazil 2-0 southern Korea

Thursday, June 11

Germany 1-1 NorwayChina 1-0 NetherlandsIvory coastline 2-3 ThailandCanada 0-0 brand-new Zealand

Friday, June 12

Australia 2-0 NigeriaSwitzerland 10-1 EcuadorUSA 0-0 SwedenJapan 2-1 Cameroon

Saturday, June 13

France 0-2 ColombiaBrazil 1-0 SpainEngland 2-1 MexicoSouth Korea 2-2 Costa Rica

Monday, June 15

Ivory coastline 1-3 NorwayThailand 0-4 GermanyChina 2-2 new ZealandNetherlands 1-1 Canada

Tuesday, June 16

Ecuador 0-1 JapanSwitzerland 1-2 CameroonAustralia 1-1 SwedenNigeria 0-1 USA

Wednesday, June 17

England 2-1 ColombiaMexico 0-5 FranceCosta Rica 0-1 BrazilSouth Korea 2-1 Spain

Saturday, June 20

Germany 4-1 SwedenChina 1-0 Cameroon

Sunday, June 21

Brazil 0-1 AustraliaFrance 3-0 southern KoreaCanada 1-0 Switzerland

Monday, June 22

Norway 1-2 EnglandUnited claims 2-0 Colombia

Tuesday, June 23

Japan 2-1 Netherlands

Friday, June 26

Germany 1-1 (5-4 PKs) FranceChina 0-1 USA

Saturday, June 27

Australia 0-1 JapanEngland 2-1 Canada

Tuesday, June 30

USA 2-0 Germany

Wednesday, July 1

Japan 2-1 England

Saturday, July 4

Third place: Germany 0-1 England

Sunday, July 5

Final: USA 5-2 Japan


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