"Born This Way" adheres to a team of 7 young adults born v Down syndrome together they go after their passions and lifeaong dreams, discover friendships, romantic relationships, and also work, all while defying society's expectations.

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"Born This Way" complies with a team of seven young adult born v Down syndrome as they pursue their passions and also lifeaong dreams, explore friendships, romantic relationships, and also work, every while defying society's expectations.

The time They are A Changin

Season 3, illustration 1 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

Down Syndrome is not maintaining this team of friends native embracing life. The intense mutual attraction in between Megan and Steven puts her seven-year romance with Brendan in jeopardy

The Love watercraft

Season 3, episode 2 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

On the high seas, the cast of Born This method surprises anyone by taking risks and overcoming fears, part while dangling native a cable a hundred feet above the deck!

new Man in town

Season 3, illustration 3 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

In her year of correctly! Rachel determines it's not as well late to pursue her lifelong dream of gift an actress.

One gigantic Step

Season 3, illustration 4 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

In an attempt to acquire her mother out of she love life, Megan enlists Sean and also Elena to assist Kris discover a man to occupy she time.

The Blindside

Season 3, illustration 5 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

John Tucker discovers a next of his father he never knew existed. Rachel gets an audition for a film. Steven and Megan great on a rainbow the they will certainly live happily ever before after, yet a shocking event changes the dynamic the the group forever.


Season 3, episode 6 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

All the friend rally to support one of their very own that has actually suffered an unexpected heartbreak. Rachel gets a call ago for her very first ever film audition. Fathers and also Sons sign up with Sean in throw a "Man Shower" for his friend Sean C. The winds up being just as crazy together it sounds.

What Love method

Season 3, episode 7 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

Questions space answered and myths debunked when the cast experiences one open and frank discussion on love, relationships and sexuality. Mariano and Bea struggle to communicate with Cristina around her sexuality.

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It's complicated

Season 3, illustration 8 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

The friends try to obtain away from it all by visiting a dude ranch, however life's symptom come right along with them. Elena finishes she barista training and also learns she fate. And also as the idea of marital relationship becomes much more of a reality, is Angel getting cold feet?


Season 3, episode 9 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

Elena introduces man Tucker to her homeland as her nation bestows an honor upon her. Through Japan's new and improved mindset towards the down syndrome community, will certainly Hiromi be able to convince.

Red Carpet battles II

Season 3, episode 10 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

The yearly Red Carpet round becomes an ext of a joust 보다 a dance as soon as Steven mirrors up with Lauren Potter, of "Glee" fame, together his date. Megan is not about to take the affront lie down. Operation for cover!


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