38. Operations administration involves consistent decision-making; hopefully many decisions made will certainly be: A. Redundancy B. Young in nature C. Educated D. Quantitative E. Nobody of the above

C. Informed

39. A ‘product package’ consists of: A. The exterior wrapping B. The shipping container C. A combination of goods and services D. Goods if a manufacturing organization E. Customer connections if a business organization

C. A mix of goods and also service

40. Service organizations consist of three significant functions which, ideally: A. Support one one more B. Room mutually exclude, C. Exist separately of each other D. Duty independently of each other E. Do not user interface with every other

A. Support one another

41. I beg your pardon of the complying with is no a type of operations? A. Products production B. Storage/transportation C. To chat D. Communication E. All the above involve operations

E. All the above involve operations

42. Modern technology choices seldom affect: A. Costs. B. Productivity. C. Union activity. D. Quality. E. Flexibility.

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C. Union activity.

43. Measurements taken at various points in the transformation process for regulate purposes space called: A. Plan B. Direction C. Controls D. Feedback E. Budgets

D. Feedback

44. Budgeting, evaluation of invest proposals, and provision of accumulation are tasks associated with the _______ function. A. Procedure B. Marketing C. Purchasing D. Finance E. Interior audit

D. Finance

45. Which among the adhering to would not normally be divide under the heading the transformation? A. Assembling B. To teach C. Staffing D. Agriculture E. Consulting

C. Staffing

46. Production work sent out to other nations is called: A. Downsized B. Outsourced C. Internationalization D. Vertical integration E. Businessman ship

B. Outsourced

47. Product style and procedure selection are examples of decisions that are: A. Financial B. Tactical C. System architecture D. Mechanism operation E. Forecasting

C. Device design

48. The duties of the work manager are: A. Planning, organizing, staffing, procuring, and reviewing B. Planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling C. Forecasting, designing, planning, organizing, and controlling D. Forecasting, designing, operating, procuring, and reviewing E. Designing and also operating

B. Planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling

49. Knowledge skills usually don’t include: A. Process knowledge B. Accounting an abilities C. Communication skills D. Global knowledge E. All of the above

C. Interaction skills

50. Which of the adhering to is no true around systems approach? A. A systems philosophy is virtually always advantageous in decision making. B. A systems technique emphasizes interrelationships among subsystems. C. A systems strategy concentrates on performance within subsystems. D. A systems strategy is vital whenever other is being redesigned or improved. E. All of the above are true

C. A systems technique concentrates on efficiency within subsystems.

51. What is credited with gains in industrial productivity, boosted standards the living and affordable products? A. An individual computers B. The net C. Mass transportation D. Assembly lines E. Multi-level marketing

D. Assembly lines

52. Production systems v customized outputs generally have relatively: A. High volumes of output B. Short unit expenses C. High quantity of devoted equipment D. Rapid work motion E. Skilled workers

E. Professional workers

53. I m sorry is not a far-ranging difference between manufacturing and also service operations? A. Price per unit B. Uniformity of calculation C. Labor content of work D. Customer contact E. Measure up of productivity

A. Expense per unit

54. Which of the following is not a characteristic of business operations? A. Intangible calculation B. High customer call C. High labor contents D. Basic measurement of performance E. Low uniformity that output

D. Easy measurement of productivity

55. Which of the following is a recent trend in business? A. Pollution regulate B. Full quality management C. It is provided chain monitoring D. Compete from foreign manufacturers E. Technical change

C. Supply chain management

56. Farming is an example of: A. An obsolete task B. A virtual company C. Non-manufactured goods D. A growth industry E. Customized manufacturing

C. Non-manufactured goods

57. Handling the fact that particular aspects of any kind of management situation are more important 보다 others is called: A. Evaluation of tradeoffs B. Sensitivity evaluation C. Acknowledgment of concerns D. Analysis of variance E. Decision table analysis

C. Recognition of priorities

58. The fact that a few improvements in a couple of key locations of operations will certainly have more impact than many improvements in countless other areas is constant with the: A. Irwin phenomenon B. Pareto phenomenon C. Stevenson phenomenon D. Tellier phenomenon E. Adam smith phenomenon

B. Pareto phenomenon

59. The process of to compare outputs come previously created standards to identify if corrective activity is required is called: A. To plan B. Directing C. Managing D. Budgeting E. Disciplining

C. Controlling

60. I m sorry of the complying with does not relate to system design? A. Transforming the system capacity B. Place of facilities C. Inventory administration D. Selection and salvation of tools E. Physical plan of departments

