One of 2 upstairs bedrooms in the barn. The bed frame, purposely left unpainted, is indigenous Maine Cottage.

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The grand clock in the edge is from Parker’s grandfather and has wooden gears. The Atrium doors and large pane the glass room intended to lug the outdoors into the living room.



With its key house, ell, and huge barn, the Hadlocks’ residence is modeled after associated farmhouses that the late 1700s and early 1800s.

With its key house, ell, and big barn, the Hadlocks’ residence is modeled after associated farmhouses that the late 1700s and early 1800s.

With its key house, ell, and large barn, the Hadlocks’ residence is modeled after linked farmhouses of the late 1700s and early 1800s.

The Hadlocks went with Uncle Henry’s come find countless items for their home, consisting of the life room’s pine floors, vermouth Castings woodstove, and raised-panel closet door. Half of the living room ceiling is tongue-and-groove pine, and half is a cathedral ceiling v a window into an upstairs bedroom. The print above the woodstove is through Andrew Wyeth. The white china cabinet on the ideal is indigenous Laurie’s grandmother’s summer porch.

The Hadlocks went through Uncle Henry’s to find many items for their home, including the life room’s jaw floors, vermouth Castings woodstove, and also raised-panel closet door. Half of the life room ceiling is tongue-and-groove pine, and half is a cathedral ceiling v a window into an upstairs bedroom. The print above the woodstove is through Andrew Wyeth. The white china cabinet on the appropriate is indigenous Laurie’s grandmother’s summer porch.

FEATURE-Jan/Feb 2012

by Debra Spark | Photography Scott Dorrance

A creative couple raises a farmhouse (and a family) in Freeport.

Looking in ~ artist Laurie Hadlock’s semi-abstract landscape paintings, one’s an initial impression is that blue. Blue in its many exuberant and expressive forms. Blue in all its shades: cerulean, cobalt, ultramarine, Prussian. “Blue is what we see a many of about here,” states Laurie. By “around here,” she means her Freeport home, which is situated on a high granite ledge that permits her to watch Mount Washington out her prior door and also Whaleboat Island, whereby she to be married, out her back. And by “we,” she way her husband, Parker, that is the basic manager for Wind power Services in ~ Cianbro, and also her 2 children, Finn and Ilka. The household lives in a “connected farmhouse” the Parker and Laurie developed in 1988 and that their youngsters helped finish in 2002.

Laurie and Parker love the sea, for this reason it appears fitting the the story the their house starts ~ above the water. Prior to they to be married, the pair scouted properties from their sailboat. Due to the fact that they didn’t think they might afford a coastal spot, lock hoped for an inland place with a view. Eventually, they i found it a high suggest in Freeport that appeared promising. Not lengthy after, Parker drive by the wooded property and saw flagging. Evidence of surveying seemed to suggest that someone might be ready to sell. And also indeed someone was. “The an initial thing we did after we purchased the land was walk out and buy a tractor and also start clearing,” claims Laurie.

Both Parker and Laurie are attracted to the homes defined in cutting board C. Hubka’s 1984 book large House, small House, back House, Barn. They favor the unadorned watch of Maine farmhouses the the so late 1700s and early 1800s, especially those rural frameworks consisting of a key house linked by one ell come a huge barn. Before they developed their home, the Hadlocks drove approximately Maine looking at old farmhouses and also picking out the features they many liked. Their favorite homes had minimal detail, no shutters, nine-over-six split light windows, and simple granite structures unobscured through landscaping. Once, once the couple was make the efforts to determine the precise dimensions they wanted for windows, lock snuck as much as an unoccupied historical-society building and started measuring, only to find that the structure was in reality a private home, and there were civilization inside wondering what they were doing.

At one point, if Laurie and Parker were thinking around what they wanted to build, Parker saw Florida for a couple of weeks for work. Before he left, the said, “Why don’t us both sketch what we desire this to look like?” when he returned, the pair placed their two designs side by side and laughed since they had actually come up v the specific same layout. “From there, that was just a matter of fine-tuning the details,” Parker says.

Once the Hadlocks had actually their plan, partner from work assisted Parker kind and to water the residence foundation. Top top the work they to be married, the same colleagues completed the barn foundation forms so that concrete could be poured the next day. “This is her wedding present,” they said. Dan Crowley, who was a builder in Yarmouth in ~ the time, framed the main house and ell. He offered hemlock timber because the Hadlocks want to leave the home’s beams, joints, and wooden pegs exposed.

