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NEW YORK, NY (August 30, 2021) - VH1 today announced the its hit collection Black squid Crew: Chicago will certainly make its highly-anticipated return on Monday, October 4 in ~ 8PM ET/PT. This season complies with the actors returning come normalcy after enduring a life-changing year and also finding a renewed feeling of function - growing from their past mistakes to type a stronger future.

After being compelled to shut down the 9MAG shop because that 3 months, Ryan is back and service is flourishing - he\"s already contemplating an expansion. With therapy, he proceeds to i found it why specific choices he provides tend come heavily affect the personal relationships in his life, together he undertakes a process of self discovery in bespeak to aid mend vault decisions. (Source:

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4Second City, Welcome Kitty Dec 18, 2019
5My huge Fat Neek Wedding Jan 1, 2020
6Glenda Jan 8, 2020
7It\"s So difficult To to speak Goodbye Jan 15, 2020
8The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Jan 22, 2020
9Some world Like Cake, Some world do not choose Cake Jan 29, 2020
10Don\"s recent Snapchat video clip Feb 5, 2020
11Hot off The Presses Feb 12, 2020
12Rumor had It Feb 19, 2020
13Chicago Ain\"t That big Jul 6, 2020
14Mucus quiet Plugged Jul 13, 2020
15Other side Of The Pond Jul 20, 2020
16The Shutdown Jul 27, 2020

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19MAG is Forever Jan 2, 2019
2Give Me a Smoothie Gina Jan 9, 2019
3Tattoo Shop the Horrors Jan 16, 2019
4Michael Jackson is Alive! Jan 23, 2019
5She\"s below If girlfriend Evenita Jan 30, 2019
6Phor Feb 6, 2019
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8Didn\"t to speak I hate Her, I just Don\"t favor Her Feb 20, 2019
9I expect You make It come America Feb 27, 2019
10Lacuna Matata Mar 6, 2019
11Don\"t Come because that Queen Latifah Jun 4, 2019
12Ryantology Jun 11, 2019
13Team Bonding! Jun 18, 2019
14From Chi-ami to Sky-ami Jun 25, 2019
15The Cover up is Worse 보다 the Crime Jul 2, 2019
16What is This, A Reunion Show? Jul 9, 2019
17The Steve Harvey present Jul 16, 2019
18Deja Vu Jul 23, 2019
19The Vianna and also the long Haitian Jul 30, 2019
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29Mag is Dead Jun 6, 2018
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4A Whole new Squad Jun 20, 2018
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6The H.B.I.C. Jul 11, 2018
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11The last Supper Aug 15, 2018
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13Neek and also You Shall find Aug 29, 2018
14One Time in ~ Adult Camp Sep 5, 2018
15I\"m the brand-new You Sep 12, 2018
16Welcome to 9mag...again! Sep 19, 2018

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3The Return the Cobra Aug 2, 2017
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6This One Time at Van Camp Aug 23, 2017
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14Chi-Cabo part 2 Nov 8, 2017
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1The Nicki Minaj the 9 Mag Oct 3, 2016
2Prison ~ above the Outside, Party ~ above the within Oct 3, 2016
399.999998% Oct 10, 2016
4A new Kat-itude Oct 17, 2016
5Broke on Bourbon Street Oct 24, 2016
6Congratulations, girlfriend Played you yourself Oct 31, 2016
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8Basic civilization Have Threesomes Nov 14, 2016
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2What friend Don\"t recognize is, ns Do know Nov 2, 2015
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5New York, brand-new Problems Nov 23, 2015
6You\"re not God and You\"re no My dad Nov 30, 2015
7Kat Fight! Dec 14, 2015
8Yacht Rocked Dec 21, 2015
9The Don to adjust in paradise Dec 28, 2015
10Goodbye Doesn\"t median Forever Dec 28, 2015

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I this Show. Ns think the actors is amazing and each and also everyone constantly has something walking on to save u hooked. Yet I do need to say other then JR. & Lilly\"s partnership sinking like the titanic. VH1 really doesn\"t Captivate anything else going top top in your lives various other than the relationship which like I said looks favor it\"s sinking choose the Titanic. Ns would like to check out a little much more going on with their personal lives, that\"s what truth TV is all around the truth of life. #BLACKINKCHICAGOAMAZING.
I love black color Ink Crew Chicago. I enjoy the crew members and look front to watching the every week. Precisely when is the third season coming? One article says July 7th however I\"ve read in other places that the premieres ~ above July 19th
OMG PLEEEASE bring ago Black squid Crew Chicago because that a 3rd season i love Ryan Henry\"s good self and also I have to see more..Love the show!
I desire black ink crew Chicago to have actually a 3d season and also it\"s mine favorite show I\"m so happy don and Ashley obtained married
Them obtaining married won\"t prevent him fr cheating. She jus wanted the ring and last name to a no great dude. Dnt get me not correct I\"m all for love. Genuine heartfelt systematic LOVE. Once he was \"late\" that need to of been her last hint/clue/slap in the face.
I want black octopus crew Chicago to have a 3d season and it\"s mine favorite present I\"m so glad don and also Ashley acquired married
Please...Come back for a 4th Season....Ryan s hould it is in mad a Rachel..ahe left him and also had a baby on him.?...Does anybody understand if that is gonna bee a fourth season????
Black octopus Chicago is a really great show. Ns love everyone on the show. They should absolutely get a third season. Store this present going VH1!!!
Black in ~ crew Chicago is my favorite present please renew for season 3 an more episodes, i am truly addicted come this show!!! Vh1 you guys did a really great with this display keep lock coming.
Please renew black color Ink Chicago season 2 us love the show an ext than black Ink nd while us at it please PLEASE make season 3of Love nd Hip-hop Hollywood love these 2 spinoff shows an ext than the originals
I choose Black ink Chicago a lot better than the initial Black Ink. I\"m wait for season 2 come air. Ns especially, like Ryan. I love his studio. I would certainly go come 9Mag, if i ever determined to get an additional tat.
Let\"s face it black color ink Chicago is boring. I don\"t have actually rachetness in mine life so i would favor to clock it top top TV. Say thanks to God because that Charmaine and also Dom acquiring it ~ above and beginning drama bc without them there is no show. I hate the truth that the only female tatto artist in the shop referred to as Ryan a bitch. She is a good artist. The chick tattooed it s her . I would favor to watch Ryan and Charmaine cousin relationship blossom bc he need a real chick to host him down.

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Hate come say but black ink Chicago is much better then the brand-new York gang. For this reason they really require to bring 9Mag crew back!!!!!
6 pm and also no 1 to be ther to also do my tattoo very disappointed come all the method from Iowa just to get a tattoo indigenous them..smh. .i invested alot the money on hotels and also gas because that nothing..never again .very unorganized and not really professionalAt all and also i had actually booked this appointment with Don in april.
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