When Jesus gotten in Jerusalem, shortly prior to his execution, why go the crowds quote native Psalm 118? “Hosanna! Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord!” (Mark 11:9). In the Commentary top top the new Testament usage of the Old Testament, Rick E. Watts states:

Although the evidence is late, its extensive nature argues that Ps. 118 was sung throughout the second Temple era on Passover Eve and subsequently incorporated into other feasts in i beg your pardon Ps. 118:25 <“Save us!” = Hosanna> to be recited.

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So, together Jesus gone into Jerusalem for that last Passover feast, Psalm 118 would have actually been top top worshipers’ minds. No wonder Jesus additionally quotes native the Psalm a couple of days later while disputing the religious leaders (Mark 12:10-11). To recognize Jesus’ triumphal entry, his enthusiasm week, and good Friday, we should gain a handle on this Psalm.


Psalm 118 has an ext repetition than many psalms:

Let so-and-so say, “His steadfast love endures forever” (Ps 118:2,3,4)The mr is top top my side (Ps 118:6,7)It is much better to take refuge in the Lord that to trust in… (Ps 118:8,9)In the name of the lord I cut them off (Ps 118:10,11,12)They surrounded me (Ps 118:11,12)The appropriate hand the the mr (Ps 118:15,16)You are my God (Ps 118:28)

All this repetition gives the psalm a lilting, chanting feel. You have the right to imagine the energy and also rhythm carried throughout.

We discover the most significant repetition in verses 1 and 29. The psalm begins and ends through the same statement:

Oh provide thanks come the Lord, for he is good; because that his steadfast love endures forever.

These bookends to mark the psalm’s main purpose: come recruit rather to give thanks to the Lord. Why?

For that is good.For his steadfast love endures forever.

Structure: Digging deeper, we deserve to see the psalm complying with these think in its an extremely outline:

Introduction: let all that worship the Lord give thanks – 1-4For the is good – 5-18For his steadfast love endures forever – 19-28Conclusion: offer thanks to the lord – 29


Why is there so lot repetition of brief phrases? Clearly, the poet wants the human being to sign up with him in offering thanks. He tries to whip increase the crowd, and also he walk so v a poem, a couple of mantras, even a song. He claims it clearly in verses 14-15:

The mr is my strength and also my song; the has come to be my salvation. Glad songs of salvation room in the tents of the righteous.

While Ps 118:5-13 explains the Lord’s salvation for this distressed king, out among the nations and fighting the Lord’s battles, Ps 118:14-18 reflects him consisting of the crowds in his celebration.

So in Ps 118:19, a homecoming parade begins at the city gates. Indigenous Ps 118:22-23, the pronouns transition from singular (I) to plural (we), for this reason the crowds have actually joined the parade. In Ps 118:26, the parade makes its means to the temple, from which the priests speak to down a blessing top top this returning, overcoming king. And also the parade continues into the holy place complex, as much as the altar of burned offering, where they provide thanks for the festal sacrifice (Ps 118:27).

The parade climaxes v the giving of a substitute because that king and also people. The king didn’t die amongst the hostile countries (Ps 118:10,17). The civilization didn’t die; God is building them up around the cornerstone of your king (Ps 118:22-24). Yet the festal sacrifice die in their ar so they have the right to shout, “You are my God…You are my God” (Ps 118:28).

Main Point

Oh provide thanks come the Lord, because that he is an excellent (saving the king from his distress); for his steadfast love endures forever (causing the people to sign up with the king’s celebration).

Connection come Jesus

Can you see any kind of parallels yet between Psalm 118 and Jesus’ passion week? that rode right into Jerusalem prefer a overcoming king (Mark 11:7-10). The crowd joins the homecoming parade.

Yet his true distress is yet to come. The is not endangered by the hostile nations, but by his very own people. Upon entering the city, he makes a beeline for the temple (Mark 11:11), yet he finds no celebration. Rather of blessing him, the cook priests shot to trap him (Mark 11:27-12:44).

Instead that a celebrate a climactic festal sacrifice, Jesus must himself become the festal sacrifice. If the world are come rejoice in the job the Lord has made, this king must die.


On this good Friday, you re welcome remember what sort of savior Jesus had to be. His distress lugged you a song. The died, for this reason you can live. He was disciplined, so friend could become sons and daughters of God.Turn your distress right into song. Life is hard, and distress is real, but Psalm 118 gives you a means forward – a way to rotate your distress right into song. Though distress is real, the is better to take it refuge in the Lord 보다 to to trust in presidential primaries. Mental often and recount the Lord’s salvation, and also see if that doesn’t placed your distress in perspective.Join the parade. Though our belief focuses ~ above one man’s death for every the people, Christianity is not at some point a funeral march yet a homecoming parade. If the music or the kids are too loud in her church, it might mean you’re no vigorous enough. Please try to save up as soon as we worship the mr Jesus, the blessed king who has come in the surname of the Lord.

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