Johannes Brahms was a German composer and pianist who wrote symphonies, concerti, room music, piano works and choral compositions.

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Who Was johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms was the an excellent master the symphonic and sonata style in the second half of the 19th century. He have the right to be perceived as the protagonist the the classic tradition the Joseph Haydn, Mozart and also Beethoven.

Early Years

Widely considered one that the 19th century's biggest composers and also one the the leading musicians the the Romantic era, johannes Brahms was born may 7, 1833, in Hamburg, Germany.

He was the 2nd of Johanna Henrika Christiane Nissen and also Johann Jakob Brahms' three children. Music was introduced to his life at very early age. His father was a double bassist in the Hamburg Philharmonic Society, and also the young Brahms started playing piano at the age of seven.

By the moment he was a teenager, Brahms was already an accomplished musician, and he provided his talent to earn money at neighborhood inns, in brothels and along the city's docks to lull his family's frequently tight financial conditions.




In 1853 Brahms was introduced to the famous German composer and music movie critic Robert Schumann. The 2 men easily grew close, v Schumann seeing in his younger friend great hope because that the future of music. He called Brahms a genius and also praised the "young eagle" publicly in a renowned article. The sort words easily made the young composer a recognized entity in the music world.

But this music people was also at a crossroads. Modernist composers choose Franz Liszt and also Richard Wagner, the leading faces of the "New German School" rebuked the an ext traditional sound of Schumann. Theirs to be a sound predicated on essential structure and also harmonic freedom, drawing from literature for its inspiration.

For Schumann and eventually Brahms, this brand-new sound was sheer indulgence and also negated the genius that composers prefer Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven.

In 1854 Schumann fell ill. In a sign of his near friendship through his mentor and also his family, Brahms assisted Schumann's wife, Clara, through the management of her household affairs. Music historians think that Brahms soon fell in love with Clara, though she doesn't it seems ~ to have reciprocated his admiration. Even after Schumann's fatality in 1856, the 2 remained solely friends.

Over the following several years, Brahms organized several various posts, consisting of conductor of a women's choir in Hamburg, i m sorry he was appointed come in 1859. He additionally continued to compose his very own music. His output contained "String Sextet in B-flat Major" and also "Piano Concerto No. 1 in D Minor."

Life in Vienna

In the early 1860s Brahms do his first visit come Vienna, and also in 1863 he was called director of the Singakademie, a choral group, where he focused on historical and contemporary a cappella works.

Brahms, because that the most part, appreciated steady success in Vienna. By the at an early stage 1870s he was major conductor the the culture of friend of Music. He likewise directed the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for 3 seasons.

His very own work continued as well. In 1868, adhering to the fatality of his mother, he perfect "A German Requiem," a composition based on Biblical texts and also often quote as one of the most crucial pieces that choral music created in the 19th century. The multi-layered piece brings together blended chorus, solo voices and a finish orchestra.

Brahms' contributions extended light ground too. His compositions native this duration included waltzes and also two quantities of "Hungarian Dances" because that piano duet.

Personal Life

Brahms never ever married. Adhering to his failed effort at make Clara Schumann his lover, Brahms went on to have actually a tiny string of relationships. They consisted of an affair through Agathe von Siebold in 1858, which the quickly, because that reasons never really understood, withdrew from.

It does seem together though Brahms dropped in love easily. One account has him having actually to deny providing a mrs piano lessons due to the fact that of his attraction come her.

Later Years

Stubborn and uncompromising, Brahms was additionally known to it is in brusque and sarcastic with adults. Through children, he showed a softer side, regularly handing the end penny candy to kids he encountered in his neighborhood in Vienna. He also enjoyed nature and frequently go for long walks in the woods.

Brahms remained in Vienna because that the remainder of his life. Summers uncovered him traveling extensively throughout Europe, if concert tours likewise put him on the road as well. Throughout these performances, Brahms either performed or performed strictly his very own material.

The wealth of compositions for him to draw from continued to flourish in the 1880s and also '90s. His work had "Double Concerto in A Minor," "Piano Trio No. 3 in C Minor" and the "Violin Sonata in D Minor." In addition, he finished "String Quintet in F Major" and also "String Quintet in G Major."

During his last decade, Brahms wrote number of chamber music pieces, teaming up through clarinetist Richard Muhlfeld for a sequence of songs that had "Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano," and also "Quintet because that Clarinet and also Strings."

These later on years for the composer experienced him life a comfortable life. His music, due to the fact that 1860 anyway, had actually sold well, and Brahms, far from flamboyant or excessive, lived a frugal life in his straightforward apartment. A shrewd investor, Brahms did fine in the share market. His wealth, however, was rivaled by his generosity, as Brahms regularly gave money come friends and young musical students.

Brahms' commitment come his craft proved he to be a perfectionist. He often destroyed finished piece he understood unworthy, including some 20 cable quartets. In 1890 Brahms asserted he was offering up composing, but the stance to be short-lived, and before long he was earlier at the again.

Over his critical years, Brahms perfect "Vier ernste Gesange," which attracted on work from the Hebrew Bible and the brand-new Testament. It was a revealing item for the composer, damning what was discovered on earth and also embracing death as a relief native the material world's excesses and also pain.

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Brahms himself definitely had fatality on his mind. On might 20, 1896, his old friend Clara passed away after several years of health and wellness problems. Roughly this time, Brahms' own health started to deteriorate. Doctors discovered that his liver was in bad condition. Brahms gave his last performance in march 1897 in Vienna. He passed away a month later, top top April 3, 1897, from complications because of cancer.

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