Madden NFL 16 MUT best Offensive Playbooks to aid your team pat it come their strengths in offense.

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Madden NFL 16 MUT ideal Offensive Playbooks

You must judge even if it is you room a run-first of pass-first player and then see the composition of your team. In this overview we discuss what us think are few of the finest playbooks in the game and why:

Seattle SeahawksWhether you favor to operation up the middle or outside, this playbook offers great versatility because that either case. Castle are likewise capable of running the ball from under center, shotgun, and pistol.

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The idea is to force the opponent’s defense into difficult alignments and also use one agile quarterback as backbreaker and also carry the ball outside.

In enhancement to this, girlfriend will additionally be may be to kind some decent formations and also have some big downfield shots, though, perform not spam it.

Miami DolphinsThis playbook is supposed for football player who favor having distinctive alignments through some decent spread out passing formations.

In situation you great to go through this playbook, try to have a diverse game plan and leave your enemy all confused up. Moreover, the playbook works best when you have an agile quarterback for this reason prepare come look because that one.

Lastly, this playbook works significantly if friend can get a wing layout TE or FB that can catch passes in traffic and lead-block.

New England PatriotsOnce again, this playbook is right for players who choose to pass the round around. You simply need to have a big TE/WR and also you will certainly enjoy options on the external all work long.

This is not all! This playbook is additionally pretty decent once it concerns working through a WR using RAC end the center. Finally, mental to walk with brief passes to store the chain running.

Honorable Mentions: brand-new York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles

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