Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles in the second quarter versus the Baltimore Ravens at M&T bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland on November 15, 2015. Record photo by Kevin Dietsch/urbanbreathnyc.com | patent Photo

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles is no much longer a punchline.

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The fourth-year veteran has actually been maligned for most of his career. The Jaguars to be ridiculed for picking up his fifth-year choice in may at an estimated price tags of $19 million in 2018.

Bortles struggled so lot in training camp, head coach Doug Marrone began Chad Henne in the 3rd preseason game prior to ultimately going ago to the former third overall pick.

Stunningly, Bortles is currently thriving.

Bortles produced the ideal game the his career on Sunday in top the Jaguars to a 30-24 success over Seattle in ~ EverBank Field.

Bortles perfect 18-of-27 passes for 268 yards through two touchdowns and no interceptions v a 123.7 passer rating.

Sure, the Seahawks space without cornerback Richard Sherman, solid safety Kam Chancellor and defensive end Cliff Avril, yet there is still far-reaching talent on the unit.

Bortles has actually enjoyed an excellent games versus bad defenses. Sunday"s effort was a transforming point. Bortles to be able to deliver when it mattered versus a high quality defense in a high-stakes environment.

the passed because that 309 yards v two touchdowns and no picks because that a passer rating that 119.8 in a 30-10 success over visiting Indianapolis critical week.

But, this was different.

"Blake had an additional really great game, for this reason I"m excited around putting those points back-to-back," Marrone said. "You"ve obtained to give a the majority of credit come Blake. I"ve said this before, that position is difficult at times since you gain a most blame, some of it"s deserved and also some of it"s not."

The Jaguars (9-4) are now in single possession of very first place in the AFC south after Tennessee shed at Arizona. Bortles has actually helped overview the franchise come its very first winning record because 2007 through three games still to play.

Bortles found rookie receiver Dede Westbrook for an 18-yard touchdown to give the Jaguars a 10-0 lead beforehand in the third quarter.

~ Seattle tied the game, Bortles uncovered rookie receiver Keelan Cole because that a 75-yard touchdown to offer the Jaguars a 17-10 lead v 7:21 left in the third.

"It was type of funny since we repped the a couple times during the week," Bortles said. "I think it to be the first play of practice on Wednesday and also I threw a choose on it. We changed up the read on it and also said we"re walking to throw this round to Keelan no issue what. If it"s not open, check it down. That ran one unbelievable route and obviously ran far from everyone."

The Seahawks cut the lead to 30-24 together Seattle star quarterback Russell Wilson associated on touchdown litter of 61 and 74 yards.

but Bortles winner the duel.

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Wilson threw 3 interceptions. Bortles played turnover free.

"I put our violation in a opportunity to score points," Bortles said. "Obviously not turning the ball over is a large part the that. As long as we deserve to do that, we"ll go earlier and great it. There will be plays the were negative that we have to gain corrected, but there were a the majority of plays made the end there by the wide receivers, to run backs and the attack line the were pretty awesome."