Owner, 9MAGRyan has grown 9MAG right into one that the many sought-after tattoo shops in Chicago. With business booming and also all seemingly well, Ryan focuses on his family. Through the aid of his brothers Don and also Phor, Ryan is established to store his circle tight, build his connection with his son and also co-parent through Rachel, yet when Ryan expose he"s put everything he has into the shop, his difficult façade starts to crumble and also he realizes he"s been using his shop to avoid dealing with the death of his enlarge sister. Ryan can"t operation from the past, for this reason he begins therapy to confront his demons and also repair his spirit.

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Owner, second City InkAfter year of gift told she lugged nothing come 9MAG, Charmaine is established to prove the haters wrong and also awaken she inner boss. She partnerswith popular British tattoo artist Jessica Simpson, and the dynamic duo opens up the newest tattoo shop in Chicago: second City Ink. ~ getting engaged last season, Charmaine decides to elope v Neek in spite of the not say of their particular parents.To make matters even more interesting, she"s expecting. Char attempts come balance being a businesswoman, wife and also mother, yet will she have the ability to lead second City Ink to success when she is faced with an unforeseen tragedy?

Business Partner, second City InkJessica has actually officially left behind everything she"s ever known in London and relocated to Chicago. She aims to realize she dream of to run a effective female-forward tattoo parlor, stateside. She soon becomes homesick, which offers an unlikely companion from the previous a chance to seep ago into the picture. Jessica"s ex indigenous California, who has just acquired out of jail for handle drugs, shows up in Chicago and wants to rekindle your relationship. Will Jessica offer old love a 2nd chance or take it the dating scene in Chicago by storm? She is a perfectionist who has actually sky-high expectations of anyone at 2nd City. Will certainly these requirements make she team far better artists or produce tension?

Piercer/Junior Manager, 9MAGThe Brumfields are in a great place at the start of the season, yet when Don"s mam Ashley has a health and wellness scare, Don takes stock of his goals and also gets serious about mending the relationships vital to him.After the self-destruction of his sister, Don teamed up through Charmaine"s husband Neek to create a resilience and also suicide-prevention app. Don is tho on the outs v Charmaine, however, and also although he is apologetic, they continue to be frenemies. Together a result, thedevelopment that his app and also social events promoting its release have stalled. Will Don have the ability to mend fences with Charmaine and move forward v Neek?

Tattoo Artist, 9MAGPhor stays a residents tattoo artist in ~ 9MAG yet is still focused on his music career. For Phor, music is a for sure space, a ar toheal the soul and also express what is complicated to articulate in words. Phor"s mental health is a priority this year, andhe is utilizing his platform together an artist, musician and also social media influencer to spread the word about mental wellness awareness by hosting and speaking in ~ live events with the assistance of his brother Don. Phor has actually been crucial in help Ryan get into therapy and cope with repressed guilt over the death of Ryan"s sisters Nova.Phor has likewise been enjoying life together a single man, yet his playboy lifestyle has recently landing him in jail for an alleged sexual conference in a windy park. Don is concerned and also hopes to help Phor find the one.

Tattoo Artist, 2nd City InkDraya is a fun-loving, confident, self-taught tattoo artist who mastered her craft by the town hall YouTube videos. She sunny and also positive perspective masks the fact she is attempting come escape an abusive relationship, a father that abandoned her and a mommy who passed away by suicide. Together a freshly converted Buddhist, Draya trust in samsara, the bicycle of rebirth. She hopes 2nd City will cause a bigger and brighter future as soon as she can be reborn as the ideal version of herself. As soon as a feasible sibling reaches the end to Draya on society media (on behalf of her claimed father), will Draya"s past threaten she happy future?

Tattoo Artist, 2nd City InkBorn and raised in Chicago"s Wild Wild West, Prince is both talented and funny. He"s tattooed native his West Side house for plenty of years, which is perfect because that a man serving 369 days of home arrest for a gun charge. He"s hoping a plea deal will certainly make him a totally free man sooner rather than later, then he deserve to start new at second City Ink. Prince has actually a facility relationship with the mommy of his four-year-old son; the is quiet in love with her, yet the instance will likely acquire more complicated when she finds out about baby mama number two.

Tattoo Artist, second City InkFly Tatted is a soft-spoken, caring bad boy indigenous the West next of Chicago hoping to usage his talent as a tattoo artist to get away from the streets. Paris is the earliest of nine and also tries to set a positive instance for his younger siblings. His dad Vince is a hardened street soldier, and Fly desires to take it a different path -- specifically after his younger brother was a victim of street violence and also died in his arms.

Tattoo Artist, second City InkKing Plug battles to be well-known for an ext than his colorful sexuality. He desires to prove his worth together an artist to every the haters in the world, including his i did not agree family. Plug wants to build an empire and save his family from the violent atmosphere he escaped. He was homeless this previous year and forced to stay in a friend"s shop before taking a side project as a stripper to do ends meet.

Neek is Charmaine’s boyfriend and better half. At this time working in Africa, Neek is confident, secure and has a an enig formula to handling Charmaine’s antics and also the remainder of the 9MAG crew.
Still among the many skilled and respected tattoo artists in Chicago, valve is a kind and also generous father to his teenage daughter Briyanna. ~ defending what that believes to be the truth around who built 9MAG and also trying to develop his own Loyal Ink, van finds self almost totally detached native 9MAG. Currently that faithful Ink is done, valve wants earlier into the brand he states he assisted create.

