The heat radiating off Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns together they both charge right into the WWE royal Rumble is more space heater than wildfire appropriate now.

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Missed opportunities and also paint-by-numbers booking made their collision ~ above Monday"s life underwhelming. WWE an innovative isn"t taking full benefit of The Beast Incarnate"s greatness. V Reigns, it has actually him proceeding an anti-authority angle that is quickly losing steam.

Lesnar changed on Monday night, starring in an easy-to-see-coming ending. Reigns" story of overcoming the odds dragged. 

Monday significant the an initial time in months that Paul Heyman"s frothing predator would be on WWE TV. 

On his blog, Jim Ross suggested that Lesnar became a big part of raw early. "Pull the trigger and also engage the Beast Incarnate in NOLA. Perform it early before the national championship university football game between Clemson and also Alabama kicks off," he wrote.

WWE didn"t follow the advice.

Instead, Lesnar"s duty came together Raw to be just around to wrap up. Prior to that, Heyman spoke for his client, trying to have actually Lesnar weasel the end of having to compete in the royal Rumble. He claimed that Lesnar have to be allowed to go straight into the WrestleMania event and wait ~ above whoever winner the WWE world title at the Rumble.

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The mindset makes sense to a point, however why have actually such an overwhelming destructive force try to back out of any kind the battle?

If anyone need to be salivating at the assumed of entering that 30-man fray and laying waste come anyone within striking range, it"s Lesnar. That"s particularly true considering his history with Reigns. Shouldn"t he desire to win back the title the he shed last year in a bloody, brutal clash with The large Dog v everyone else being collateral damage?

Reigns, meanwhile, had actually a imperial Rumble preview awaiting him throughout Raw"s key event.

Kevin Owens battles roman Reigns in the main occasion on Monday's Raw.Credit:

Vince McMahon booked a totality mess the heels against him in a substantial handicap match. Strange enough, the horde the villainy the lurked in ~ ringside barely played a function in the bout. Kevin Owens and Reigns combated on because that a lengthy stretch with the other adversaries mostly serving together spectators.

It to be unclear what WWE was trying to carry out here. That made little sense to tease so many participants just to have actually it boil down to a one-on-one contest with a dash the handicap match.

Pro wrestles Torch columnist James Caldwell was no the just one confused around the rules:

The one-versus-all enhance limped long. The audience supposed Lesnar come storm in at part point, so the 20-plus minutes of action felt like a prolonged precursor."s Jason Powell rightly trashed the bout. That wrote, "That enhance was painful. Reigns vs. Owens would have been fine, however the idea that it to be Reigns vs. All was heel authority figure garbage."

What a method to cool turn off Reigns after ~ his white-hot end to 2015. WWE fail to produce pathos here. Reigns didn"t it seems to be ~ to be in tomb danger regardless of the number of enemies neighboring him.

A component of the is that WWE to be so heavy-handed v its foreshadowing. Pan couldn"t help but check out Lesnar"s run-in coming. Agree wrestling writer Kevin Berge spicy out how predictable that outcome became:

Kevin Berge

They really have actually telegraphed the Brock Lesnar is walk to blow this every up. #Raw

As a result, the was hard to invest in Reigns" struggles and the climactic moment—where Lesnar steamrolled a whole host that foes—didn"t have much firepower. As Kyle Fowle of A.V. Club pointed out, "When Brock come out and destroys everyone, consisting of Roman Reigns, that doesn"t pack the punch it should."

That type of disappointed is inevitable when WWE supplies a narrative the doesn"t stray native the box.

The firm left a variety of avenues unexplored the would have actually deepened the story. No one has defined where Lesnar has been due to the fact that Hell in a Cell, because that one. Has actually he been seething in his lair, reasoning of his next conquest? go the battles v Undertaker leave him spent?

There to be too tiny mention of him in the past few weeks, with no updates of his maintain or the destruction he was causing elsewhere. The promo announcing his return readily available no answers.

It essentially said, "Hey look! Brock Lesnar is comes back!"

And after ~ Reigns leveled Triple H at TLC, WWE has mostly neglected that component of the tale. Is The game in physical treatment recovering? Is over there a factor he hasn"t search revenge against Reigns, letting his wife and father-in-law be his proxies instead?

Inserting Triple H would add welcome layers come Reigns" story. It would certainly complicate things relying on how he and Lesnar interacted. Triple H could either shot to usage Lesnar as an attack dog or check out him as an obstacle in the method of his revenge quest.

Not addressing his role in every this is lazy.

The exact same goes for not having actually other Rumble participants carry out a subplot to Reigns and also Lesnar"s part in the event. Fairly than showcase exactly how dangerous the roster is, WWE determined to focus on Reigns and Lesnar on Monday night, 2 superheroes bowling over the just mortals.


BROCKLESNAR is HERE!! and he DESTROYS THE brand-new DAY!! and Owens!! and also Del Rio!! #RAW

There to be a missed chance to have actually someone provide more of a challenge during Lesnar"s onslaught.

WWE had actually a shot there to jettison Owens toward Lesnar. Having those 2 brawl more evenly would certainly have had actually the audience inquiry whether Owens might actually attitude a hazard to The Beast and also The large Dog. Instead, he was propelled aside with small effort.

The Wyatt Family could have made things messier and much more intriguing by being much more involved in Monday"s close up door segment. Even a short Bray Wyatt-Lesnar faceoff would certainly have created some great post-Raw discussion.

Of course, though, Lesnar"s rampage was still a highlight. Every among his appearances is. That"s part of why WWE seems to litter him right into the mix.

Brock Lesnar leaves roman Reigns lying.Credit:

Why come up v an ingenious game setup when you have actually a monster talent that will carry out the work-related for you?

That attitude leaves avenues on the table, leaving Raw and the royal Rumble no as thrilling together it can be. Reigns is seeing the firsthand. His one-dimensional drama is doing that a disservice.

That needs to adjust as the Rumble nears and the march to WrestleMania continues. This is once everyone in the company, native the superstar to the writers, many need to pour every fall of themselves into the product.

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