There space a ton of an excellent PPVs in WWE history, however which ones space the many important and best ones the belong on their Mount Rushmore?

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A most talk is often given to who would be on the mount Rushmore of expert wrestlers, with many great talents being up because that the debate. However while people absolutely remember their favorite in-ring stars, fans additionally have your own an individual favorite PPV events.

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There has actually been a real selection of top quality in PPVs end the years, with some gift incredible and also others being complete disasters. However, once it pertains to the really best mirrors that can possibly make the mountain Rushmore the PPV events, only the elite shows with great cards, huge moments, and an excellent crowds deserve to be considered for the spot. Shows that aren"t 10/10 classics but are incredibly important to WWE additionally have to it is in in consideration.

Updated ~ above July 14, 2021, by Shawn S. Lealos: There have actually been part extremely essential WWE pay-per-views end the years. This are events that have featured some of the ideal matches you deserve to see from top to bottom or stuffed with moments that shaped the future that WWE. However, there are various other PPV occasions that organize a place in background as some of the most crucial PPV occasions in WWE history. These could have featured a brand-new face the the company reaching the height of the mountain or law something through a PPV event that had actually never been done before. Through so numerous important PPVs to select from, simply stopping at 10 was never ever enough.

Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania.

WrestleMania was the WWE PPV that began it all, but it was a mishmash that matches, no one of which were great. The second event was greatly a mess, however then WWE finally hit it out of the park v WrestleMania III. There to be a truly good match on the show, as Macho guy Randy Savage vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat to be WWE"s ideal match of every time until Shawn Michaels gotten in the company. Then, it ended with the biggest enhance in WWE history with Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant.

Mike Tyson holding up Steve Austin

WrestleMania 14 changed WWE forever. This was throughout the attitude Era and WWE was finally beginning to build up their tv shows during the Monday Night Wars. Rock Cold Steve Austin had become the most well-known wrestler in the world and also this was whereby WWE finally strapped a rocket come his earlier when that beat Shawn Michaels because that his an initial world title.

include in Undertaker vs. Kane, Cactus Jack and also Chainsaw Charlie vs. New Age Outlaws, Triple H vs. Owen Hart, and also The absent vs. Ken Shamrock, and this to be a wonderful WWE PPV.

Batista after beating Triple H at WrestleMania.

WrestleMania 21 had it all and started a new generation because that WWE fans. Batista win Triple H because that the people title clean while man Cena win JBL because that the WWE title, his an initial of 16 world title wins.

Those 2 matches alone make this a PPV the remains among the most vital in wrestling history. However, this WWE PPV also had the first-ever Money in the bank ladder match, a great Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero match, Undertaker vs. Edge, and a 27-minute match in between Shawn Michaels and also Kurt Angle.

British Bulldog ~ beating Bret Hart in ~ SummerSlam.

SummerSlam 1992 featured a passing the torch moment, as The brother Bulldog beat Bret "The Hitman" Hart for the Intercontinental Championship. This elevated Davey boy Smith, however it likewise moved Hart come the people title division, wherein he soon came to be a world champion because that the very first time.

This was additionally the an initial major WWE PPV exterior the unified States, acquisition place at Wembley stadium in former of 80,000 people. There was also an ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage match and also a good match in between Rick Martel and also Shawn Michaels.

WWE advancement will stand the check of time as the first all-female WWE PPV in history. WWE pulled the end all the stops, opening the show with an NXT UK Championship match as Rhea Ripley protected her title against Dakota Kai and also finishing it through Ronda Rousey beating Nikki Bella in a life Women"s Championship match.

The ideal match ~ above the show was conveniently Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair because that the SmackDown Championship in a Last woman Standing Match. Shayna Baszler also won the NXT Women"s title from Kairi Sane. Include in legends choose Lita, Trish Stratus, and also Mickie James

The arts of professional wrestling has actually moved on a lot due to the fact that this event, v the top quality of the in-ring product being required to a whole brand-new level. However, for the sheer definition of the event itself, there is no doubt that the first-ever WrestleMania would be a feasible Mount Rushmore show.