C. List management

61. Taking a systems viewpoint with regard to operations in today’s environment increasingly leader decision-makers to consider ______________ in an answer to the ____________. A. Flexibility; press to be an ext efficient B. Offshoring; must promote residential production C. Sustainability; threat of global warming D. Technology; impact of random variation E. Forecasting; stabilization the demand

C. Sustainability; risk of global warming

62. Some carriers attempt to maximize the revenue they get from fixed operating volume by affecting demands with price manipulation. This is an example of _________________: A. Illegal price distinguish B. Collusion C. Volume analysis D. Revenue administration E. Outsourcing

D. Revenue management

63. Which of the following is not an recurring trend in manufacturing? A. Globalization B. Quality improvement C. Flexibility and also agility D. Mass production for greater economic situations of scale E. Technological advances

D. Mass manufacturing for greater economic climates of scale

64. I m sorry of the following is not a benefit of utilizing models in decision making? A. They administer a standardized format for examining a problem. B. They offer as a regular tool for evaluation. C. Castle are basic to use and less high-quality than taking care of the really situation. D. All of the above are benefits. E. No one of the over is a benefit.

D. All of the above are benefits.

65. Modern-day firms progressively rely on various other firms to it is provided goods and also services instead of law these work themselves. This enhanced level that _____________ is leading to increased emphasis on ____________ management. A. Outsourcing; supply chain B. Offshoring; lean C. Downsizing; complete quality D. Optimizing; perform E. Internationalization; intercultural

A. Outsourcing; supply chain

Operations supervisors are responsible because that assessing customer wants and needs and also selling and also promoting the organization’s goods or services.


Often, the collective success or failure of companies’ operations attributes will influence the ability of a country to complete with various other nations.


Companies are either developing goods or transferring services. This way that only one of the two species of operations administration strategies space used.


Operations, marketing, and also finance role independently of each various other in most organizations.


The greater the degree of customer involvement, the more difficult the design and also management the operations.


Goods creating organizations space not connected in business activities


Service operations require additional inventory because of the unpredictability of customer demand.


The value of outputs is measured by the prices customers space willing to pay for products or services.


. The use of models will certainly guarantee the best feasible decisions.


People who work in the ar of operations have to have an abilities that encompass both knowledge and people skills.


Assembly lines completed productivity yet at the expense of typical of living.


The to work manager has primary obligation for making operations system design decisions, together as device capacity and also location the facilities.


The word "technology" is provided only to refer to ‘information technology’.


Value added’ by meaning is constantly a confident number because ‘added’ indicates increases.


Service regularly requires better labor content, whereas production is much more capital intensive.


Measurement of performance in company is an ext straightforward than in manufacturing since it is not essential to take right into account the price of materials.


Special-purpose technology is a common way of offering enhanced customization in manufacturing or services without acquisition on added labor costs.


One method of classifying production systems is the level of standardization.


Most human being encounter operations only in profit-making organizations.


Service involves a much higher degree the customer contact than manufacturing.


A systems approach emphasizes interrelationships amongst subsystems, yet its main theme is the the whole is greater than the sum of its separation, personal, instance parts.


The Pareto phenomenon is one of the most important and pervasive concepts that can be used at all levels that management.


Operations managers, who commonly use quantitative approaches, are not really pertained to with honest decision-making.


The optimal solutions produced by quantitative techniques should always be evaluate in regards to the bigger framework.


Managers must most regularly rely on quantitative methods for crucial decisions because quantitative approaches result in much more accuratedecisions.


Many operations administration decisions deserve to be explained as tradeoffs.


A solution approach method that we concentration on efficiency within a subsystem and thereby assure overall efficiency.


Prior to the industrial Revolution, goods were created primarily by craftsmen or their apprentices using practice made parts.


Elton Mayo’s "Hawthorne Experiment" to be the focal allude of the human Relations Movement, which emphasized the prestige of the human element in task design.


Among Ford’s countless contributions to be the arrival of fixed production, utilizing the concept of interchangeable components and division of labor.


Operations management and marketing are the 2 functional locations that exist to support activities in other attributes such together accounting, finance, IT and also human resources.


Lean manufacturing systems incorporate the benefits of both mass production and craft production.


As one abstraction of reality, a version is a simplified version that a actual phenomenon.


Lean production systems use a highly skilled work force and flexible equipment.


The lean production philosophy has actually been slow to be adopted in service industries.


Operations Management activities will it is in less essential in the future due to the fact that many that company are becoming service-oriented operations quite than goods producing operations.

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A modern-day firm has two it is provided chain considerations – outside links with suppliers and also customers, and an inner network of flows to and also between the operations role itself.