Season 1, illustration 1 The battle Begins

Master pastry chefs buddy Valastro and also Duff Goldman walk head-to-head for the very first time ever before in a vain to determine the world"s finest baker. In the very first of 6 bake-off challenges, Buddy and Duff need to make their most beloved family recipes. In the cake-off, the chefs create car-inspired date of birth cakes because that celebrity gearhead Richard Rawlings. Things warm up quickly as this familiar competition becomes a serious battle of creativity, skill and reputation.

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Season 1, illustration 2 Extra Sweet: car Cakes

Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman face off to watch who deserve to be the better "grill master" once they prepare birthday cakes because that Richard Rawlings at the Peterson Automotive Museum. Duff has intricate detail and technique on his side however Buddy"s affection for size and also speed might work to his advantage. Both bakers develop sweet rides however only one will certainly ride away victorious!

Season 1, episode 3 Carnival and Bollywood

Master pastry chefs friend Valastro and also Duff Goldman confront off in a battle of carnival treats, pulling the end all the stop to develop the can be fried sweets to fulfill a crowd of hungry amusement park patrons. Because that the cake-off challenge, Buddy and Duff must each develop a dazzling, Bollywood-inspired cake for Food Network"s Aarti Sequeira. Fine details and over-the-top spectacle clash as the chefs press their talents to new heights in order come win.

Season 1, episode 4 Extra Sweet: Bollywood Party

The score is tied for this reason Buddy Valastro and also Duff Goldman space both passionate to gain ahead by make cakes for a Bollywood-themed party hosted by celebrity chef Aarti Sequeira. Motivated by the culture, colors and also art of Bollywood, friend sets the end to create a multi-tiered cake v all the bells and also whistles to emphasize his talents. Duff, however, hopes the intricate detail on his smaller cake will earn the win.

Season 1, episode 5 It"s a Dog"s Life

Pastry chefs friend Valastro and also Duff Goldman placed their skills to the test making pies that space delicious and also beautiful enough to wow the judges. Buddy payment homage come his Old-World roots, while Duff follows his unique artistic impulses. For the cake-off, they"re challenged to provide dog-themed cakes for Flip or Flop hold Christina Anstead"s dog-pampering party. Dogs, cakes and egos complete for facility stage together Buddy and also Duff struggle to outdo themselves and also each other.

Season 1, illustration 6 Extra Sweet: Ruff difficulty

Buddy and also Duff challenge a chop deadline making cakes motivated by man"s finest friend.

Season 1, episode 7 Wedding battles

The competition grows even an ext intense as Duff Goldman bring Buddy Valastro into his human being of well dining v a difficulty to create elegant plated desserts. Tensions space high as the chefs challenge unforeseen technological difficulties and the ticking clock. In the cake-off, Buddy, the king that wedding cakes, challenges Duff to create a cake for celebrity occasion planner Slomique Hawrylo"s bridal installation event. As the chefs balance pleasing your customers and creating inspired works of art, lock do every little thing it takes come come the end on top.

Season 1, episode 9 Donuts and also Magic

Kicking points off in the bake-off challenge, pastry chefs friend Valastro and also Duff Goldman have to handle the morning sirloin at Los Angeles" iconic Randy"s Donuts drive-thru. They prepare dozens the deep-fried delights the will accomplish not only Randy"s discerning client but likewise the professional judges. Then there"s magic in the air for the cake-off difficulty as Buddy and Duff create cakes for the legendary duo Penn and Teller. Baking, showmanship and dazzling illusions integrate as they present their cakes on stage at the world"s most well known magic club, The Magic Castle.

Season 1, episode 11 The grand Finale

For the finale, pastry chefs buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman head come the Food Network Kitchen to create their many heartfelt and also monumental creations yet -- chocolate desserts come conceal engagement ring for 2 surprise proposals. For the final cake-off, Buddy and Duff produce jaw-dropping science- and also space-themed cakes because that Philadelphia"s call Franklin Institute. Street Science organize Kevin Delaney presides over the wild festivities together Buddy and Duff lay it all on the line with their showstopping masterpieces.

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Season 1, episode 12 Extra Sweet: room Cakes

In the final showdown, competitor bakers friend Valastro and Duff Goldman challenge off with their space-themed cakes in one epic battle celebrating the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing.


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