New crowd Wives star Angela "Big Ang" Raiola specifically tells the she’s obsessed with plastic surgery.

“I had actually a ship tuck, liposuction, mine lips injected and also my breasts done three times,” huge Ang said. “The an initial time I had my breasts done was 27 year ago, and they placed sponges in them. That remained in 1985.”

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Big Ang is the niece of Salvatore "Sally Dogs" Lombardi, a deceased captain of the Genovese crime family, tells the she loves to change her look and also she’s currently had much more than 6 plastic surgeries -- and still desires more.

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The 52-year-old qualities her obsession through plastic surgical procedure to insecurities about her human body after her very first child was born.

“My boobs to be so big after I provided birth, ns was a 42 triple J so I had to do something,” Ang explained. “After I had the infant my boobs were dead. They simply were prunes down to my waist. After my very first surgery, I had actually them redone in 1995. They took the sponges out and also put in saline implants.  I had actually a double 36 twin D when I was only 14-years-old, so i have always had a large chest."

Ten years later, she went earlier under the knife for another breast implant.

“I did it again in 2005, and replaced the saline with saline and also silicone implants,” she said. “I’m great now, I have a 36 J and also that is perfect. Ns think that when males look at me, they notice my height and also my boobs. I am married to a 38-year-old and also I am 52 and also he is 6-foot-7.”

While Ang is pleased through her chest size, she’s had actually other cosmetics surgeries because that body components such as her lips.

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“I had my lips done eleven year ago,” big Ang said. “They put some type of plastic collagen stuff in. I’m hot and also I think ns am sexy and men like my look, they just love me."

But it's never sufficient for large Ang!

“I would choose to have other surgery, favor my eyes done and a slight face lift and also my love handles removed by liposuction," she said. "I simply need to obtain this liposuction fast about my bra and also my backsides, and I’ll feel much better after that cause my period is kicking in."

And what much better place to uncover a plastic surgeon 보다 … Facebook?

“My sister discovered the surgeon on Facebook. She is choose my manager and also does every little thing for me,” Ang said. “I’m walk in for a consultation for an ext plastic surgery in February and also I hope to have it excellent in April. I’ve also had extensions for 25 year in every style and also every color.

“I yes, really like changing my look."

Check the end our exclusive photograph gallery the before-and-after plastic surgery images of large Ang and also let us understand if you like her an altering look below…


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