A-list actress Cameron Diaz has spoken out around her remorse over receiving botox treatment in her new lifestyle book.

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Cameron Diaz literary debut ‘The human body Book’ offers lifestyle advice, indigenous skincare and also diet to exercise and fitness.

When it involved discussing botox treatments, Cameron wrote: ‘I've tried the before, wherein it was like a small tiny touch that something.’

'It changed my face in such a weird method that ns was like, 'No, i don't desire to be choose that' - I'd quite see my challenge aging 보다 a face that doesn't belong to me in ~ all.’

Cameron states she has actually chosen to adopt her laughter lines.

‘I love it, ns don't mind. It's like, 'Guess what this means, I've smiled my whole life.' ns love life. I'm happy ns don't have actually a trouble with that.’


Cameron's book reveals several of her health and beauty secrets.
The beautiful Hollywood actress- who has dated several of the world’s many eligible men- likewise discussed her battle with adult acne.

Cameron wrote: ‘It was embarrassing, and also I did whatever I urbanbreathnyc.comuld think that to make it go away.’

‘I tried come urbanbreathnyc.comver it through makeup. I tried to get rid of it v medication: oral, topical, also the harshest prescriptions. Nothing assisted for an extremely long.’

She stated it impacted her urbanbreathnyc.comnfidence, specifically when it came to working top top films.

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‘It was really complicated to urbanbreathnyc.comver castle up because that the cameras. It was awkward and also embarrassing and frustrating, and I constantly felt really bad about myself.’

Watch Cameron talking around her flirtation through botox below.

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