When all this to be done, the Hadlocks parked a camper in their driveway and also finished the rest of the house themselves. Parker walk the wiring and also plumbing. He built, and Laurie finished, the raised-panel maple kitchen cabinets, cherry fireplace mantles, maple kitchen island, and also mahogany dining room table. Lying on your backs top top the granite ledge in ~ the key house, Laurie and Parker tugged tubing because that the radiant floor heating through an accurate holes that Parker had made in the studs. (While this daunting job ultimately paid off, Laurie and Parker didn’t run water v the tubes because that 10 years. Instead, lock heated their house with the countless oak trees the they had actually felled when they cleared their land.) For 2 of the home’s major retaining walls, and the old procedures that surround the house, Parker used rock from hydroelectric dams that Cianbro was then dismantling. “A many those frameworks were constructed out the granite in the 1800s. When I came throughout them, I would certainly take stones home in a pick-up truck,” Parker says. He additionally salvaged timber from an ash tree that had fallen under in a neighbor’s yard when he was a teen. In ~ the time, Parker thought the timber was too an excellent for firewood, therefore he had actually the logs milled and used the wood for the rails of the tiny sailing dinghies that he to be then building. Years later, he constructed his home’s main stairway treads the end of the ash planks the weren’t good enough for the boats.

Although the Hadlocks want a linked farmhouse, they also wanted a bright home that opened up to the view. Therefore in the kitchen and also dining room castle installed 5 skylights and four to adjust of Atrium doors. For the living room, lock placed big panes that glass under transom home windows to suggest the form of a barn door.

To furnish the house, castle did additional scavenging. “We made a perform of what we wanted to have, climate we put an advertisement in Uncle Henry’s,” Laurie says.

The pair asked for vast pine boards, a slate sink, a vermont Castings woodstove, a Queen Atlantic cookstove, and also raised-panel doors native old homes. They found everything lock wanted. A “delightful man” delivered 24-inch-wide pine tree boards in a pickup. Someone available up a slate sink, saying, “Yeah, we’ve obtained one down in the basement.” Parker then developed room entrances and closets based on the height and also width of the doors the he and Laurie had actually secured.

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The Hadlocks developed the key living areas and also ell in one year. Return they also poured the barn structure the very same year, they no actually develop the barn till Ilka was 14 and Finn was 12. Till then, the children bedrooms were in the upstairs of the key house. “We felt us weren’t being type to the children, having them in this teeny tiny rooms,” Laurie says. However perhaps that was great that the Hadlocks waited to complete the barn, due to the fact that the raising, which the Hadlocks did with the assist of 6 friends, is now an important memory because that both children. Ilka, who is now 20 and also an arts student in Italy, writes in an email from Cortona, “My parents had actually plans of structure the barn since I was born, and also Finn and also I knew the we would have brand-new bedrooms in it, so there to be lots of exciting buildup. Dad would spread his drawings out ~ above the kitchen table, and also Finn and also I would setup out our dream rooms through magic marker. Ns remember preventing at Mike Smiley’s timber-frame shop ~ above our method home native Sugarloaf and checking the end the enormous timbers that would soon be part of ours home. Finally, on a chilly fall day, through lots of help from friends, those timbers seemed to magically (that is, with lots of hard work from solid men and women!) come together. I obtained to rise to the tippy optimal at the end of day v a hemlock branch, i beg your pardon is supposed to bring an excellent luck.”

The whole family worked together to sheath the roof, build interior floors and walls, install the radiant floor heating, and complete the interior and also exterior complete work. Finn, that is at this time a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, remembers stand on staging, 40 feet up in the air, and also nailing siding top top the barn. “It’s a yes, really cool endure to develop the place where friend live,” he says. “When i look about my bedroom, I see a ship’s ladder i built, or where I missed v a nail head on the floor.”

In a details sense, older generations of the family were likewise involved in the creation of the home, since they contributed antiques: a grandfather clock with wooden gears indigenous Parker’s grandfather, a white-painted cabinet and also a bathroom mirror from Laurie’s grandmother, and a wooden plan paper from Parker’s father’s engineering office. The Hadlocks’ dining room sideboard is a Sellers kitchen cabinet in i m sorry Parker’s grand once save on computer paint.

When one visits the house, it seems really much a location where one-of-a-kind things space made and also enjoyed. Part of the ell serves as Laurie’s studio, and also it is full of she paintings and also projects, favor her painted cigar boxes v prints inside. (“They’re like little secrets,” Laurie says.) Laurie’s occupational is on screen elsewhere in the home and also perhaps most magically, top top girts in the barn, i m sorry serves together rustic gallery space (as well as home to Parker’s workshop and also Ilka and Finn’s upstairs bedrooms). Parker quiet builds watercrafts in the property’s outbuildings, and also he and Finn constantly have a job of some type going. Ilka associates her own childhood structure projects v her parents’ efforts. “When we constructed the boathouse,” Ilka writes, “I had whole gnome-home town constructed top top the other side that the road, and also one time when my parental were painting the house, my brother and also I spent a couple of days burying ‘secret’ treasure in the backyard.” In the soul of her constantly building, discovering, and creating parents, Ilka adds, “I should dig that up!”