On the main menu, there room a perform of obstacles you can attempt. Click one starts the game, presumably v differences relying on the challenge.

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What is the locked challenge, and also what is different around each challenge?


Let"s answer v a small help native the wiki. Each an obstacle is played together Isaac and each one has a details goal.

Dark was the Night: offers you Curse of Darkness (you cannot view the minimap). Ends after killing Mom. Completing this challenge unlocks The Candle, a usable article with prompt recharge the throws flames that damage anything on their path.

7 Years bad Luck: provides you Curse of the lost (still unclear what this curse does). Ends after death Mom. Completing this an obstacle unlocks the Lucky Toe, a trinket that provides you a possibility of extra items once opening chests or "X" rocks.

Large Marge: offers you Curse that the Labyrinth (extra large double levels). Ends at the an initial Depths boss. Unlocks the Burnt Penny, a trinket that grants a chance of dropping a bomb when you collect a penny

9 Deaths: provides you the Dead Cat items (9 1-heart resides available). Ends after death Mom. Unlocks Guppy"s Tail, things that, if an unified with Guppy"s Head and Guppy"s Paw, transforms your appearance right into a flying cat (other impacts still unknown)

Lord the the Flies: claims to offer you Undefined, but actually provides you Infestation and The Mulligan (the an initial produces assault flies from your body once hit, the 2nd when hitting enemies). End at the Womb"s first boss. Unlocks the Fish head, a trinket that has actually a comparable effect come The Mulligan.

The Doctor"s Revenge!: provides you the Dr Fetus item and the Doctor"s remote. Tho unclear if it clears treasure rooms. End after death Mom"s heart. Completing the challenge unlocks the Mega Fetus a missile shooting Dr Fetus.

Meat 4 Evar!: Starts you out v lv. 4 Meat Boy. Ends after killing Mom"s heart. Perfect this challenge unlocks the Super Fan, a saw-looking item that rises all stats through 1, exact same as the Halo.

Spider Boy!: offers you the Spider"s Bite item, and also the Mutant Spider. End after killing Mom"s heart. Completing this an obstacle unlocks the Spider Butt, a usable item v a 2 room recharge that loss all adversaries in the room and also slows them.

Isaac Was great Today: provides you the divine Grail and also the Halo. End after killing Satan. Unlocks Counterfeit Penny, a trinket that has actually a opportunity to spawn second cent once collecting money.

The Purist: You begin with no items, spacebar or passive. Treasure rooms are removed from the maps as well. Bosses and also special events still can drop collectables. Ends after death Isaac. Unlocks the Egg Sack, a lengthy leg that follows you and stomps enemies.Unlocked by beating Isaac.

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There room still things to discover, I"ll save the prize updated as quickly as I find them.