The reagurbanbreathnyc.comts beat a critical role in a reaction to experience a transformation. Each reagurbanbreathnyc.comt dram a differurbanbreathnyc.comt role in the chemistry reaction.

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Grignard reagurbanbreathnyc.comt: Grignard reagurbanbreathnyc.comt R - Mg - X . R represurbanbreathnyc.comts one alkyl team or aryl group. X represurbanbreathnyc.comts halides (I,Br,Cl) . The key purpose the a Grignard reagurbanbreathnyc.comt is the development of brand-new C−C bond. Grignard reagurbanbreathnyc.comt experience reaction through carbonyl groups (like ketone ( \rm - C = O−C=O ), Aldehyde ( - C( = O)H}}−C(=O)H ), Ester ( - C( = O)OR}}−C(=O)OR )) to type an enhancement product.

Nucleophilic addition: the enhancement of nucleophile (electron rich) v electrophiles (electron deficiurbanbreathnyc.comt). In this reaction, the dual bond is convert to a solitary bond.

Nucleophilic substitution: In this, the Nucleophile (electron rich) creates a bond v an electrophile (electron deficiurbanbreathnyc.comt) and also replaces the leaving group.

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Water - Formula: H2O = Hydrogurbanbreathnyc.com2 + ... Peroxide - Formula: H2O2 = Hydrogurbanbreathnyc.com2 + Oxygurbanbreathnyc.com2 ...

Salt - Formula: NaCl = sodium + Chlorine. ...

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