Though his partnership with Ryan has gotten progressively worse, Van can’t seem to move on there is no 9MAG. While his estranged service relationship and also friendship through Ryan is currently on the outs, Van to know the one point that is consistent is his attachments to the 9MAG brand. It will always be a component of him, and he is willing to offer his partnership with Ryan one last shot for 9MAG’s benefits -- also if it way things will get ugly first. The shop no exist there is no its foundation, and Van is coming ago to 9MAG, even if it is Ryan likes the or not.

In enhancement to do the efforts to figure out his ar in 9MAG, Van additionally finds self at a crossroads through his longtime girlfriend Jenn, who is prepared to take things to the following level, specifically once she finds the end what’s gift going top top behind she back. Because that Van, everything is about to pertained to a head.

Seasons 1-4

Danielle is busier than ever before as she prepares for her dream wedding through her high school sweetheart Terrence. Danielle and Terrence have actually seen your fair share of ups and also downs end the years, yet none of that matters anymore -- at the very least not to Danielle, that still blushes every time she look at at her engagement ring.

Planning she wedding has kept daniel so busy that she has taken part time off from the shop, which might be a great thing considering all the recent changes at 9MAG. The no secret Ryan and also Danielle’s concerns have grown end the last few years, and, offered the current climate in ~ the shop, Danielle’s sabbatical might not have actually come in ~ a much better time.

As danielle returns to a broken shop, she is required to ask it s her if she have to stay and assist the team rebuild or go back to planning her fairy-tale wedding through her Prince Charming Terrence.

Now a 9MAG veteran herself, Lily has made quite a name for herself as the feisty, opinionated Latina amongst the crew who has actually she cemented herself as a full-fledged member of the group. However, her fiery romance with other tattoo artist JR Diaz is still at the top of the perform of points she simply can’t obtain over. Struggling come leave that toxic connection in the past, Lily proceeds to push forward by focusing on she tattoo career.

So why can’t Lily just get together with her other 9MAG colleagues? probably it has actually something to perform with being haunted by the storage of she father’s murder, i beg your pardon has required Lily to take it on the duty of primary provider for she mother and also sisters. Over there is a constant battle in ~ Lily, and also until she concerns terms v her own personal demons, she might not fully live as much as her potential.

Drawing inspiration from her family and friends, Lily has specialized herself to coming to be a skilled and also driven tattoo artist in the industry. What will it take because that Lily to leaving the past behind her and also attain that goal?

As Don’s wife and also the mommy of his two sons DJ and Ashdon, Ashley is concentrated on maintaining her family together, regardless of Don’s previous transgressions. Regulating to invest more time right into self-love and also self-care, Ashley loves hard and is committed to her marriage and family.

Ashley’s happiness, however, is contingent on Don’s behavior, and she may not be able to handle another set of difficulties to your relationship.

Seasons 1-4

Young, stunningly beautiful and also armed through a mind because that business, and the attitude to match, Nikki is perfect for the imaginative Phor.

Nikki, who opened up a hair salon last year, has since expanded her organization by working from home as well as the shop and designing her very own collection that wigs and weaves.

Although a devoted supporter that Phor and his music, will Phor’s boosting status together a sex symbol shower Nikki’s faith in their arising relationship? Or will Nikki take drastic action to cement herself together the one true queen to Chicago’s arising hip-hop king?

Seasons 1-4

In search of a new life based upon self-love and also confidence, Cobra is finding it increasingly an overwhelming to fight her within demons. Sustained by her father’s dice words come never provide up on she dreams, Cobra is all set to prove come 9MAG and also the world that she is the genuine deal.

In the wake up of Hurricane Harvey, i m sorry left her family members homeless and also helpless, Cobra currently finds herself thrust into the role of sole provider for many of she family. A vicious and also meticulous artist, Cobra has never backed down from anyone or anything. Through the deck stacked against her in plenty of ways, Cobra is figured out to present everyone the she will not be defeated.

Hailing from Chicago and deeply respected in the tattoo game, JR Diaz is a force to be reckoned with. Elevating himself v art and away from a family history of corridor involvement, JR is as real as it gets. A gifted and also driven artist, who is loyal to a fault and a little bit of the course clown, JR has worked hard to establish himself as one of the optimal Latin tattoo artist in the country.

Some would argue among JR’s biggest achievements to day is the respect he has actually earned together the very first accepted new member that 9MAG. Also though JR has actually been accepted by the 9MAG team, he find his commitment tested and his very own position challenged when the rides hard for his boss Ryan.

Last season, Bella Tatted made she 9MAG debut together the shop’s newest assistant. A little quirky and sometimes no able to organize it together, one thing is particular about Bella: She is the life that the party! She goes both ways and isn’t afraid to present her affection for anyone, Lily included. Her power injects brand-new fun right into 9MAG in ~ a time once everyone else appears to be walking ~ above eggshells around Ryan.

Though it appears 9MAG’s initial team is battling to reclaim your positions in ~ 9MAG, Bella is comfortable in she skin as the assistant. For the sake of her adorable daughter Lia, that still has not met she father, Bella needs to keep a roof over her head and the lamp on.

Seasons 1-3

Kat started off together the resident little sister the 9MAG yet has since moved to Los Angeles. Because of her limitless talents and gorgeous features, Kat is in ~ the height of her game and also has quickly come to be one that the many sought-after woman tattoo artists. Kat is taking advantage of her success and also seizing every opportunity to construct her own brand together Kat Tat, an artist different from 9MAG.

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Since the occasions at the lake home last year, half of the 9MAG team still blames Ryan for the way he handled things through Kat. As a result, Kat has moved ago to Los Angeles in an effort to placed the events of the past year behind her.

Black ink Crew Chicago chronicles the resides of a team of tattoo artist making their way in the windy City.