Boys prefer Girls is an American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Created in 2005, the group obtained mainstream recognition when it released its self-titled debut album which walk on to market over 700,000 albums in the United states earning a Gold document from the RIAA. The group’s 2nd studio album Love Drunk to be released top top September 8, 2009, and their third album Crazy human being was exit on December 11, 2012. Boys like Girls toured worldwide between 2006 and 2013. Notable tours encompass their main stage illustration on the whole 2007 Vans Warped Tour, their very first headline tourism “Tourzilla” (2007), and also a co-headliner with Good Charlotte for the Soundtrack of her Summer Tour 2008. The music video for their solitary “The an excellent Escape” (directed by Alan Ferguson) to be voted the No. 1 video clip on MTV’s TRL on august 6, 2007, and the tape performed in ~ MTV’s TRL studio overlooking time Square. Below are all of the Boys favor Girls song ranked

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20. Real Thing (Love Drunk, 2009)

“Oh mine goodness this tune is amazing and was among the very first I heard by these men which gained me hooked top top them.

19. Cheated (Crazy World, 2012)

“This is One the best songs native this band, it explains how who feels after gift cheated twice, the way the lyrics and also the music entwine is magical. Just… offer it a try.”

18. Up against the wall (Boys like Girls, 2006)

“The finest song I have actually heard from them. The chorus is for this reason raw. The shows just how truly helpless someone deserve to feel once they gain played in a relationship. Even after this person damaged his heart, that still “can’t deny eyes.” This person ruined him, and he’s powerless. His love is shattered. He to be betrayed. This song shows vulnerability in love. This song is so underrated and also really deserves come be greater up. I’ve yet to find one more song that catches this principle so well.”


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5. It is in Your every little thing (Crazy World, 2012)

“Out of all the songs the they have made this i think is the best that they have made. I recognize that they have made a lot of really good songs but I feel the this one is the best. Ns ecspecially the part of the chorus were they sing: ok be your shelter, ok be her storm, ill make you shiver, ill save you warm what ever wether well baby I’m yours, ok be her forever ok be your fling, baby ill be her everything.”

4. The great Escape (Boys favor Girls, 2006)

“Awesome tune and really inspirational for me… i love the chorus-it’s amazing-and I’m simply speechless about the lyrics… The command singer is awesome and has a yes, really beautiful voice and his together of the words is very an excellent because part bands have actually vocals who say the indigenous in some means that cannot be taken unlike Boys prefer Girls… God, ns lovin’ this band… store rocking’ Boys prefer Girls”

3. Love Drunk (Love Drunk, 2009)

“This song is simply plain awesome. Is there any type of other means to define it. Pure love have the right to you ever before not love boy name Johnson and Boys favor Girls. Especially with Ashley as well. Both that them together is heaven. I’m in love.”

2. Thunder (Boys choose Girls, 2006)

“This is the ideal song ever before had had actually I ever heard indigenous them. This to be officially the first song the tape had ever before made and sang together. The tune really smoothens the the atmosphere every time i play it and also it is really funny to sing together with as the lyrics are rather fascinating. They method they song the tune is yes, really awesome. “

1. 2 is better Than One (Love Drunk, 2009)

“I for this reason love The good Escape however this song has a lot of feels in it particularly when Taylor began singing. It’s just…different. An extremely beautiful that sometimes I don’t wanna hear to it because I’ll certainly end increase crying at some allude because that memories. And seeing so many great Boys prefer Girls’ songs here, ok absolutely binge watching YT music videos to them!”