It to be a substantial risk for Vince McMahon to placed this display on, yet it totally adjusted the video game for wrestling. With huge names such together Hulk Hogan and Andre The gigantic being blended with celebrity paint, etc such as Mr. T and also Cyndi Lauper, this to be a true mega-event, the likes of i m sorry hadn"t been viewed before.

when WrestleMania i was a tiny slow in regards to the in-ring work, WrestleMania 30 absolutely wasn"t. This is one of the best modern "Manias and it is filled with good matches. Triple H and also Daniel Bryan put together one of the best opening matches of every time to start the show, which instantly collection the tone.

there were surprise appearances from Austin, Hogan, and The Rock, the shocking end of The Undertaker"s streak, and Bryan"s big main occasion moment versus Randy Orton and Batista, which produced an amazing event.

The royal Rumble occasion has produced numerous amazing nights that wrestling, yet the 2000 occasion really is the pick of the bunch. The tables match between the durable Boyz and also the Dudley Boyz is superb, while the triple threat for the Intercontinental location is likewise enjoyable.

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however it"s the two main occasion matches the really stealing the show. Cactus Jack and Triple H going to war v each other, and the Rumble itself room both terrific matches that assist make this display what that is.

This display is one that every wrestling fan simply has to see together the event is for this reason varied and so stack in regards to star power that everyone enjoys it. Indigenous the opened Hardcore Championship complement to the wonderful fatal four-way for the Intercontinental Title, the undercard is where this event thrives.

There"s a three Stages the Hell complement slapped in the middle of the show in between Triple H and Steve Austin, reflecting the actual star power. Meanwhile, The Rock and Kurt angle headline and also bring the show to an finish in a climactic fashion.

when the 2005 version of this event was fun, the felt prefer it was simply running through ECW"s greatest hits. However, the 2006 variation felt like a fresh PPV with big moments, together as cut Angle and Randy Orton having actually a entry match, or the brutal intergender extreme rules bout.

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Sabu and Rey Mysterio had an underrated too much Rules clash, and the main event that experienced RVD defeat man Cena because that the WWE Championship was epic. The crowd was perfect for the entire show and also it just developed a incredible night of wrestling.

This show might not have been just one of the "big four" yet it to be a brilliant event. Indigenous Jeff Hardy"s technical and high-flying complement with man Morrison to Kane and Umaga destroying each other, this display kicked off through a bang.

yet the undercard only acquired stronger, with D-Generation X battling the McMahons, when Trish Stratus and Lita put on a clinic. Climate it was finished off by a good TLC key event between John Cena and also Edge, which cemented the legacy of this show.

This is another an extremely special WWE PPV that has one of the best main occasions of every time v CM Punk defeating John Cena and also walking out of the agency as WWE Champion. The Chicago group was tremendous for this match, and it really assisted to produce an unforgettable evening.

On optimal of that stunning match, there was 2 Money in the financial institution matches which are always fun, and also a an excellent World Heavyweight location match in between Christian and Randy Orton, which produced an exceptional evening that wrestling.

indigenous the an extremely start that this present with kurt Angle encountering Rey Mysterio, it to be clear this was going to be great. The group is electric throughout this one, really including to the show, and also the amazing in-ring quality absolutely helps.

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even if it is it"s RVD battling kris Benoit or Brock Lesnar beating The Rock, it"s a distinct show. Plus, this occasion has the epic unsanctioned match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels, which yes, really is a show-stealer.

WrestleMania XIX is a good example of how to carry out this display perfectly. It has a red-hot group from start to finish and also a card that really builds to a great main event in cut Angle and also Brock Lesnar.

The show has technical bouts such as kris Jericho and Shawn Michaels, and brawls choose Hulk Hogan facing Vince McMahon, and also the last in the trilogy of Steve Austin and The Rock. It"s a special display in wrestling history and one that would absolutely be in contention to be on mount Rushmore.

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once it pertains to the greatest PPV of every time, WrestleMania X-Seven is constantly in the conversation. From top to bottom this occasion is incredible, and also it has actually something for everyone on the card.

from the insane TLC match and also the McMahon"s street fight to stone Cold battling The Rock, or a an ext technical match like kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. Every enhance had stakes and also felt important, and also the roster to be deep, which caused an impressive show.

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