Brittany, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and also how the journey has actually been for this reason far.

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It every started once I relocated to Miami in 2013 to begin my modeling career. I had actually signed v an agency on southern Beach and also needed to be closer for bookings and photoshoots. About a year after ~ modeling, ns realized I want to use my Bachelor’s level (Public Relations and also Marketing) to some genuine use. So, ns then gained a place with the Miami Dolphins together their human Resources and also Payroll Specialist. To most people, obtaining their foot in the door that a expert sports team is THEE can be fried goal and dream. Ns was therefore excited to have actually organically landed this place without discovering ANYBODY top top the inside and also strictly off of my job-related experience/resume.

Sadly, my time through the Dolphins pertained to an end around a year later and also I to be pretty certain my career was over. Till one day, I witnessed that part crazy plastic surgeon to be hiring for a “Social Media Assistant”. Ns wasn’t that right into social media back then however I knew could do this job, every little thing it entailed. I went on mine interview v them and also got hired. This is when my life started to change. My task with Dr. Miami began off part-time simply recording his surgeries on Snapchat and going home. That then evolved into me coming to be the face of his whole social media and also brand. Under my control, Dr. Miami’s society media thrived to over 500k see on Snapchat and also over 5ook pendant on IG promptly then to millions. And also as his social media grew, for this reason did mine. Ns was hurled right into the society media world, currently not only having to run his but mine, as well. Everyone began to desire to recognize what to be going on in MY an individual life.

My personal Instagram had jumped from 900 to 100k+ in a span of a year or so. Dr. Miami and also I became practically like a “social media tv show” the millions tuned in to see what surgeries and also fun stuff us were doing daily. Due to the fact that the society media to be so successful, us then landed our very own reality tv display on WEtv called Dr. Miami. Season 1 the our fact tv present has currently aired and also is tho airing in other continents right now. Friend can also watch it on Hulu. I never knew how an effective social media could be. I then began to it is in recognized anywhere went whether it was in the us or other countries. Around a year after us shot our fact tv show, I decided to proceed my trip elsewhere. Ns then gained hired to operation the society media of Miami’s sexty nightclub, E11EVEN MIAMI. I have actually been over there for about six months. I love that so far. My job consists of running social media accounts:
e11evenbrand, and also

Overall, has actually it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the battles along the way?I must say that this roadway was not smooth yet worth it. Running social media sound easy yet it’s actually fairly stressful. Curating compelling content, posting in ~ the ideal time, connecting with your followers, retaining followers, etc. Is much harder 보다 one would think. Then, the much more followers girlfriend get, the much more “haters” you get. You room constantly having to deal with an unfavorable people the don’t also know you but want to try and carry you down. This goes for television, together well. World will watch our show and also go directly to social media to either compose their positive or an adverse feedback. You have the right to drive yourself crazy reading all the comments people leave around you. We learned this quickly. You learn to get hard skin in this industry.

Alright – for this reason let’s talk business. Phone call us about Dr. Miami and E11EVEN Miami – what need to we know?I am most recognized for gift the one who “blew up” Dr. Miami’s social media and also reality tv show. Ns am now a society media manager and also consultant. I run E11EVEN MIAMI’s social media accounts and also consult with various other businesses around their society media top top the side. Ns am obviously many proud of helping Dr. Miami’s social media get so effective that lock based a fact tv display off that it however I am likewise proud that I became my very own brand in the process. I think the is what sets me apart from others once I’m running other people/business’s society media. The truth that I’m an influencer myself, for this reason I very first hand recognize what the takes to do a successful social media account.

What’s your outlook because that the market over the following 5-10 years?I view myself proceeding to be a social media influencer and also helping others v their society media accounts but I also see myself continuing to be on television. Whether it is on a tv series, advertisement or truth tv. I feel at house in prior of a camera. I’ve never been shy and entertaining people has always come naturally to me. My entirety life people have always told me I’d finish up in the spotlight and they to be right. Over there is for this reason much more to come!

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