Varsity Blues - Billy Bob"s truck - 1973 Chevrolet 4x4 Pickup

Wednesday, January 20th 2010


Varsity Blues a movie about football, girls, parties and also the glory work of high school. Oh yea and trucks! an excellent ole Billy Bob drove one of the baddest "73 - "87 Chevrolet Trucks ever featured in a Hollywood movie. The just thing bigger 보다 Billy Bob"s character to be his 1973 Chevrolet 4x4 Truck. That was big enough to pack half the football team, Billy Bob and his prized pig.

Quote from Billy Bob around his pig: "I sure perform love that dog."



The truck is a long wheel base truck. The front finish features a factory grill shell with aftermarket grill insert. The bumper is tubular v a integrated push bar and also fog lamps. Keep in mind the head lights space round. Till 1981 every Chevrolet trucks had round headlights. The fenders have actually the fender extensions/guards. They"re real essential when you"re to run from the legislation through the bushes. Ya don"t wanta obtain your truck scratched up.


From the next you can obtain a far better view that the large "69" number decal ~ above the next of the doors. Right above the decal top top the driver"s door is Billy Bob"s name hand-brushed. You can likewise see the crew in the back. There is likewise a hand-brushed "Coyote Powered" manuscript on the tailgate as well. The tailgate also features the tail-panel band insert. The rear bumper is tubular just as the front. There is likewise a light bar. Friend can also see the tubular step-bars in this shot. It"s tough to judge the size of the elevator kit. However you can tell it is lifted. My guess would be around 4" - 6" inch lift kit to be used. The tires are in the neighborhood of 35" - 38" inches.


According come a post on the front drive pillar is missing. Ns haven"t watched this for myself, therefore I"m gonna need to watch it again to verify. However It wouldn"t surprised me the a information like this go unnoticed in a Hollywood production. I discover it kinda funny. But it doesn"t take far from the thin awesomeness that the truck or the movie!

Final Thoughts

I made decision to execute this post, because my brother had a 1984 Chevrolet 4x4 Pickup (SWB) in the beforehand "90s. It was a near replica that Billy Bob"s truck, long before the movie to be made. It had actually a sweet spring hand-brushed script that claimed "Summertime Blues" ~ above the tailgate. The shade was an exact match.

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Various other than the fact the years and also wheelbase were no the same, it might have been the movie truck! Every time I view something about Varsity Blues, that reminds me that the truck my brothers had. Till following time, save on trucking! We"ll be functioning on one more On display Cars post!