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- The external case(sleeve) is to defend goods. (Minor scratches and discoloration will not it is in the case for readjust or return.)


01. Intro : 화양연화 

02. I require U

03. 잡아줘 (Hold Me Tight) 

04. SKIT : Expectation! 

05. 쩔어 

06. 흥탄소년단 

07. Converse High 

08. 이사 

09. Outro : Love is no Over



Return & Exchange Policy\r\n- The outer case(sleeve) is to safeguard goods. (Minor scratches and also discoloration will not be the case for adjust or return.)\r\n
Track List\r\nCD\r\n01. Intro : \ud654\uc591\uc5f0\ud654\u00a0\r\n02. I require U\r\n03. \uc7a1\uc544\uc918 (Hold Me Tight)\u00a0\r\n04. SKIT : Expectation!\u00a0\r\n05. \uca54\uc5b4\u00a0\r\n06. \ud765\ud0c4\uc18c\ub144\ub2e8\u00a0\r\n07. Converse High\u00a0\r\n08. \uc774\uc0ac\u00a0\r\n09. Outro : Love is not Over\r\n
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I notified these two albums and also I was very satisfied! I discovered the same photocards yet it was okay ahahah the shipment was really fast and I acquired it in like one week and also an half! \r\n\r\n
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1 reviews

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I ordered these two albums and I was really satisfied! I uncovered the exact same photocards yet it was it s okay ahahah the delivery was yes, really fast and also I acquired it in like one week and also an half!