CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland also Browns open up their 2020 season this Sunday, heading to Cdamage City to take on the Baltieven more Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. As the new seakid lastly starts to ramp up via the Chiefs taking on the Texans in tonight’s NFL opener, we as part of the worldwide fraternity of Cleveland also Browns faithful are filled through hope. The hope that just comes through a brand-new beginning, a fresh begin, or a batch of especially sticky weed.

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As we debated yesterday in looking at 2 early on games from periods previous, success or faiattract out of the gate is not necessarily a harbinger of thecampaign to come. However, periodically a big win on opening weekend deserve to propel a team forward through enough momentum to carry them right into the postseaboy. Being a member of the ever-shrinking club of fans old sufficient to remember once Week 1 victories weren’t a rarity on the level ofhonesty in Washington DC, I remember the game that is today’s topic vividly. On September 10, 1989, in the opener of what we didn’t recognize would be the final seachild of the late 80’s era of AFC Central prominence, the Cleveland also Browns waltzed into Three Rivers Stadium and also beat the Pittsburgh Steelers like a rented mule, 51-0.

Three Rivers Stadium had actually not always been so sort to the Browns, as from the year it opened in 1970 with 1985, the Browns had actually not won a solitary challenge in that venue versus their the majority of hated rivals. It was not until a 27-24 victory in 1986 (with Earcolony Byner giving the winning margin on a 4-yard touchdown scamper midmeans with the 4th quarter) that Cleveland was able to put a checknote in the W column in that vile castle of evil.

On this specific day, however, whatever dropped the Browns way. I intend everything.You’d think a 51-0 sheldoing not have of an enemy from that era would incorporate a 400+ yard, 3 or 4 touchdown day from Bernie Kosar, or a pack of touchdvery own runs from Eric Metcalf or at leastern a couple of highlight-reel catches from Ozzie Newsome or Webster Slaughter, yet that was not the case. Not also close. The Browns leading scorer that day? A tie, between Fullback Tim Manoa on a pair of short touchdown runs, and Linebacker David Graychild, that had actually a fumble return or a score and also a pick-six versus Steelers quarterago Bubby Brister. (Grayboy was a replacement player throughout the 1987 Players Strike, who was kept by the team once labor tranquility was restored). The Browns defense was won fire that afternoon, scoring 3 total touchdowns, the third being the initially score of the day, a fumble return for a touchdown by longtime Browns stalwart Clay Matthews.

Clay Matthews opens the scoring with a fumble recoexceptionally TD

Pittsburgh racked up a grand full of 53 yards of total offense. The Browns compelled 8 turnovers in the game, 3 interceptions, and 5 fumble recoveries. Brister’s final stat line was 10-22 for 84 yards and those 3 interceptions, plus 6 sacks for 67 yards in losses. Pittsburgh’s leading rusher was Tim Worley, who rumbled for 36 yards even more than I did on that day. It was so bad that Chuck Noll compared it to Vietnam. (Amazingly, after losing 51-0 to the Browns & 41-10 to the Bengals in Week 2, the Steelers rebounded to a 9-7 finish that year, making the playoffs and beating the Oilers in a Wild Card Game prior to falling to the Denver Broncos 24-23.)

David Grayboy through a strip-fumble TD

It was the worst loss in the background of the Steelers franchise, and an absolute ton of fun for us Browns fans. The Browns led 17-0 after the first quarter. By halftime, it was 30-0. Rounding the 3rd quarter and also heading for residence, it was 44-0. I had actually never before checked out anything prefer it in my whole life as a Browns fan, nor have I observed anypoint choose it given that. (Not in our favor, anyway) It was favor watching an skilled play Madden versus someone who’d never watched the game prior to, was playing the game handcuffed and also blindfolded and had actually a tendency to make poopoo in their dungarees. In short, it was an old fashioned asswhoopin’. An asswhoopin" that launched the Browns to a seakid wbelow they’d end up through a 9-6-1 document under brand-new head coach Bud Carson, claim the last of their 5 consecutive AFC Central titles, and also go on to defeat the Buffalo Bills 34-30 in among the biggest playoff games ever before that following January.

Grayson through one more TD, on a tipped round INT return

At the time we did not recognize it was the beginning of the finish. We simply knew it was one helluva fun start. On September 10, 1989, the Cleveland Browns beat the ever-loving tar out of the Pittsburgh Steelers, 51-0.

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Go Browns.

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