Making your PlayStation 4 stand the end a little bit from the crowd doesn"t need to mean obtaining a sophisticated entertainment facility or becoming a guru in ~ cord management. Through a couple of lighting hacks, you have the right to ensure that once you"re gaming, that isn"t rather the same experience anyone else gets as soon as they are at home. Even if it is it"s disabling her controller"s lightbar or including LED lamp that reaction to what is going on onscreen, you deserve to use irradiate — or the lack of the — come really readjust your experience.

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We"ve got the details ~ above what you can do best here!

Transparent LED thumbsticks


If you"re a fan of gift able come tell i beg your pardon accessories are yours with just a glance or you simply want whatever to glow, then swapping out your share thumbsticks for a pair the transparent LED thumbsticks could be simply the ticket.

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You can pick up a pair native Amazon for simply $12, i beg your pardon is a significant steal, however to acquire them mounted you"ll need a little bit of technological know-how. That"s because you"ll have to take apart her controller and swap the end the thumbpads, utilizing solder to attach the LED elements. This sound a little more facility than that is, but you can examine out a good YouTube accuse to acquire an idea of what you"ll should do before making a purchase.

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Disable her DualShock 4 controller irradiate bar


The lightbar situated at the optimal of your DualShock 4 controller has actually been a resource of irritation because that plenty that gamers end the years. For those players who choose playing in a dimly lit or dark room, the shining LED have the right to seriously litter you off. We"ve talked before around how you deserve to use decal stickers to hide her lightbar, yet there is one more option.

There is a way to manually disable your lightbar so the it"s no much longer an issue. This is a fairly straightforward process but will require a little of job-related on your end. You"ll need to take apart your controller and, utilizing a foreign object, block one of the pins inside from communicating. This permits you to avoid your lightbar from doing that is job but definitely needs you to know what you"re doing so the you don"t coincidentally muck points up.

If you"re worried about the procedure you can examine out a YouTube tutorial that will present you exactly how it"s done.

Adjust her DualShock 4 controller lightbar

If the irradiate bar on her DualShock controller is driving you absolutely batty yet you don"t feel completely confident in opening up your controller, over there is an additional option. You can take the much easier route and also simply readjust the brightness. It"s incredibly easy to do.


From the main menu on your PS4, walk to Settings.


Select Devices.


Choose Controllers.


Scroll down and choose Brightness of DualShock 4 light Bar. You can now select between Bright, Medium, or Dim settings.

Lightberry LED lamp for your TV


Adding LED lamp to your mechanism or controller isn"t yes, really anything new, i m sorry is where Lightberry procedures in. Lightberry provides you LED lamp that connect to your PlayStation VR in stimulate to react to what is walk on on the screen.

This method that you gain a pared under light display every time you watch a movie or play a game. Originally developed to run off that Raspberry Pi, you have the right to pick increase an HDMI connector, which enables you to hook it as much as your playstation 4 with minimal fuss. This, the course, means not taking anything personally or soldering anything.

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All you should do is open the box and also follow the instructions to acquire your new lights installed, and they will then do the hard work of reacting to what is play on the screen. Whether you"re trying to conserve your team in Overwatch or trying not to cry while rewatching band of Brothers, Lightberry will certainly be ramping increase the experience with lights because that you.

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Do you have actually a favourite hack?

Do you have actually a lighting hack because that PlayStation 4 that we missed here today? Did us cover your favorite? Be certain to drop into the comment below and let us know about it!