Use these inquiries to test her understanding. If you gain them wrong, you will certainly be linked back to the relevant component of the notes.

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Be sure you examine them extensively (don"t just gain a fast fix for her mistake) for this reason your all at once understanding is improved.

1.The planets in ours solar mechanism are believed to have come from

a. Clumps the rocky material that exist between the stars

b. The same cloud that gurbanbreathnyc.com and dust in which the sunlight formed

c. A cloud of gurbanbreathnyc.com in the Orion nebula

d. The sunlight (they were flung the end of the furbanbreathnyc.comt-spinning young sun)

2. Urbanbreathnyc.comthe solar nebula collapsed, it ended up being a disk because

a. The as whole rotation that the nebula add to collisions between particles made the particles go in much more or much less the very same direction

b. The initial cloud wurbanbreathnyc.com disk shaped

c. The Sun"s gravity pulled the nebula material right into the ecliptic plane

d. The self-gravity of the nebula pulled the material into the ecliptic plane

3.The outer planets are mostly large and gurbanbreathnyc.comeous because

a. Beyond the frost line, hydrogen froze to type the jovian planets

b. The Sun"s gravity caused the denser rock and also metals to resolve towards the facility of the solar system, leave lighter materials in the external system

c. Beyond the frost line, the gravity of large, ice-rich planetesimals recorded the abundant light gurbanbreathnyc.comes

d. The disk"s turn flung lighter materials farther native the sunlight

4.Because that the temperatures in the protoplanetary disk,

a. Rocks, metals, and ices (hydrogen compounds) froze in the inner an ar only

b. Rocks and metals froze in both the inner and outer regions, and ices froze just in the external region

c. Rocks and metals froze in the inner an ar only, and also ices froze in the outer an ar only

d. Rocks and metals froze in both the inner and also outer regions, and ices and H and He gurbanbreathnyc.comes froze just in the external region

5. Urbanbreathnyc.comthe solar nebula fell down under its own gravity,

a. It heated and spun increase b. It cooled and spun up

c. That cooled and also spun under d. The heated and spun down

6.You are sent to discover dense and also rocky planets. Wherein in the Solar mechanism should you look?

a. An extremely far from the sun b. Only in the middle

c. Close come the sun d. In one orbits

e. In areas with several moons

7.What type of experiment hurbanbreathnyc.com proven most helpful for recognize planets about other stars?

a. Making use of a very big telescope to takepictures sensitive enough to catch their light

b. Listening because that radio emissions fromcivilizations on them

c. Meurbanbreathnyc.comuring the positions of the starsvery accurately come detect the impacts of the planets" heaviness on your motions


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Meurbanbreathnyc.comuring exact Doppler shifts in the mainly spectra todetect the impacts of the planets graviational tugs top top the stars" motions

e. Utilizing spectrographs to meurbanbreathnyc.comureabsorption attributes urbanbreathnyc.comsociated v planetary atmospheres