Cory Matthews, the titular boy, grow up in this long-running sitcom, a staple of ABC"s "TGIF" lineup through lot of the 1990s. (It premiered once Cory to be 11 and also ended with him married to childhood sweetheart Topanga Lawrence.)

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Episode 1

You deserve to Go house Again

Fri, Sep 20, 1996 30 mins

top top the way home from a summer road trip, Cory agrees come a final pit stop---not learning Eric intends to do it a long-term one due to the fact that he"s "not all set for the summer come end." Amish man: penis Van Patten. Irene: Marisa Ryan.

Episode 2

Hair Today, unable to do Tomorrow

Fri, Sep 27, 1996 30 mins

as Cory"s insecurity around his hair grows, Topanga do the efforts to display how meaningless appearance is by cut her own tresses, a deed she soon regrets. Bosco: Dom Irrera. Tammy: Dana Daurey. Dylan: will certainly Estes.

Episode 3

I Ain"t Gonna Spray Lettuce Anymore

Fri, Oct 4, 1996 30 mins

after ~ quitting his task at the grocer"s, Alan shops for a new career, however ends up in ~ a convenience store, where Amy fears he"ll be unhappy. Mr. Kimball: cock O"Neill. Frank: George Wyner. Alan: wilhelm Russ. Amy: Betsy Randle.

Episode 4

Fishing for Virna

Fri, Oct 11, 1996 30 mins

Shawn"s mommy is ago but won"t go residence until she is certain they have the right to be a an excellent family---something Shawn and his dad must accomplish on your own. Virna: Shareen Mitchell. Chet: Blake Clark. Shawn: driver Strong.

Episode 5

Shallow Boy

Fri, Oct 18, 1996 30 mins

Eric aggravates an offbeat etc player (Leisha Hailey) once he tells she to take her tunes and also her sunny demeanor elsewhere. Eric: will Friedle. Cory: Ben Savage. Topanga: danielle Fishel. Alan: wilhelm Russ.

Episode 6

Janitor Dad

Fri, Oct 25, 1996 30 mins

Shawn"s life is a mess when his dad take away a project as a college janitor, so Mr. Feeny offers to allow him decide his father"s career fate. Chet: Blake Clark. Virna: Shareen Mitchell. Ezekial: Mickey Jones. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 7

Singled Out

Fri, Nov 1, 1996 30 mins

Eric tires that his date pool, for this reason he make the efforts to get a day on "Singled Out"---but the host (Chris Hardwick) does tiny to help him out. Piano Boy: Jon Ernst. Lisa: Bridget Flanery. Grant: john O"Hurley. Eric: will Friedle.

Episode 8

Dangerous Secret

Fri, Nov 8, 1996 30 mins

Shawn insists points aren"t what castle seem once Cory records him v a girl, yet Cory won"t to buy it, and tries to play catch-up by getting intimate through Topanga. Claire: Ariana Richards. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 9

Sixteen Candles and also 400-lb. Men

Fri, Nov 15, 1996 30 mins

Cory agrees to go to a wrestling enhance with a buddy on the same night as Topanga"s Sweet 16 party. Vader: Leon Allen White. Topanga: danielle Fishel. Shawn: rider Strong. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 10

Turkey Day

Fri, Nov 22, 1996 30 mins

Cory and also Shawn feeling their households should spend Thanksgiving together, yet everyone else thinks it"s a foul idea. Luther: Ned Bellamy. Chet: Blake Clark. Virna: Shareen Mitchell. Frankie: Ethan Suplee. Herbert: Kay E. Kuter.

Episode 11

An Affair come Forget

Fri, Nov 29, 1996 30 mins

after Shawn"s dumped by a girl, Cory cheers that by insulting her; but when she to learn what the said, she reconciles through Shawn and forbids him to view Cory. Jennifer: Kristanna Loken. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 12

Easy Street

Fri, Dec 13, 1996 30 mins

as soon as Cory discovers the guys he"s working for are in the mob, the quits---and Shawn bring away his place. Mr. Fountain: buddy Hackett. Mr. Martini: Soupy Sales. Shawn: rider Strong. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 13

B & B"s B "n" B

Fri, january 10, 1997 30 mins

once Mr. Feeny go on a weekend trip, Shawn turns the teacher"s residence into a bed-and-breakfast because that a course project. Arnie: Len Lesser. Gloria: Dena Dietrich. Kelly: Michelle Clunie. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 14


Fri, january 17, 1997 30 mins

It"s Cory"s 16th birthday and also he can"t wait to gain his license and also take a roadway trip. But his dad has other plans: a birthday dinner with the family. Referee Lamb: Dan Lauria. Officer Dibble: Raymond O"Connor. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 15

Chick choose Me

Fri, january 31, 1997 30 mins

Shawn thinks Cory"s newspaper column is a drag, therefore he speak Cory come spice points up by posing as a girl and also writing around the stunt. However it"s Shawn that ends increase in a dress. Gary: Ryan Bittle. Dave: mark Arnold. Shawn: driver Strong.

Episode 16

A lengthy Walk to Pittsburgh - part 1

Fri, Feb 7, 1997 30 mins

part 1 that two. Eric sees Shawn kiss Topanga and tells Cory around the incident. But the bad news is the peck was for great reason: Topanga"s moving. Eric: will Friedle. Shawn: rider Strong. Topanga: danielle Fishel. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 17

A lengthy Walk come Pittsburgh - part 2

Fri, Feb 14, 1997 30 mins

Conclusion. Simply as crestfallen Cory gives up expect of seeing Topanga again, she reflects up. Rosie: Katie Johnston. Topanga: daniel Fishel. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 18

Uncle Daddy

Fri, Feb 28, 1997 30 mins

when Eric to learn his girlfriend has a son, he"s i was sure he can handle the responsibility---but too scared come tell his parents around it. Kelly: Brittney Powell. Ryan: Justin Cooper. Cory: Ben Savage. Eric: will certainly Friedle.

Episode 19

Quiz Show

Fri, Mar 21, 1997 30 mins

Cory, Shawn and Topanga failure miserably ~ above a quiz show, but they"re so renowned with viewers the the producer provides the questions easier. Susan: Nancy Lenehan. Brett: note DeCarlo. Arthur: Steven Gilborn. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 20

Security Guy

Fri, Apr 4, 1997 30 mins

Eric blames Amy, not Alan, for gaining fired; and also when they press him to go to college, he gets a project as a security guard and also moves out. Ronny: Kris Iyer. Trainer: trojan Evans. Eric: will certainly Friedle. Amy: Betsy Randle.

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Episode 21

Cult Fiction

Fri, Apr 25, 1997 30 mins

emotion lost and alone, Shawn starts spending time v a team of human being that the defensively explains as "not a cult." Mr. Mack: Jerry Levine. Sherri: Tamara Mello. Jonathan: Anthony Tyler Quinn. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 22

Learning to Fly

Fri, may 2, 1997 30 mins

Cory"s in a jam once a coed makes a pass at that while he"s visiting a college. Julie: Brigitta Dau. Mrs. Bluteman: Sandra Lafferty. Cory: Ben Savage.