The Blood Raider Commitment deals as fiercely through inner difficulties as it does through outside foes. Blood Raider prisons are infamous for their re-education programs. Inmates are based on highly structured brainwashing and torture regimes till they accept the salvation of Omir Sarikusa’s Sani Sabik sect. Fatalities as an outcome of this procedure are common.

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DED Threat Assessment: 8 of 10

Type: Combat SiteSecurity: NullsecRegion: Delve, Querious, Period BasisPiprice type: Blood Raiders

NPCS:Corpus Oracle x1 (BS)Corpus Harbinger x1 (BS)(Vampire)Corpior Templar x6 (D)Corpior Devoter x1 (D)

Part 2

NPCS:Corpus Monsignor x5 (BS)Corpus Oracle x1 (BS)Corpus Harbinger x1 (BS)(Vampire)Corpatis Seer x4 (BC)Corpatis Shade x1 (BC)Corpatis Bishop x1 (BC)Corpior Templar x7 (D)Corpior Converter x5 (D)Corpior Devoter x2 (D)Corpior Visionary x2 (D)

Part 3

NPCS:Corpus Monsignor x4 (BS)Corpus Oracle x1 (BS)Corpus Harbinger x1 (BS)(Vampire)Corpus Cardinal x1 (BS)Corpum Shadow Sage x3 (C)Corpum Dark Priest x1 (C)Corpior Templar x10 (D)Corpior Converter x1 (D)Corpatis Seer x1 (BC)Corpatis Shade x2 (BC)Corpatis Bishop x1 (BC)Corpatis Fanatic x1 (BC)

Dark Blood Cardinal x1 (Blood Raider Commander Spawn, dropped Blood Infrared L, Dark Blood Capacitor, Dark Blood Diamond, Dark Blood Energized, Dark Blood Heat Sink)


Structures:Blood Raider Sentry Gun x4

Part 4

I’m reading numerous guard towers on the various other side, however just one serves as central bastion for their security. Knocking out this tower have to shut dvery own the priboy, and disclose any advanced tech their forces store stockpiled below.

NPCS:Corpus Oracle x1 (BS)Corpus Monsigner x1 (BS)Corpus Harbinger x3 (BS)(Vampire)Corpus Cardinal x1 (BS)Elder Corpum Shadow Shade x1Elder Corpum Dark Priest x2Elder Corpum Arch Sage x2Elder Corpum Arch Priest x2Elder Corpii Upholder x4 (F)(Web/Scram)Elder Corpii Herald x2 (F)(Web/Scram)Corpatis Shade x1 (BC)Corpatis Phantom x1 (BC)Corpatis Fanatic x1 (BC)Corpatis Exorcist x4 (BC)Corpior Templar x10 (D)Corpior Devoter x6 (D)Corpii Reaver x1 (F)Corpii Raider x2 (F)Corpii Engraver x3 (F)Corpii Diviner x1 (F)

Structures:Blood Stasis Tower x4Blood Raider Sentry Gun x4Blood Raider Central Bastion x1

Bastion Destruction Message:Prikid facility shutting down. Reclaiming the prison complicated will certainly price the Blood Raiders billions in ISK.

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Granted, failsafes in the attached prichild cells executed all detainees as soon as the bastion fell, however what’s a few thousand also failed Amarr heretics as soon as compared to the opportunity of obtaining rare faction modules?

DaOpa’s Note:Make certain you kill the NPC’s that perform VAMPIRE initially, also BASTION Structure has actually a really quick repair cycle of around 5k, took my 1k+ DPS Paladin an excellent while to get it damaged. It dropped a 2first Tier Overseers item that sells for 80m.