Prefer an extra hands on approach?

Tired of having actually to find or craft ammo? Don’t problem about it. Melee tools will certainly always have your earlier. Besides, what fun is a zombie apocalypse without dividing open up some heads!!

Tright here are several various melee tools in 7DTD. While all are fun to smash zombies via, some are more reliable than others. Here’s a rundown of some of the best.

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5. Baseround Bat


There"s no crying in the Apocalypse!!

Don’t underestimate the power of a baseball bat!! Uses much less toughness than various other steel tools and deserve to be modded favor crazy! Also, you don’t need many sources to craft one.

Can be crafted after analysis Baseround Bat Schematic and also purchasing Level 1 of Pummel PeteCraft utilizing Forged Iron, Wood, Leather and also Duct TapeVast number of mods to reason more damage, decrease weapon destruction rate or also stun

Crafting requirements:

20 Forged Iron10 Wood1 Leather 1 Duct Tape

Full specs of Baseround Bat discovered here:


4. Steel Spear


Don"t make me usage this!!

The Spear is just one of those tools via multiple supplies. If you make one, make certain it is the steel spear. It functions excellent in melee combat, but if you feel the require, you have the right to use it as a ranged weapon and also favor the baseball bat, you can add countless mods to it. 

Can be crafted at a Workbench after analysis the Steel Spear SchematicIncrease damages and more via mods

Crafting requirements:

5 Steel Spear Parts10 Forged Steel10 Wood3 Leather3 Duct Tape

Full details on Steel Spear:


3. Machete


This is a knife!!

It’s not just a tool, it have the right to take off heads!! The machete really is a good all about tool. It is the the majority of effective tool for harvesting resources from animals. No longer do you have to lug a weapon and also a knife!! It’s likewise great for dismembering zombies (if you"re right into that sort of thing).

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Can be moddedCan be crafted after reading Machete Schematic

Crafting requirements:

5 Machete Parts10 Forged Steel10 Wood3 Leather3 Duct Tape

Guide to the machete details:


2. Steel Knuckles


Brass knuckles? HA!

Steel Knuckles has to be my favorite melee weapon. After a long day at job-related, what is better than ripping zombies acomponent with your bare hands. These knuckles don’t require many resources 

Can launch a power strike through a ideal mouse-click

Crafting requirements:

5 Steel Knuckle Parts10 Forged Steel3 Leather 3 Duct Tape

Mor details have the right to be discovered here:


1. Steel Sledgehammer


Looking for the ultimate melee weapon?

Smashy smashy. The steel sledgehammer is both a tool and also a weapon. You deserve to execute some severe damages to the blocks through it, just save in mind it isn’t the ideal tool if you desire to acquire the resources from the block. It is an effective melee weapon and does the a lot of damage in the game.

Can kill average zombie with one head blowChance of dismembermentCan be crafted after analysis Steel Sledgehammer schematic

Crafting Requirements:

15 Steel Sledgehammer Parts10 Forged Steel10 Wood3 Leather3 Duct Tape

Full specs deserve to be uncovered here: