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The stock industry crash the 1929 was fueled by price supports, unwise invest that people hoped would certainly make them wealthy overnight
within a few years, the Hawley-Smoot Tariff plot led to:A. Dramatic fall in civilization tradeB. Hoover"s reelection together presC. More demand for American made goodsD. Unequal distribution of earnings in the us
all of the following were important reasons of the an excellent Depression except:A. Both individuals and also businesses developed up huge debts due to the fact that of basic creditB. Tariffs on international imports were loweredC. Federal federal government did no insure people"s bank accountsD. Stock industry crashed
reasons of the farming crisis of the 1920s contained the truth that:A. Need for crops fell ~ WW1B. Most people did not own electric refrigeratorsC. The dust bowl took lot land the end of productionD. Commonwealth price support of corn and wheat were not effective
Buying share on the chance of a quick profit there is no considering threats is well-known as:A. Buying on marginB. SpeculationC. Profit-takingD. Living on credit transaction
In phone call shantytowns "Hoovervilles", people conveyed their:A. PatriotismB. To trust in HooverC. Disgust with HooverD. Grudging respect because that Hoover
The aim of the Federal home Loan bank Act was to:A. Encourgae brand-new constructionB. Increase the worth of homes and also farmsC. Do it easier for banks to foreclose ~ above farms and also homesD. Protect against farmers and homeowners from losing their residential property
One long-range impact of the good Depression was that numerous people:A. Prospered to prefer Pres. HooverB. Ended up being risk takers in the share marketC. Develped behavior of saving and also thriftinessD. Came to think in small government
instance of psychological stress resulted in by the good Depression to be the increase in the number of:A. Malnourished childrenB. Civilization who committed suicideC. Woman working out that homesD. Guys who was standing in bread lines
Herbert Hoover"s approach to the Depression economic climate was based upon a belief in:A. Spontaneous cooperationB. Separation of church and also stateC. Golden ruleD. Straight government relief

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