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Cam Newton has actually drawn an ext than his re-superstructure of criticism complying with the Panthers" lose in the at sight Bowl. A the majority of the critics have pointed to this play so late in the video game when Newton didn"t appear to give maximum initiative diving because that a fumble.

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Maybe nobody was harsher 보다 Newton for that play than among his other NFL players. Seattle protective lineman frank Clark did no hold back his think on Newton"s effort.

This y"all organization MVP!!! Really!!!!

— candid Clark (
TheRealFrankC_) February 8, 2016

"That young a bitch," Clark said. "I can"t wait to play his punk ass. Make the decision that wasn"t worth it in the super Bowl."

That is the kind of thing a player could tweet, immediately regret, climate delete. No Clark. He"s left the tweet increase for much more than 21 hours and also isn"t retracting anything that said.

The very first immediate reaction might just it is in scoreboard. Clark and also the Seahawks played Newton and the Panthers double this season and also lost both times. That contained in the playoffs once Carolina finished Seattle"s season. Clark is well aware of the fact.

Hey I"ve shed twice to him though, boy great but no respect. Backbone the this organization is Toughness. Crunch time he desire grapes, I"m eating mud

— open minded Clark (
TheRealFrankC_) February 8, 2016

The Panthers and Seahawks play a pair of very entertaining gamings this season. They likewise figure to be two of the top contenders in the NFC following season. There was going to it is in plenty that hype around them and Clark is only adding fuel and also bulletin plank material.

Thanks to the NFL scheduling system, Clark and also Newton have the right to settle any issues top top the field next season. The Seahawks will host Carolina in what has actually the makings of a element time matchup. Clark is well conscious of that, too.

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Respected this mans game until then. Watch ya week 5.

— candid Clark (
TheRealFrankC_) February 8, 2016

* * *

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