Sony announces the finish of support for messages between the playstation 3 and also later solution in the playstations ecosystem prefer the PS4 and Vita.

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Sony will be winding down support for messaging in between the game stations 3 and also its later consoles on June 30, 2020. An update common on the company\"s Japanese website announced the feature\"s removal earlier this week.

PS3 owners will certainly no longer be able to send messages or friend requests to football player on the playstation Vita or PS4, but PS3-to-PS3 messaging will remain useful for the foreseeable future. Video game alerts and also messages from the PS3 will likewise be gotten rid of from the PlayStation Messages app.

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beside from losing its cross-platform messaging, the remainder of the game stations 3\"s integration through the playstation Network shows up to it is in staying intact for now. Sony has not announced any type of other alters to the platform\"s various other online features, like downloading and install games native the PlayStation save or connecting to titles the still have multiplayer servers up and running.

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when Sony appears to be maintaining the remainder of the PS3\"s online functions intact, owner of the larger console room still shedding out ~ above a useful, if niche, feature to keep in touch v their friend on the PS4. It\"s most likely that the agency is winding down cross-generational support in between the consoles in an initiative to make way for the upcoming playstation 5.

The PS3\"s messaging attributes are much more straightforward than those the the PlayStation equipment that came after it, but as the an initial Sony console come launch with assistance for the playstation Network, it still provided PS3 owners a way to communicate at the device level that wasn\"t present on the PS2. With virtually 14 year in energetic use, the initial iteration of PSN led the method for the Vita and also the playstations 4\"s more streamlined iterations.

With 7 years of chatting between the PS3 and also the PS4 before Sony traction the plug, it\"s safe to say current-gen PS4 owner won\"t have to worry around their console\"s networking attributes getting discontinued because that a great while, even with the relax of the PS5 looming ~ above the horizon. Players deserve to safely bet the there will certainly be some level of cross-platform communication in between the consoles, particularly with the next-gen playstations having evidenced backward compatibility with many PS4 games.