Take, for example, the San Francisco 49ers—a team that has the ideal defense in the NFL and is a popular Super Bowl pick for 2012. But does anyone desire them in Madden?

Beyond world living in San Fran, most likely not. They are boringly good. 

Instead, as soon as gamers turn on Madden 13 for next 70 hours, they want the groups that offer them the most offensive tools, the most rate and the ideal possibility to drop 70 on their finest friend. 

Note: For a finish breakdown of all rosters, examine out Bleacher Report"s Brian Mazique"s in-depth evaluation. 

Carolina Panthers

Remember as soon as Michael Vick was constantly everyone"s favorite quarterback to usage in Madden? Well, that still might be true, however don"t be surprised if Cam Newton soon takes over that role.

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The 23-year-old quarterago burst onto the scene last year as a rookie, displaying a powerful arm and also, more importantly for video game objectives, legs that relocate really, really quick. Newton rumelted for 706 yards and 14 touchdowns.


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And he"s a freaking quarterback. 

The second-year pro is going to be awesome to use in Madden. He"s plainly quick, and at 6"5", 245 pounds, tright here are plenty of DBs he will be trucking.

Throw in speedy fullback—a very sneaky weapon in video games—in Mike Tolbert, the thunder and lightning combination of DeAngelo Williams and also Jonathan Stewart at running ago and Steve Smith and also Brandon LaFell serving as solid targets, and also the Panthers have actually an offense made for Madden 13

New Orleans Saints

If there"s somepoint not to choose around this offense, I"m not precisely sure what that is.

Elite quarterback? I guess Drew Brees is OK. Check.

Fast running back? Darren Sproles is like a cheetah. Check.

Goal-line back? Boom, boom, boom Mark Ingram. Check.

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Legitimate targets? Marques Colston, Lance Moore and also a likely unstoppable Jimmy Graham. Check and also mate. 

The Saints offense can take a slight action back in 2012 through the lack of Sean Payton, yet through you calling the shots in the video game civilization, they will certainly perform just fine. 

New England Patriots

I tend to prefer my teams having actually a solid running earlier, however the truth that the Patriots" highest-rated RB on the current roster is Danny Woodhead does not streatment me ameans.